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My Personal Line in the Sand

You have one too, so don’t make fun of me.  We all have a certain line that when crossed has the result of a radical change in thought, opinion, or belief in something or someone.  Has your line been crossed?  Mine has.

I have supported and endorsed Debra Medina as Governor of Texas.  I did so with the full knowledge of her LIbertarian leanings.  There have been a couple of statements issued by her campaign that I questioned, but I felt like the people of Texas would be able to overcome the negativity suggested and see through the folly of the statement itself.

The first statement was one she made rather off the cuff, or so I thought, at the first gubernatorial debate.  She said that at some point the people of Texas would have to have the conversation about legalization of drugs.  What conversation is that, Debra?  The people of Texas have already had that conversation and we have voted to make drugs like marijuana and others illegal in the State of Texas.

Knowing of her support for the Libertarian Party, I questioned her stance on other issues that are of utmost importance to me; none more important than abortion.  Although she is personally against abortion, would she support the bill making abortion legal in Texas or would she veto it if it came across her desk?  Would she allow her personal stance against abortion to have its voice or would she support a bill that a minority of the people in Texas might be in favor of?  In this case, would she support the majority or the minority?  Murder is murder whether or not the governor of any state endorses it.  Abortion is murder.  A human who asked no one for life was given a life and then at least one of the two people required to cause that life wants to kill it.  Illogical at best.

The 10th Amendment provides for the rights of individual states and the people.  Our entire Constitution is based upon the right of people to govern themselves.  We must support and defend the rights of the State of Texas to govern the people of Texas on issues that the federal government has no right to enforce on any state or any citizen of that state where that governance goes against the Constitution of the United States.  However, it takes all 50 of our states to comprise our United States.  One state cannot rule over another; nor can it exist as a part of the United States if it becomes isolated from the other 49 states.

Ms. Medina crossed my personal line in the sand with this latest fiasco – the Glenn Beck interview.  I understand that the question he asked her regarding the theory that our own government was behind the 9/11/01 attack on America was unexpected.  I realize she was taken aback by it.  However, two wrongs do not make one right.

First of all there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone or any organization supposedly working for the people of the United States caused, supported or inflicted the injustice of the attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC that day.  To the contrary, we have Osama bin Laden on video saying he ordered the attacks, provided the means and supported the attacks with the goal of destroying America from the inside.

I am not accusing Ms. Medina of believing that there was an American conspiracy involved.  I am only saying that it should have been a reflexive response for her to say that she did not support that theory.  Instead, she left too much room for question and doubt.  Since that interview, I have received no fewer than four communications from her campaign trying to explain what she was trying to say and what her beliefs are.  Too late.  And to me, that is the real issue.

It is not so important to me what she said, or rather what she didn’t say, as what it showed about her readiness as governor.  There are too many times when a governor is asked an unexpected question.  I expect my governor to answer it with the same authority he or she would answer an expected question.  “I haven’t seen the evidence” is NOT the right answer to a question which carries the magnitude of a governmental conspiracy.

I have given the Medina campaign ample opportunity to retain my support.  If you will notice, I haven’t updated the Debra Medina page on this blog since January 21, 2010.  That was shortly after the KERA debate in which her statement about the “drug conversation” was made.  I had already begun to question my support, but I wanted to be certain I was correct in whatever decision I made.  I am not governor of any state – I don’t have to always have all the answers at the ready.  I wanted to be sure of whatever decision I made.

I am today rescinding my endorsement of Debra Medina for Governor of Texas based on the reasons I have given you.  She has crossed my personal line in the sand.

I will NOT support Kay Bailey Hutchison and her warped sense of right and wrong where abortion is concerned.  Rather than having to show a vote either for or against an abortion bill in the Senate, KBH has gotten out of her Senate seat and left the  Chamber!  I don’t call that representation.

Governor Perry, I hope you are listening to me.  Millions of Texans will vote for your re-election.  And we WILL hold you accountable to the platforms and planks of the Republican Party.  We have out-voted you, sir.  Do not try to push any kind of foreign-based construction company to build a toll road that you are the only Texan to support.  Do not pull your old Democrat ways out of your closet to try to snow Texans with things that you think may be okay.  Continue to stand up for Texas and Texans against the federal government trying to tell us how we will educate Texas children and what knowledge we will pass along to them.  We deserve a safe Texas.  Forget your immigration plans for any amnesty you might be thinking and stop the sieve that is the Texas border with Mexico.  Work with our legislators to support Texas Sovereignty by nullifying illegal laws such as the massive Socialistic health care plan the Democrats and liberals are trying to force down our throats.

Support Texans, Governor Perry.  Otherwise you’ll be reading angry letters, emails and faxes from Texans until our next election.  Or until the people of Texas force your impeachment.



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