Posted by: reddiva | January 6, 2010

Fun and Games on the Campaign Trail

I am not ashamed to tell you that I am on an email list for several campaigns including the Bill Johnson for US Senate for Kentucky.

With most of the other candidates in the 2010 election campaign receiving big bucks from the national party, Saudi Arabia, Daddy’s pocket and other places, a grass-roots campaign like the one Bill Johnson is waging relies on people, their cars and their dedication.

Earlier this evening I received this email from the Johnson campaign that I want to share with you.  In the first place it will prove that Mr. Johnson’s campaign is truly a grass-roots effort.  In the second place it reveals the humor that exists when a person is dedicated and truly believes in the candidate’s position on the issues.

With the exception of my using initials instead of names (save one – the candidate’s name), this is the email in its entirety:

How to Deliver 50,000 Gazettes in 7 Hours

Bill left home early and wrote an email at 0530, “URGENT MISSION

I called Bill for SITREP at 0655.

I wrote D., W., and K.  at 0700 to inform of 10 city/town delivery route to newspaper offices to insert in next editions.

Bill delivered Frankfort at 0920.

W. and I met Bill at 1030 after I got a Well Done for Speeding Award in LEX at 0955.

We transferred 20,000 Gazettes and W.  and I were off to Cynthiana at 1045.

Bill went for more Gazettes and delivered until meeting with K.  at 1200.

Bill called before his last delivery at 1430 just as W.  and I finished ours.












More advanced notice.

Drivers meet Bill 45-60 minutes closer to him, unless his stash is in LEX area, to reduce turn around time

Apply Gazettes SPECOPS logistics model to east, west, and south regions.

Personnel: 4

Cars: 3

Communities: 10

Gazettes: 50,000 (MAYBE 60,000)

Estimated mission accomplishment rate: 100%

Casualties: Traffic school for me

Now this episode reflects a couple of things.  One – if you’re committed to a cause you believe to be worthwhile, you’re willing to wade through hell, high water and impending snowstorms in 20 degree temperatures to accomplish the mission.  Two – when you’re part of a grass-roots effort to provide the best leadership possible for your state with only a few months left before the primary, you’re willing to wade through hell, high water and impending snowstorms in 20 degree temperatures to accomplish the mission.

Now you know exactly why I have endorsed this candidate and his grass-roots campaign – I’m willing to wade through hell, high water and creative logistics to accomplish the mission.  I would have mentioned the snowstorm part except we don’t really get a lot of snow in my part of Texas.



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