Posted by: reddiva | December 10, 2009

Who Does He Think He is???

So, have you heard the latest?  Harry Reid, underhanded, lying, stupid last-termer that he is, has told the Republicans to take the weekend off.  Translation:  “I’ve got something I want to do, so I won’t be here.”

Republican Translation:  “We’re making headway with the American people.  Don’t stop now!”

While Harry runs around looking a bit like this poor guy trying to get to New Orleans for a fund raiser which his ally and BFF Mary Landrieu will be attending also, the Republicans will be working trying to get some business done for the American people.  Yeah right.  Sure they will.

Who are they going to debate?  Each other?  How many amendments are they going to get passed do you think?

PR I suppose is everything.  Just in case they’re wondering:  The new loud-mouthed conservative voice still has plans to kick all the Dems and many RINOs out of office next year anyway.

Have a nice weekend, Harry.



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