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My Endorsement is Worth $1,000,000… TO ME!

When I decided that I would “endorse” particular Conservative candidates for national or state offices in the elections to be held this year, I defined the word as meaning supporting with my words and providing a platform for the candidate’s message.  I am the first to admit that the few hundred readers I have here at this website on any given day are far from the thousands of readers some blogs produce.  Still, I know that my readers expect me to take a stand for conservative candidates and issues because of my support for Governor Sarah Palin.

I would be untruthful to them and to myself if I did anything differently.  I recognized immediately that an endorsement from a small-time blogger doesn’t carry the weight, and probably shouldn’t carry the weight, of a big-name corporation or even a more widely-read blogger.  Still, my voice is important to the candidates I choose to support simply because it is one more place they get a little advertising while being able to use their advertising dollars more effectively.  Word of mouth is a POWERFUL advertisement!

One of the candidates I support is Bill Johnson, candidate for US Senate for Kentucky. Please notice my choice of words – Bill Johnson FOR Kentucky.  In almost every instance those are the words I choose because not only is Bill Johnson FROM Kentucky, he is also working FOR Kentucky.  To me, that is a huge commitment from a political candidate.  Mr. Johnson has made this commitment while none of the others running against him have.  He is working FOR the state he loves.  Remind you of anyone else you know?  I’ll give you a hint… her initials are Sarah Palin.

Rand Paul is a RINO.  The only reason he is running as a Republican is because the Libertarian Party has such negative name association.  They have EARNED that name association by their very party platform.  Somewhere there is an unwritten rule that if you don’t run for office for one of the two major political parties you have no chance of winning an election.

My response to that is if getting elected is your main priority, you may be right.  But if you want to be elected to serve the people of your constituency, they will support your candidacy regardless of your party affiliation.

The organizations who “endorse” various candidates do so for one reason – BACK SCRATCHING.   Such is the reason behind the endorsement of the Gun Owners of America for Rand Paul.  This press release from the Bill Johnson campaign proves my point as only the truth can prove a point of this magnitude.

Individual rights of the unborn are less important than guns

ELKTON — Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate Bill Johnson today issued the following statement about the Gun Owners of America’s endorsement of Rand Paul.

“My campaign contacted the Gun Owners of America (GOA) leadership today for an understanding of the recent endorsement of Rand Paul.  Mr. John Velleco of GOA explained that the organization based their endorsement on campaign finance reports and their longstanding relationship with the elder Ron Paul.

“That does not make sense.  Apparently, a grassroots campaign with minimal funding and no Washington network is unworthy of support from the Gun Owners of America.  The endorsement of GOA was for sale and sold to the campaign with the most money.

“The Gun Owners of America leadership has turned its back on a gulf war veteran and active gun owner for the sake of money.  Additionally, they have chosen to endorse a candidate in Rand Paul who has turned his back on the unborn and our individual right to equal protection of the 14th amendment.  I proudly stand with the National Rifle Association and their view that the 14th amendment provides a foundation for the individual right to own guns.

“Score one for the Washington establishment.  However, the Pauls’ will soon learn that Kentucky voters will not be as easily bought as was the endorsement of the GOA.  It would also be refreshing if the recently endorsed Rand Paul would actually demonstrate some competency with a firearm.”

I suggest that before you support a candidate – ANY candidate for ANY office – that you carefully examine the reasons for the endorsement.  It might give you a different opinion of the candidate you thought your support would benefit.

Bill Johnson’s conservative message rings even more true with me today than it did months ago when I had added his name and the link to his campaign web site to the sidebar of this blog.  At that time, he had not even filed for office.   I had not spoken with him personally or with anyone else in his campaign.  I have now, and my support for him has not wavered.  He IS the voice of conservatism for Kentucky in the senatorial election.

With pride in my country and dedication to my beliefs, I am very proud to endorse Bill Johnson, candidate for the US Senate FOR Kentucky.



  1. Why isn’t Johnson running with the AIP party where he belongs then?

    • Why isn’t Rand Paul running with the Libertarian Party where he belongs, Dan?

      Thank you for your comment…


  2. Bill is a Reagan Republican he is not registered as an Independent. AIP Party endorses him because of his values,morals and conservative political stand. They give endorsements to many of those that are running grassroots campaigns not only in Kentucky but all across the nation. They vet candidates much like any other caucus . Of Course you have to pass the litmus test which is rigorous and few can even get past the first interview? Many have failed but a few have past. Bill Johnson is one that has past.They can be from any party and still receive an endorsement from AIP. Bill has always been a republican so why would he change ?

    • My sentiments exactly, GH. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Rand Paul’s father, Ron, has his name all over GOA and his money all over Rand.
    Isn’t it about time that we send a self-made and principled grass roots candidate to represent our Commonwealth.
    Please support Bill Johnson by visiting and making a donation and signing up for his newsletter.

    • I agree. America needs help to survive. This help can ONLY come from Americans who view “serving” in political office as exactly that – SERVING! Bill Johnson is one of those Americans.

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Almost every day I read or hear some bit of information that confirms to me that Bill Johnson is who we need serving in D.C!

    • Thank you for your comment, Robbie. I agree with you! What is good for one of our United States is by extension good for all of our United States.

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