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Liberty Candidates

I have written about the Libertarian Party on a couple of occasions.  Need a refresher?  Read Why Libertarianism is Just Plain Wrong and The Proof IS in the Pudding.

There are many things an American may lose during the course of a lifetime, but the one thing, other than our family and loved ones, that frightens us most is losing our liberty.  Our basic freedoms which are granted by the Constitution of the United States.  That is why you will see and hear the word “Liberty” from every Libertarian candidate running for election.

It is a scare tactic.  They want the American voter to believe that if we value our liberty we must vote for the Liberty Candidate or risk losing our liberty.  If other parties’ candidates discuss our liberty they usually refer to it as “personal freedoms” or “Constitutional rights.”  Just notice the next time you see or hear a political advertisement.  Then as soon as you can get to your computer check out the Republican Liberty Caucus page to see if the candidate has already been endorsed by the RLC.  If the candidate you are looking for is not listed on this page don’t give up your thinking that he or she may be a Libertarian.  The bottom of the RLC page says that other endorsements are coming.  It may be too early for the election in which a Libertarian candidate is seeking your vote.

I found a list of Liberty Candidates that are not necessarily endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus, but they are considered Libertarians just the same.

Adam Kokesh – New Mexico (Congress)
RJ Harris – Oklahoma (Congress)
Rand Paul – Kentucky (Senate)
Peter Schiff – Connecticut (Senate)
Jake Towne – Pennsylvania (Congress)
Jaynee Germond – Oregon (Congress)
Mike Vasovski – South Carolina (Congress)
Paul Lambert – Alabama (Congress)
Ray McBerry – Georgia (Governor)
Chris Simcox – Arizona (Senate)
Debra Medina – Texas (Governor)
Ron Paul – Texas (Congress)
John Dennis – California (Congress)
Randy Brogdon – Oklahoma (Governor)
David Hedrick – Washington (Congress)
David Ratowitz – Illinois (Congress)
Robert Broadus – Maryland (Congress)
Chelene Nightingale – California (Governor)
Dennis Steele – Vermont (Governor)
Mike Beitler – North Carolina (Senate) -running for Libertarian Party
Joseph L. Kennedy – Massachusetts (Senate) – Independent Party (not related to “the Kennedies”)
Bill Connor – South Carolina (Lt. Governor)
Bill Hunt – Orange County, California (Sheriff)

Because of the socially liberal viewpoints of the Libertarian Party, I am more frightened of losing my liberty if we place our trust in them as they ask us to do.  Personally I believe that every freedom I need was granted to me by the Constitution.  The Libertarians will tell you that as well.  The only thing is, they will tell you that the federal government is butting into the states’ rights business.  In some instances they are correct.

If you want your teenage daughter to have an abortion without your knowledge or approval,  vote Libertarian.  If you yourself want an abortion during your 3rd trimester because you suddenly decided you can’t hack it as a parent, vote Libertarian.  If you want marijuana legalized for your elementary school-aged children under the guise of “medicinal marijuana”, vote Libertarian.  If you want a same-sex couple to be married and figure out some way to have a child, vote Libertarian.  If you want the minority opinion to count more than the majority, vote Libertarian.  If you want isolationsim for America, vote Libertarian.

It seems to be an accepted fact that a third-party candidate has a hard time winning an election.  The usual explanation is that it splits the total vote pulling from the more conservative Republicans and some Democrats leaving the most liberal candidate the winner.  I do not believe this to be true.

A candidate wins an election because he or she gained the largest number of votes based on his or her stated platform.  That is what causes a candidate to lose an election as well.  If there are enough people who do not approve of the policies you say you will work to bring about, you will lose the election – regardless of your party affiliation.

In other words, a Libertarian candidate will not win an election because people do not approve of the Libertarian platform.  Since I believe that to be the case in fact, it seems the most logical way to get your policies approved is to hide them from the voters.  Give yourself a different party affiliation – but only different enough so that voters who do not spend as much time as others investigating the ultimate truth for exactly what a candidate believes will not notice.

These days Republicans who act like Democrats are called RINO – Republican In Name Only.  Democrats who have switched to the Republican Party for the reason of winning an election because of the name association alone are RINO.  I suggest the same applies to Libertarians who run for office listed as Republicans.  They know that the American voting public will not support the Libertarian viewpoint so they disguise it by calling themselves “Conservative Republicans” or “Liberty Republicans.”  The sad thing is that it appears to be working in many instances.

It seems the Libertarian Party’s main goal in life is to “change the Republican Party” into the Libertarian Party.  In every speech I’ve heard or transcript I have read, the Libertarian wants to “change the party.”  No better way to do that than to overtake from within.  Thus the reason they predominately file for candidacy status through the Republican Party.  That is also why you will see so many of them referring to themselves as “Tea Party Candidates.”  The problem with that is that I have yet to locate a Tea Party Organization that acknowleges the candidates as Libertarians and “worthy of support.”

As far as I can tell, TEA Party Nation, the recognized legitimate tea party organization, does not want to change the party platform or planks of the Republican Party.  They seem to merely be asking that the Republican Party return to the platform and planks instead of being filtered through progressive and moderate left-leaning candidates.

Supporters of Liberty candidates have a map of networking which shows you how widespread their movement is to destroy the very freedoms they preach about so strenuously.  They are well organized and do things Acorn never thought of.  They do all of this while smearing legitimate conservative candidates from the Ron Paul Forums.   The goal seems to be to get what they want at the expense of the majority of Americans.  This attitude is no more viable than the Black Panthers “guarding” the voting places while Acorn votes for the dead.

I realize these are my opinions and as such you are not required to agree with me.  Contrary to the opinions expressed in many of my emails of late, we do not have to all share the same opinions to make our world rotate on its axis.  God takes care of that without our help, thank you very much.  There is an easy way to check out what I say.  I do not write anything that I call “the facts” without providing links for you to check me to be sure I printed the statement correctly.  If I don’t have a link, I try to always phrase my opinions so that there is no doubt they are MY opinions.

I have endorsed one of these Liberty Republicans for Governor of Texas.  I knew before I did it that she has strong leanings to the Libertarians.  I also made it clear to her that she is running as a Republican and that if she is elected, I will hold her to the Republican Party Platform on which she will have been elected.  I would do no less for any other candidate.

If a Libertarian candidate wants to promote the Libertarian Party platform, tell them to run as Libertarians.  Educate yourself as to the platform the candidate for whom you are considering voting actually supports.  If you agree with only part of it, find another candidate.  If you agree with the things the candidate has said publicly, as in the situation with my support of a Liberty Republican, let them know that you will expect them to continue those same policies if they are elected.

If you are unsure exactly where your candidate stands, confront them with your concerns and discuss the issues that are most important to you.  If the candidate gives you lip-service with his or her answers, you can be assured that is all you will get if he or she is elected.

We have the right to hire and fire our elected officials with our votes.  We must use them to promote those things that concern us in our local, state and federal elections.  We, the voter, the American voter, must tell our elected officials how far we are willing to go with them and what will happen if they cross that line.


  1. Diva,

    Thanks for your endorsement of Debra Medina. Rest assured she knows and will adhere to the republican party platform in the event of her nomination as GOP candidate for Texas Governor.

  2. I’m no Libertarian, but do note that the list you post above are almost all REPUBLICANS! I, also, notice your use of scare tactics decrying scare tactics…

    • You’re right, Michael. They are listed as Republicans… just as I said they were. They are listed as Republicans more than likely because they know they can’t win if they run as Libertarians. That is why you call yourself a Republican too – not a Libertarian.

      The part of your comment that I deleted was quacking like a duck, and you know what that means!

      You don’t have to be a supporter of the 10th Amendment to be a Libertarian. I support the 10th Amendment as strongly as you do, and I am NOT a Libertarian!


  3. This is a wonderful read! I have been worried about his for a long time! I am a real republican here in San francisco. We have a “liberty republican” running in the 8th district for Nancy Pelosi’s seat. Unfortunately, we also have a REAL republican candidate who is right on ALL the issues. Her name is Dana Walsh. ( )
    John Dennis has hidden his positions on the war on terror, foreign policy and so forth. He opposes “extra judical systems,” which basically means he is against military tribunals, gitmo and so forth. This is NOT republican. One can only wonder why he has run as a Republican and not a Libertarian. I think you hit it on the head. If you have any advice onhow to expose these characters, let me know!

    • Ed,
      Thank you very much for your comment.

      I appreciate the tip on your REAL Republican Candidate, Dana Walsh. I’ll check it out.

      As for how to expose your Libertarian in Republican clothing – the only really sound suggestion I have for you is a two-fold response. First of all, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Second, confront the Libertarian candidate and ask him that question to his face. Be sure you are not alone – you want someone else to hear the answer as well. (I’m NOT suggesting that you will be in any physical danger at all – so far, physical attacks by Libertarians hasn’t happened that I know about.)

      Libertarians are not fond of people calling them out in public. In my opinion, that is why they hide in the Republican Party.

      I wish you good luck. If we want to take our country back and restore it to the conservative ideals we all hold dear, electing Libertarians who won’t admit who they are is NOT the way I would suggest we begin.

      Let me know how it goes!



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