Posted by: reddiva | December 13, 2009

“Hey, Doc, This Hurts.”

And the doc says, “Then don’t do that.”  We’ve all heard jokes with punch lines like that.  The only thing is, what’s happening to us now is not a joke.

Our Democracy is eroding, our Republic is falling apart at the state lines; we have no common sense anywhere that I can see in Washington, DC; the great-grandchildren of my five-year-old niece are in debt up to their eyeballs; so many people are out of work, and it’s Christmas.  But, hey, it could be worse.  Couldn’t it?

Don’t bother – I’ll answer that question for you:  Yes, it could be worse.  We could be living in a world without God’s providential hand ever constant to lift us up when we fall.  Regardless of what our caring government takes away from us next, they can never remove God’s hand of protection from His people.

Our nation is closer to a civil war than we have been since Abraham Lincoln.  Signs are everywhere that the American people are as mad as HELL and we’re not going to take it anymore!  The only thing is, we aren’t all mad about the same thing.

Some are mad because they live what is politically correctly described as an alternate lifestyle and they don’t have the rights they think they are entitled to.

Others are mad because Obama refuses to release his birth certificate providing proof that he is Constitutionally the leader of this nation.

Still others are mad because a Congress that has lost control of its collective senses continues to provide laws that are totally unacceptable to the American people and will not heed our screams of outrage.

You probably get the same email forwards I do telling me that our own military is being prepared to attack the American citizen in the street and where we live.

I  try to stay focused on the one fact that I know is real and true:  God has a plan.  Somehow all of this fits into His plan.  He is still in control of this world.  And here’s the punch line for that non-joke – it doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not.  I do believe He exists, and He holds our planet and all things we know as well as the things we don’t know in the very palm of His Hand.  Nothing at all can reach us that God does not allow.

Look up!  The signs are everywhere, and to quote a line from the best book I’ve ever read, “… our redemption draweth nigh.”

Goodnight, Chet.  Goodnight, David.  Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.



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