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Catch-all For The Week

Just a few little news items to end the week.  I provided the links so you can read the full story.

Anita Dunn.  Remember that name!

Her favorite political philosophers are Mao Tse Tung and Mother Theresa?  And she’s the one the White House has put in charge of monitoring (read that CENSORSHIP OF THE PRESS) FOX News!

Bare Naked politics –deplorable
My God can the White House be any more petulant and childish?

What an ill advised strategy, when dissing and dismissing FOX they simultaneously help to boost FOX’s ratings, while shooting themselves in the foot. Bottom line is the Obama Admin can not tolerate dissent in any way shape or form. That would be all to American now wouldn’t it? Heh Nor can they mange to debate with facts instead of verbal attacks. Not that Team Obama would recognize a fact if it walked up and smacked them in their collective faces.”


Yeah, it’s a good idea, but will it fly?

Boehner: The ‘Defund ACORN Act’ will be introduced today (October 15, 2009)

House Republican leader has just sent a letter to his fellow lawmakers asking them to become co-sponsors of the ‘Defund ACORN Act,’ which Republicans plan to introduce in the House today. In the letter, Boehner, citing undercover video reports of ACORN workers encouraging illegal activity, says, “It is evident that ACORN is incapable of using federal funds in a manner that is consistent with the law.’ Boehner says ‘immediate action’ should be taken to cut off federal funds to the organization. ‘Simply put, ACORN should not receive another penny of American taxpayers’ money,’ the letter says.”


Related Czar reports from FOX News:

House Republicans Call on Obama to Fire ‘Safe Schools Czar’ Kevin Jennings

Fifty-three House Republicans on Thursday urged President Obama to fire his ‘safe schools czar,’ citing their concerns that Kevin Jennings wants to promote a ‘homosexual agenda’ and that as a schoolteacher years ago he did not report that a young student told him he was romantically involved with an older man.

The members of Congress, in a letter to the president, called Jennings ‘unfit to serve’ and said he should be immediately removed from his post. The letter was authored by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who first called for Jennings’ firing a week ago, and 52 other Republican colleagues.

‘Kevin Jennings cannot gain the approval of parents who want their children safe and their schools drug free. You should replace him with someone who has a record of educating children in a safe and moral environment,’ they wrote.”

And then this juicy little tidbit:

Lesbian Student Fights for Yearbook Tuxedo Photo

Jackson, Miss. — Everyone at Wesson Attendance Center knows 17-year-old Ceara Sturgis is gay because she’s never tried to hide it.

But when Sturgis — an honor student, trumpet player and goalie on the school’s soccer team — wanted her senior photograph in a tuxedo used in the 2009-10 yearbook, school officials balked. Traditionally, female students dress in drapes and males wear tuxedos.

Now, the American civil Liberties Union of Mississippi has gotten involved, issuing a demand letter to Principal Ronald Greer to publish the picture of Sturgis in the tuxedo. The ACLU says it’s giving the school until Oct. 23 to respond before pursuing court action, said Kristy L. Bennett, the ACLU’s legal director.”


Write me one of those checks while you’re writing, Mr. Lewis:

BofA’s Ken Lewis to get no ’09 salary, bonus

NEW YORK (AP) — Capping a year in which he faced shareholder fury, regulatory scrutiny and was stripped of his chairman post, outgoing Bank of America Corp. CEO Ken Lewis will get no salary or bonus for 2009 under an agreement with the government’s pay czar.

Kenneth Feinberg, the U.S. Treasury Department’s special master for compensation who is scrutinizing pay packages at bailed-out banks, suggested that Lewis should get no pay for the year. Lewis agreed, Bank of America spokesman Robert Stickler said Thursday.

In fact, Lewis will pay back about $1 million he has received so far out of a $1.5 million annual salary.

‘He will write a check to the company,’ Stickler said, adding that Lewis agreed to the proposal because he felt it was not in the bank’s best interest ‘to get into a dispute with the paymaster.’”


Uh-oh…. I am not sure Obama knows what he’ll be walking into:

Obama coming to A&M in the name of service

President Barack Obama will make his first trip to Texas A&M University this afternoon, joining former President George H.W. Bush for an event intended to honor people like Ramon Fernandez.

Fernandez, who teaches accounting at the University of St. Thomas, was named a Point of Light in 2007 for organizing students to offer free income tax preparation to low-income Houston residents.

But today’s forum on community service won’t be entirely the nonpartisan event that Bush and Obama had envisioned.”

That much is certain!


As a breast cancer survivor, I appreciate efforts like this:

Purina and Susan G. Komen: Cat Chow sales to benefit breast cancer battle

And you thought Purina was only interested in selling pet food. Not so.

Purina is heavily involved in raising awareness about breast cancer.  This is the second year Purina Cat Chow is supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure, global leader of the breast care movement. PCC is donating $200,000 to the Komen crusade and wants involved people to participate with their stories and photos with their cats.

A national survey indicated 84 percent of breast cancer patients with cats found respondents were soothed during their battles with breast cancer and 76 percent found kitty calmed them daily during treatment.”


Have a great weekend, everyone!



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