Posted by: reddiva | September 12, 2009

Getting a Few Things Off My Foot

There are a few things bothering me.  I have decided to take it out on you.  Don’t you love it?

golden girls

I love the Golden Girls tv show.  I never watched it when it was on in its first run, but now that it is reruns, I can’t seem to get enough of it.  The title for today’s drivel comes from one of their shows.  Poor Rose.  She meant well, didn’t she?  Such crazy names she had for food or for people I just can’t imagine.  That is probably the reason I write this blog instead of comedy scripts.

I am so tired of hearing and reading about how embarrassing Congressman Joe Wilson was when he told Obama the truth.  Somebody needs to speak the truth to that man in a way so that he will hear it.  Obama IS lying.  I’ve spent HOURS going through H.R.3200 documenting it here on another page of this drivel.

Obama keeps saying it won’t cost taxpayer money – how in the world could it NOT cost the taxpayer in the long run?  What example has he given for the American people to indicate that he is interested in saving taxpayer money?


Obama says illegal aliens won’t be covered.  The bill says they can buy the insurance but they don’t have to pay the tax American citizens have to pay if they DON’T fall for this crap and buy the insurance!  In other words, what Obama is saying is that the illegal alien is more welcome in this country than the citizens are.

No “death panels?”  What else would you call it when a committee decides who gets what treatment?  Ezekial Emanuel has said and written that the elderly with serious health problems should be left to die and the health care should be given to younger more “productive” people.  This is the man who advises Obama on the health care bill, don’t forget about that!

Another thing I want off my foot is the gross media incompetence we experience every day in this country.  I lived in England for a short time a few years ago, and I can honestly tell you that they have more freedom of the press than we do.  We think OUR politics are dirty?  They absolutely don’t pull any punches, and they don’t stand on convention in their Parliament.  No “political correctness” for them, no siree.  Even members of the Prime Minister’s own party will call him as they see him when they disagree with him – which is often.

Why can’t we get one news report right in this country?  Why the double standards we’ve seen since August 31, 2008?  Why has Sarah Palin continually and constantly been treated differently than any other politican in this country?  She and Joe Wilson are the only politicians telling the truth to the American people it seems, and they are both maligned for it.  Have we gotten to the point in America that truth no longer matters?


How did we let the media start electing our president for us?  Perhaps the better question is, “Why?”  What gives them the right to be so unbelievably biased in their coverage of all liberals while doing everything short of libeling and slandering conservatives?  Why did we allow them to get so powerful?  How do we stop that ball from rolling any faster down this hill?

What’s the deal on Glenn Beck?  Why is he being hunted like a wild, rabid animal for holding our government accountable?  One voice out of the millions across America who is not afraid to call a spade a spade and he is boycotted, hunted, belittled, and has his face on a target by the liberal media.  Olberman makes me so sick that I can’t tell you the last time I watched MSNBC.  And “cutey boy” with his “tingle down his leg” – they both need to have to work for a living!

September 11, 2001.  I know exactly where I was and what I was doing and what I was thinking, and I can assure you it was not a pretty sight from where I sat.  I worked for American Airlines in those days.  Our entire company from highest management all the way down to the lowest (the reservations personnel like I was) took it very personally the day we lost two airplanes full of extended family members.  We honestly did (and they still do – I still have friends working there) think of our passengers as extended family.

A Proper Memorial

What happened in the years since?  Why is it suddenly America’s fault that Osama bin Stupid caused all that grief and heartache and all the lives both American and foreign that he has taken indirectly since then?  How is that our fault, people?  Get a grip!  All we wanted then and now is freedom to live and do our best to help other countries live as well as we do in America.  What’s wrong with that?  Don’t come at me with your silly excuses about how Bush killed our young men and women by sending them off to some ridiculous war.  Maybe you would feel differently if they came over to our country and attacked us in our streets and from behind our own cars and buildings.

Get with the program, America.  Wake up.  This country is in trouble, and in spite of everything you will hear to the contrary, it isn’t the conservatives who got us here.  George Bush wasn’t the perfect President, but then we’ve never had one of those in the entire history of our nation.  At least I can capitalize the title President when I talk about him.  I can’t do that when I talk about Obama.  In fact, it takes everything I can muster to capitalize his name!

I have less than no respect for him.  He’s a liar and a charlatan, and somewhere down the line George Soros paid enough money to get him elected president.  How sick is that?  Communism nee Socialism at its finest.

dollar bill

Okay.  One more thing.  Put God back on our money, back in our schools and back in our lives or this country will go to hell in a handbasket while the liberal media tells us we will love the experience.  That isn’t a threat – that is a promise!

Have a good day, America!



  1. Keep asking your questions, loudly and clearly.

    Bush wasn’t the perfect president, neither was F. D. Roosevelt when Japan attacked our ships at Pearl Harbor.

    It took 60 years for a country to get enough guts to attack us again.

    With the current administration, I think we can expect some to happen because he is letting our troops become discouraged, is threatening to put them and our CIA on trial after letting the terrorists free.

    The little boy at the candy counter will be too busy trying to play his self appointed/anointed role of Messiah to protect us.


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