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Harry Reid is Underhanded Enough to Actually Do It!

While doing some of my regular reading, I literally stumbled across an article in CNSNEWS.Com.  The headline of the October 7, 2009, post says:

“Reid ‘Likely’ to Make Entire Health Bill an Amendment to Unrelated Tax Bill That House Passed in March”

It looks like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has had a Plan B all along.  The CNSNEWS article says that it is “likely” that Reid will basically substitute whatever health care plan he finally decides on for a bill which has already passed the House of Representatives.  This information comes from an unnamed senior aide to Reid.

H.R.1586 imposes a 90% tax on the bonuses paid to employees of some of the institutions the American taxpayer has bailed out.  H.R.1586 would then be merely a “shell” for the health care bill.  Can he legally do that?  Yes, he can.

You see, Reid himself is the one who determines the actual final text of the legislation.  He will consolidate the legislation approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and the as yet unapproved legislation from the Senate Finance Committee.  In doing this, he can draft and insert any language he chooses that was not actually approved by either committee.

The same aide who provided this information to CNSNEWS.Com said: “It is not definite, but at this point likely, since it is what is available on the calendar… If we received another revenue raising bill from the House, we could use that as well. The underlying text of the bill only matters in the fact that it is a revenue raising bill so that it can serve as a vehicle for us to use. That is all it is. Once you substitute another bill into it that is what the legislation becomes.”

The Constitution states in Article I Section 7  that all revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives.  Because Reid is going to substitute his version of the health care plan for the substance of a House initiated revenue bill, this will give the appearance that H.R.1586 and the revenue portions which must remain in the original House Bill included the health care bill as an amendment.

The kicker to all this is that the Senate wouldn’t have H.R.1586 if the House had not already passed it.  Because the bill bearing that name has already passed the House, the effect is that the House will have already passed the health care plan Reid attaches to it without being able to debate on the health care part of “their” bill unless a Representative chooses to add an amendment.  How is that possible?  It would be easy when you consider that nobody is given time to read anything in either house of government these days.  Seems as though if it weren’t for people like you and me who read these things and get the information to the general public as well as our Senators and Representatives nobody would even know about it.

If the House does approve this fake bill without amending it, the bill then goes straight to Obama and we know what happens next.

If Reid does this, what actually will happen in the Senate is that the SUBSTANCE of H.R.1586 is basically removed and replaced with Reid’s approved health care package.  Initially, this will require 60 votes in the Senate to provide cloture on the motion thus ending debate on the procedure and allow the debate to begin on his health care package.  Following the limited debate Reid will attempt to get a vote on the entire package.

It would still be possible for a senator to filibuster the final vote thus requiring another 60-vote tally to continue the process.  If Reid decides that he will allow amendments, each amendment could be filibustered with each of those requiring a separate 60 votes to end the filibuster.  If there should be an amendment gaining more than 50 but less than 60 votes from the senators, assuming that neither side would back down, the bill would be stopped.

Keep in mind that Reid can add anything he wants to in what will be called “the merged bill between the two offered by committees.”  He could even include a public option if he wants one in there, and then we’re stuck with socialized medicine whether we want it or not.  I’ll bet that even Senators who are totally out of touch with what America wants know we are strongly opposed to the public option.  Reid’s only limits are how far his caucus is willing to go to pass the bill.

We have only one option available as citizens:  Be sure that your Senator knows that this is likely to happen and tell him or her to have filibuster plans in place.  Then notify your Representative that amendments MUST be added to the bill they get back from the Senate so that it can go back through the committee process again without going straight to Obama for signing.

That’s the only hope we have left to us it seems.



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