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New Author Coming Soon

As soon as we can get the minor details ironed out, I am pleased to announce that a new writer will be joining this blog.  He is H. Michael  Hervey and is President of the Conservative Party USA for California.  I am excited to have him join me here to promote Conservative issues and ideas as well as the interesting writing, much different from my own, that he will provide.

Until we get everything all worked out, here is a sample of his writing for you to enjoy.  Please welcome him to the neighborhood.  – Red Diva

Barack Obama: America’s First Affirmative Action President

The Obama Administration’s decision to prosecute enemy-combatant terrorists in New York is but the latest in a string of failures to properly manage the affairs of America. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Obama is incapable of doing the job. That’s what happens when someone is elected as a perverse Affirmative Action experiment to help assuage white guilt and liberal media bias.

Obama’s list of failures is long, wide and indisputable. Starting with his hasty promise to close Guantanamo, to the rising unemployment rate, stalled “Cap and Trade” legislation (thank our lucky stars), the Health Care Obam-ination, government takeover of two automobile companies, losing the Olympics to Brazil, rising unemployment, no binding commitments from the Chinese on global warming, record budget deficits, no meaningful UN sanctions on Iran, multi-trillion dollar national debt increases.  This list should also include hiring radical leftists and self-proclaimed Communists as policy czars, rising unemployment, revoking the missile shield protecting Eastern Europe from Iran and failing to send additional troops to Afghanistan as requested by our generals in a timely manner. Did I mention rising unemployment?

Not only is Obama incompetent, it’s clear that he actually dislikes what America represents. His constant apologizing to the world for America is an ongoing disgrace and national embarrassment. Air Force One is now required to bring two chiropractors on Obama’s trips just in case he injures his back bowing and groveling to foreign leaders. One thing is also painfully obvious: John McCain ran for President because he loves America; Obama ran because he doesn’t.

This national affirmative action experiment is an obvious failure. This should not be surprising, however, considering Obama only had two years in the Illinois Legislature and two years in the U.S. Senate before declaring his candidacy for President. He sponsored no bills or meaningful legislation during any of his stints. None.  The only “success” he can point to is but a cruel joke on America: winning the Nobel Peace Prize. That was an overt act of political affirmative action perpetrated by a few limp-wristed European liberal elites who previously bestowed Nobel Prizes on Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Paul Krugman. That says it all. It was equivalent to giving Obama a Masters Green Jacket just because he plays golf.

Obama’s desire to prosecute terrorists in New York is an example of towering incompetence.  America should not extend civil rights and Constitutional protections to terrorists who planned the murder of 2,800 of its citizens. Obama stated in a televised interview that Americans will not object “.. when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is executed.”  How’s that for tainting the jury?  The terrorist defense lawyers will just love that little sound bite.  Attorney General Eric Holder (aka Stedman) explained to Congress that he feels confident KSM will be convicted.  What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? But imagine what would happen if the Attorney General actually said that “KSM should be considered innocent until proven guilty.”  Even the liberals at The New York Times and MSNBC would howl in indignation.  Well, maybe not.

Does Obama actually think he can find 12 impartial jurors in New York?  The first thing those defense lawyers will request is a change of venue.  What then Mr. Obama? Do we move the trial to Berkeley?   And who will be KSM’s jury of peers? Perhaps Keith Olbermann, Nancy Pelosi, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres and Maureen Dowd will volunteer. That would jeopardize any conviction, however, because they actually hate America even more than KSM.  Telling the world how wonderful America’s justice system works on one hand while saying that KSM is sure to be convicted on the other hand is nothing but sheer political theater. In short, the whole affair is incompetence personified. This fiasco will pile the legal contradictions so high and wide, we’ll all need wings to rise above them.

Only a man elected President because of a spasm of affirmative action would be blind to such obvious contradictions. Someone with a little experience, love of America and common sense would have done things differently.  While Republicans are holding firm on rejecting ObamaCare (for the time being), they allowed Cap & Trade to pass the House, voted for the bloated stimulus package and are helping Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Senator John Ensign (R-NV) retain their seats, to name but a few transgressions.  Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) acceptance of a $300M bribe to allow a vote on HealthCare perfectly illustrates how corrupt the two-party system has failed America. While Democrats are just being themselves, Republicans should know better.  But there is no Party to check the continuous abuses of these Republi-Dems. Until now.  Please read more at:

H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA



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