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What You Get for Asking

I will not name names, so don’t even bother asking!

I have a friend who has been receiving email updates from a political candidate.  Her inbox was plenty full enough as it was, so she wrote asking to be removed from the email list.  Especially since she knew she was going to be supporting another candidate.  It was a rather nice email in my opinion.

Please remove me from your emailing list.  I cannot nor will I support (outsider number 1) or (candidate number 2).  I am currently working for the opposition, very diligently I might add.  So please remove me from your emailing list.  Thanking you in advance, (her name)

I am really trying to stop laughing so I can tell you what she got back.  Honestly I am.

Yes.  You will be summarily removed.  I sincerely hope that you realize that you are playing right into what the establishment wants you to do.  They offer you up a neocon-lite because they know you will not vote for the establishment candidate and they only wish to pull enough votes away from their true opposition (who is leading in the polls) to allow their anointed candidate (who is second in the polls) to win, and you are helping them do just that.  It is a classic political game.  Your candidate will not win.  He has no chance.  I know how that feels because we’ve been there before when the average masses were still asleep, but it wasn’t because of lack of widespread support (which is the problem with your candidate – he has to lend his own campaign (money) because he does not have a mandate from the people even though he’s been at campaigning for as long as the rest of ‘em).

The problem is that your candidate does not understand, nor desire to obey, the US Constitution.  I have talked to him numerous times and even been in (another organization’s) focus group with him.  He doesn’t understand the separation between State and Federal authority.  He doesn’t even allow questions at his events to any real degree.  I have heard him speak many times.  He is a very *nice* person, I do not doubt that.  He appears to be a “regular” guy and a moral guy.  I’ll give him that.  All those things really don’t matter if he doesn’t respect the rule of law (the US Constitution) in ALL situations nor the separation of Federal and State authority that the States are accorded.  (See the 9th and 10th amendments to the US Constitution.)  In other words, even with all his good qualities, he lacks what we really need in these terrible times….that is a thorough knowledge of the US Constitution and the guiding principles of true American liberty, which are the only way to restore our original peace and prosperity.  We need a real statesman who knows the lessons of history.

I pray that you will consider your support and put it towards something besides a shell of true liberty.

Just guessing here, but wouldn’t it have been simpler to just say, “Yes, we’ll remove you from our email list.”  But nooooooooooo.. instead let’s make a big production out of it.

Since I know the candidates involved, I can tell you that her candidate is NOT doing as well as she wanted my friend to believe.  Nor is my friend’s candidate doing as badly as she wanted my friend to believe.  And as for outsider number 1 – he isn’t a candidate for ANYTHING!

A statesman?  Give me a break.  He’s a doctor, for goodness sakes.  Lots of time to spend being a statesman, I’m sure.

He understands and supports the Constitution of the United States?  You tell me.  He wants to repeal the 14th Amendment.  You know what that is, right?  It’s the one that guarantees that state powers cannot be wielded to usurp our inalienable rights.  The 14th Amendment was added to our constitution as a remedy for the infamous Dred Scott decision, Scott v Sanford, which denied the inalienable rights of blacks.  For a good explanation on this subject you might enjoy reading an article by a colleague.  She writes, “The 14th Amendment was added to our constitution as a remedy for the infamous Dred Scott decision, Scott v Sanford, which denied the inalienable rights of blacks.”

I wanted to print this for you because there may come a time when you think you should have your name removed from an email list.  As my wise old mother used to tell me, “Be careful what you ask for.   You might get it.”

Which reminds me.  The 9th Amendment doesn’t reference states at all – it says that the Constitution cannot be used to deny or disparage any of the rights that are given to the people.  The 10th Amendment is the one that gives the powers not reserved to the Federal Government directly to the States or to the people.

Now, I have exercised my 1st Amendment rights.  My friend’s candidate will use his soon to correct some wrongs done to even the writer of the long-winded reply above from the US Senate chamber.



  1. That keeper of the distribution list sounds a leeetttttle desperate…..

    • You are exactly right, Robin. She does indeed sound desperate!

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Alot of words to say “We will remove your Name from our mailing list”

    • Yeah, but why take the easy way out, IronJawAngel? That would make life too simple. For some reason, the campaign “employee” made a conscious decision to write an essay – desperation may indeed be the right word.

      You are one of my most frequent readers, and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I appreciate your loyalty.


  3. Marie, When you get to the airport tomorrow, watch the faces of the little children when they suddenly realize that they are being left behind by sister, brother, granny, gramps or even dad or mom.
    Bless the beasts and the children.
    I received a copy of this email. My immediate response was that the writer felt that she was being left behind, left behind in droves.
    The response is symptomatic of an overprotected Id.
    Flight or flight repsonse. She’s not chained to her Randi computer. She can very simply walk away.
    Give her time.

  4. Ahhh welllll, it does sound so much like politics ~ they just can’t figure that “no thank you” still means no…lol

  5. Red Diva,
    I am familiar with the transaction you recounted and it smells of fear on the part of the long winded response writer whom I know as well.

    They like to use the “Establishment” as a stick to beat the opposition with but, I’d say it was they who are now the “Establishment”. After all who was it that was “Picked” by the “Establishment” to run as a VP on the “Establishments” ticket? Now, the “Establishment” is “Picking” Paul? Doesn’t take a to much to say “Things that make you go Hmmm” Oh, hmm huha, ya Trey and Johnson are conspiring to defeat Paul? Laughable at best and juvenile whining at the least.

  6. Loved your view regarding this transaction! WoW, is all I can say!!! Definitely over the top! Hope you can take some time to vist my blog also! I have written a couple on mine for Bill and have written one on Lisa’s “Mommy”..thank you! Let’s pump em’ up!! Go Bill!

    • Yes, Erica, as a matter of fact, I have read your blog. I enjoyed it very much. I appreciate your comment and your reading my drivel.

      As you can see, I support Bill Johnson as well. He will be a terrific US Senator FOR Kentucky.



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