Posted by: reddiva | December 19, 2009

Harry, You’re FIRED!

** UPDATE **  Posted 12/19/09

This is an update to a post from October:  Harry Reid is Underhanded Enough to Actually Do It!

Harry Reid has an ace in the hole – just in case he needs it.  He will be counting on Pelosi to maintain control over her majesty’s subjects in the House and Barney Frank’s interpretation of what is and is not allowed as procedure.  Unfortunately for the American people, I don’t think it will be needed.  As you re-read this article written and posted in October 2009 substitute the phrase “HR. 3590” for “H.R.1586,” the appropriations bill which was the active House budget bill at the time of the original writing of this article.

Now, here’s how he is using this “substitution ploy” for his health care baby, one for which I would happily pay the abortion fee, H.R.3590 including his “Manager’s Amendment” which sewed up the votes he needs and adds tons more pork to the already impossibly costly bill. Yes, that’s right H.R. 3590 – because he used the same number for an appropriations bill as it came from the House, cussed, discussed, approved, voted on and passed.  By the way, the notation on the bill as it came from the House says, “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the first-time homebuyers credit in the case of members of the Armed Forces and certain other Federal employees, and for other purposes.”  That means that it is exactly what is called for from this bill to send back to the House with Harry’s Horrendous Healthcare attached as an amendment.

The House having already approved of this bill once will not be able to explain how they could vote against providing a homebuyers credit for members of the Armed Forces.  How could they do that and face their constituents?  Hang-us-high Harry knows that the House would NEVER defeat one of its own budget bills especially this one.

Adding insult to injury, First Citizen Reid plans to call all the Senators into his Royal Chamber aka The American Senate at 1 AM Monday for a critical “test vote” supposedly as regards to the paid abortions issue.  What a stupid move.  He thinks America won’t be watching.  I will.  Will you?

All the House can do now is keep making amendments until they get one that is denied by the required vote and that will effectively kill the bill.  Do we dare hope?



  1. Hope springs eternal, though the light at the end of the tunnel is very very dim 😦

    Record breaking winter weather and he calls for a 1am vote? The shumdit is toast without butter or jam!


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