Posted by: reddiva | November 17, 2009

Grand Slam Home Run

Oh my goodness, she did it again!  Bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the ninth inning, and Sarah Palin shows up at the plate.  What better scenario could any team ask for?

Well, our best hitter just walked up to the plate and the ball hasn’t come down yet – it’s still floating out of the ballpark!  What a job she did on Rush’s program!

She covered everything from why she thinks a third party won’t work (just for the record, I don’t agree – I think it’s the BEST way to get the attention of the Republican machine) to illegal aliens.  I loved her quote on the latter… “They call them illegal for a reason…”  Spot on, Sarah!



  1. Yeah, Rush was so hard on her.
    I meant that non-sexually, of course…

  2. Sarah the True American! She will keep us informed and always ready to take action against the socialist. BTW Ian, why do you comment on a web site that is pro-Sarah. I have been to your site…..Total wash out bro…….Thank You Red Diva for keeping the truth out in the open.

  3. Good point, IromJawAngel. And nobody would have even thought of a sexual reference if he hadn’t brought it up.


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