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A discussion about the Talking Points being circulated by HCAN (Health Care for America Now) regarding the attack on Conservative voices who oppose Obama’s health care plan doesn’t stop with just the “what”.  You probably thought, as I did, that this information has to come from somewhere higher up than just this one organization; the “who”.  Their web site makes it easy to find out.

Listed as their “Steering Committee” are organizations such as ACORN, AFT, AFL-CIO, Campaign for America’s Future, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Campaign for Community Change,, National Council of LaRaza, SEIU, USAction, and others.

Those are all names that we know and have seen many times in other negative attacks to our Democracy.  You can find a complete list of their “Coalition of National Organizations” here.  The one thing all these organizations have in common is George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI).  Why should we be surprised to find him supporting a blatantly obvious liberal organization?

His thumb is in the pie so many times through OSI   OSI sponsors Organization A, which in turn sponsors Organization B, etc, ad infinitum. If it says “Liberal”, George Soros has something to do with it.

It has been well documented that George Soros is willing to go to any lengths to have control over the United States.  He is a naturalized citizen born in Hungary in 1931.  At the age of 13 in 1944, Soros worked briefly for the Jewish Council which was established during the Nazi occupation of Hungary to forcibly carry out anti-Jewish measures including the deportation of the Jews.

That seems to be a conflict in terms since George Soros himself was born to Jewish parents.  His father had been a prisoner of war in World War I who eventually was able to flee Russia for Hungary.

Through OSI, Soros has funded the likes of  the United Nations Millennium Project, Transparency International, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, developer of the concept of microcredit; the practice of providing loans for entrepreneurs unable to qualify for traditional bank loans.

Lynne Stewart, the lawyer who has defended Islamic terrorists and was sentenced to over 2 years in prison for providing material support for a terrorist conspiracy, received $20,000 in September 2002 from OSI.

More information about Soros-funded front groups can be found at Discover the Networks.  Regardless of some of the positive attributes of some of these groups, all of them are liberal organizations and are not known for support of the United States Constitution as much as for using it against conservative issues.

Some of these front groups have funded and/or supported the dispicable acts used in the attempts by Soros and the Democrat National Party to bankrupt, embarrass, and harrass Governor Sarah Palin.  The one you would probably recognize first is CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.  This is the group which filed the Freedom of Information request in the Troopergate affair as well as the formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding the purchase of clothing for the Palin family by the Republican National Committee while Governor Palin was the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

Rosa Brooks, Obama’s Pentagon Advisor, has ties to George Soros as well.  Her Talking Point seems to be centered on “direct government support for public media and government licensing of the news.”   Ms. Brooks has served as Special Counsel to the President at the George Soros funded Open Society Institute (OSI) and has worked for Honjou Koh, the pro-Sharia lawyer and transnationalist who is now at the State Department.

In September 2008, Robert Malley was sent  by Obama to Syria to work for the International Crisis Group, a (say it with me now) George Soros funded organization.  This in an interesting move by Obama when you consider that in May 2008, Obama had fired Malley from his campaign job as Middle East Policy adviser.  After having criticized former President Jimmy Carter for his ties to the Hamas terror organization, it was the least Obama could do given Malley’s well publicized dealing with Hamas through George Soros and his International Crisis Group.

In my research, I found many names on the list of transition team members who are currently employed in the Obama administration.  Many of these have close ties to George Soros and his extreme liberal organizations.

For all of these reasons and others which are not specifically mentioned here, we have reason to be fearful of the man George Soros who gives evidence of being the controlling factor behind Obama and those in his government who are so desperately trying to rip at the threads of our Democracy.  Everything, including the talking points issued by HCAN point directly back to George Soros, who also controls the Democrat Party with his funding.

Where does that leave the American people?  We are in an uphill battle for our freedoms and the Democracy we hold so dear.  This is not an insurmountable battle but it will require due diligence and determination to see the Constitution upheld in order for us to win.  All we have the right to ask of our citizens is that we do what we can.  If you can write of call your Congressional delegation, your local newspaper, your local party-affiliated chairmen then I urge you to do so.  If you think that the only thing you can do is pray for America, I suggest that isn’t as small a contribution as you might think.

Among the other changes this liberal administration is forcing on the American people, this supposed health care plan will bring us as much trouble as the so-called stimulus plan   All of us must do what we can to prevent the passage of this bill.  H.R. 3200 spells disaster for the American people, for the American economy, and for the American Democracy.



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