Posted by: reddiva | October 9, 2009

Sarcasm and Other More Important Matters

I love sarcasm, don’t you?  I especially enjoy it when it shows the ignorance of those in power.  We all know Washington, DC is FULL of ignorance these days.

I got the following email from a friend of mine at the Conservative Party USA.  Oh by the way – if I were going to join a political party, it would probably be this one!

Breaking News:
The AP, Fox News and Drudge Report just announced the Supreme Court has awarded 85 seats in the US Senate to the Conservative Party of America.

The Court cited the Conservative Party’s recent gains in membership, cool website, addition of New York state to their roster and exceptional Platform as the main reasons for the ruling. The Court also declared the Party has a lot of great people on its management team who fully intended to win Senate seats by allowing traditional elections in the future.

H.M. Hervey, President of CP-USA, was surprised and delighted to learn of this unexpected development. He expressed humility in the face of harsh questioning by local press but said.. “Just because no one has ever heard of us yet or that we haven’t actually done anything yet or sponsored any legislation yet is no reason to deny us Senate control.”

Speaking for the majority of the Court, Judge Judge Sotomeyer dismissed vociferous objections from Republicans, Democrats, the Constitution Party and The New York Times. She ruled the Court was right to ignore the Constitution since the Conservative Party has the best intentions for America, especially since they intend to defeat Republicans.

A ruling on the House is pending next week but it’s widely expected the Court will grant the Conservatives 200 Democrat seats and 250 Republican seats in the interest of bi-partisanship.  In a related story, local emergency rooms were inundated with a huge spike in heart attacks from politicians and lobbyists. “ObamaCare with a full government option is sure to pass now.” said Dr. Jim Nasium, General Surgeon, Walter Reed Medical Center.

Court challenges are likely at the Hague, UN Security Council and European Union since Democrats, Obama and Liberals have greater standing there. France condemed the Court ruling as being “un American” while Iran said it was looking forward to meaningful negotiations with the new US Congress starting in 2012.

“If Obama can win the Nobel Peace prize after doing nothing for nine months, we can give the Conservative Party control of the Senate for the same reason.” said the judge. Conservatives nationwide hailed the ruling saying they always knew Sotomeyer was one of them and apologized for any misunderstandings that may or may not have occured during her confimation hearings.
H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA


On a more serious note, I have added a very special page to this blog today.  I think it’s long overdue that we do something as a citizenry to counteract the negativism our military hears from their usurper-in-chief. I am adding some links that I hope you will find useful in determining a way you can help.  If there is a particular link that you already use and I don’t have it posted leave me a message and I’ll check it out.

In the town where I live, we have a church group who sends care package four times a year to our troops.  I have been blessed to participate with them on occasion, but I promise to do more starting NOW.

If you haven’t started yet, believe me there is no better time than the present!  Our Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Navy need to know more than at any other time that we are behind them and that we support their efforts to save REAL Democracy for our Republic while showing the world how Democracy can work for them as well.

By the way, one of my favorite soldiers returned home after his year-long tour of duty in Iraq a week or so ago.  A fellow blogger had a good write-up and video about it.  This and other great stories about this soldier’s mother are here.  Welcome home, Track!  Thank you for your service to our country.



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