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They’re at it again.  More propaganda from this George Soros lie-to-the-people organization.  What follows is their latest lie.

In a message dated 9/1/2009 1:05:17 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

“We’re actually winning this health care fight.  But you wouldn’t know it from watching the news.  We need turn (sic) the story around – fast – and we’ve got some really hard-hitting ads that could do just that.  Can you chip in $20 to help get them on the air?  Contribute.

Dear MoveOn member,

After a few weeks of health care craziness, there’s good news: we’re winning on the ground. Lots of town halls are now dominated by supporters of health care reform. The vast majority of Americans want the choice of a public plan.1 And a powerful bloc of progressives in the House is standing strong on real reform.

The really bad news? The media’s still acting like President Obama’s health care plan is on the skids.

If we don’t turn the conventional wisdom around before Congress begins voting on health care, we could be in big trouble.

We’ve got a plan to make it happen. It starts tomorrow with major vigils across the country to bring the media’s focus back to the real people suffering under the current health care system.

And then we’ll shake up the media story again by going on the offensive against Republicans, with a new series of tough ads that call them out for their ties to the health insurance industry.

But to actually make a big splash, we need to raise $185,000 today—and that’s going to take at least 17 donations from people in San Antonio. Can you chip in $20 right now to help out?

Right now, Republicans in Congress think they can get away with viciously slandering President Obama’s plan for a public health insurance option—even though 77% of Americans say they want to have the choice of a public plan.2

These Republicans need a reality check. Every member of Congress should know that opposing health care reform isn’t just morally wrong—it’s politically dangerous and unpopular.

That’s why we’re planning some very tough new TV ads. They’ll let voters know exactly how much money their representatives have taken from the insurance industry, whose top goal this year is to kill the public option.

These ads are a surefire way to put Republicans on the defensive, and show that Americans want their representatives to stop siding with insurance companies by obstructing health care reform.

To hit our goal of $185,000 and get these ads on the air, we need at least 17 people in San Antonio to step up. Can you chip in $20 right now to help out?

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Kat, Stephen, Joan and the rest of the team


1, 2. “New Poll: 77 Percent Support ‘Choice’ Of Public Option,” The Huffington Post, August 20, 2009.

Want to support our work? We’re entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. (emphasis mine) Chip in here.”

My first question for these people is one they wouldn’t answer if their lives depended on it.  “Why in the world do you want the American people to fund something over half them disapprove of?  If you feel so strongly that you’re doing the right thing force-feeding a pile of garbage down our throats, why don’t you get your money from George Soros?  He’s your backbone.  You wouldn’t exist without him.  Tell “Daddy George” you need more money.  Leave the American people out of your foul play!

This is quickly followed by a hearty laugh.  The very idea that they are relying on the lies put out by The Huffington Post!  This is the biggest liberal machine rag on the Internet, and MoveOn actually views them as an accurate reporting system?  Oh, stop it, my sides are hurting from the laughter!

Look at the references I highlighted in red in their message printed above.  Nine references to “send me money.”  I didn’t even count the two “donate links” included in the body of their email!  The biggest lie of all comes at the very end.  They want us to believe they actually have 5 million members in their organization.  They must have counted all their employees as well as all the members of the organizations who fund them.  These so-called 5 million members fund this organization in its entirety?  PUH-LEEZE.  Give me a break!

In a statement released by themselves on January 26, 2009 they had “nearly 3 million members.”  Raise your hand if you believe they acquired 2 million plus members in 8 months.

According to article in Business Week dated October 27, 2007 George Soros donated “millions” to during the elections of 2004.

“The Washington Post puff piece on Soros was sparked by news that the one-world billionaire had given $5-million – the largest “soft money” contribution in American history — to an organization called It was the first of many such massive Soros contributions to this and other similar “stealth” groups set up after enactment of McCain-Feingold.

This quote comes from the article Soros’ “Reform” by James O. E. Norell from First Freedoms on May 31, 2004.  Lest we forget, George Soros also supported McCain-Feingold.

Can you stand one more reference?  I found this little jewel and just have to include it for you.

Among the 21 members of its steering committee are ACORN,, and the Center for American Progress.  CAP, headed by former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta was created with Soros’ money as a counterweight to the Heritage Foundation. In 2007 alone, Soros’ charity, the Open Society Institute (OSI), gave CAP $1.75 million in 2007 and approved additional grants totaling $1.25 million. Soros personally gave millions to before the 2004 elections, and he has funded ACORN, the most notorious practitioner of election fraud in the nation.”

Looks like “no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs” to me.

All right,  You want to take on the American people?  Bring it on!  We’re ready for you and your lies.  What you spend millions to do in advertising, we’ll counter with the millions of our voices in the network of public opinion.  We’ll call and write our Senators and our Representatives with their “marching orders” – support this law which is detrimental to the American people and you can start looking for a new job in 2010.

We have listened to this pitch on socialized medicine as much as we intend to.  We’ve had enough of you, George Soros and his puppet, Obama.  We mean business!  We want you to take your socialism OUT of our country and OUT of our government.  We want America back – the Democratic Republic our forefathers fought and died for.  You will go back to being merely a figment of George Soros’ warped imagination.



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