Posted by: reddiva | November 13, 2009

Sarah Palin – Caring as She Always Has

This woman is so very special for so very many reasons.  If I had to choose just one reason I would probably choose a different one every day.

Today, I would choose the fact that she has always been and will always be caring and supportive to America’s men and women in uniform.  Our military is special to Sarah.  She never avoids a chance to say “thank you” to them.  She even shows her thanks by visiting them wherever and whenever she can.

I just got an alert on my computer that there was a new stop announced on her book tour.  I’m still hoping that she’ll come close to where I live so with each alert, I quickly follow the link.  All I can say about this newest stop is, “Way to go, Sarah!!”

She’ll be visiting our soldiers and taking care of some book signing at Ft. Hood on December 4, 2009.  They haven’t announced exactly where she’ll be or at what time she’ll be there, but I am so excited that she will be doing what Obama didn’t – going to support our soldiers after the trauma and tragedy they have so recently experienced.

This is the kind of person that she is.  I’m guessing here, you understand, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I am right.  She will probably be giving away one signed book for every paid book she signs!  What a woman she is!

What a lady!  There is a difference between a woman and a lady, you know.  Any female is a woman after the age of majority, but not all women are ladies.  Sarah Palin is the epitome of a lady.

You can use the following links to keep up with her book tour:

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And of course on her Facebook page and Twitter.



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