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Bayh Bayh, Evan!

Okay, class.  Time for a really quick history lesson.

Way before I was even remotely interested in anything politic, Birch Bayh was a US Senator from Indiana.  Mainly what I remember is that he had a rather strange sounding name; more like a tree than a person, I thought.

I’m older now, and I’ve had reason recently to look up some information.  What I found has brought back a lot of the things my dad used to say from the deepest recesses of my memory.  Birch Bayh was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president in the 1976 election, and if you’ll remember, he lost the nomination to Jimmy Carter.  Out of the frying pan into the fire for America.  But that is a totally different history lesson than the one about which we speak today.

Probably the most important accomplishment Senator Bayh is credited with is his influence in passing Title IX to the Higher Education Act.  Title IX gave young women equal opportunities in sports and academics in public schools.

While a senator, Birch Bayh served as chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments and was the principal behind two constitutional amendments; the 25th Amendment establishing the rules for presidential succession and disability, and the 26th Amendment lowering the minimum voting age to 18.

His last few years in the senate were spent attempting to eliminate the Electoral College replacing it with the popular vote.  Still working on the demise of the Electoral College, in 2006 he joined the National Popular Vote Inc. coalition.  I admit it sounds like a really important thing to do – return the vote of the people to the power of election.  Looks are deceiving in this case as in many others where the Democrats try to tell us what we want and/or need when in actuality, we should be telling them and they should be listening to us.  That’s another lesson for another time.  Back to the Tale of Two Bayhs.

Birch Bayh was soundly defeated by a 54% to 46% vote in his bid for a fourth term as senator from Indiana in 1980.  He was defeated by a Republican in another of those election years that caused the voters to rally against the Democrats, many thanks to Jimmy Carter.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but it seems there was a campaign issue with Senator Bayh’s liberal voting record.

Fast forward over two decades and witness the “retirement” of his son, Evan Bayh, from the US Senate in this election year when once again the American people are tired of having senators and congressmen who have been too busy tearing our lives apart.  Many of them will find themselves waking up the morning after Election Day next November wondering what happened.

Since Senator Evan Bayh announced his retirement, the lame-stream media has been reporting that he has been a “moderate” in the Democrat Party.  My response to their “oh poor pitiful him” attitude is, “a Democrat is a Democrat and that’s all there is to that!”

Try not to feel too badly for Senator Bayh.  His rating with Citizens Against Government Waste is only 25% and only 19% with the National Taxpayers Union.  You know he doesn’t deserve empathy if he can rate only 18% with the Campaign for Working Families.

His voting record looks somewhat like the Obama Lineup for Back Patting.  He has voted to support socialized medicine, pork-barrel-laden stimulus bills, taxpayer-funding to groups which promote abortion, and card-check legislation.  He has voted against efforts to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman, the confirmation of Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito, domestic oil exploration, and the acceptance of English as our national language.

Gary Bauer describes it pretty well, “Only in a party dominated by liberals like Barney Frank, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi could a record like that be considered ‘moderate.’”

Obviously, I’m not a political insider, and I have never pretended to be, but I do know this.  Their numbers are dwindling while ours are steadily increasing.  Looks like the liberals in Washington, DC have heard our voices more loudly than we thought.

The moral of today’s lesson is this:  the acorn truly doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and like father, like son, bad politics runs in families.  Take Libertarian slash Republican Ron Paul and his bouncing baby boy, Rand.  Oops… time’s up for today.  We’ll continue this lesson another time.

Class dismissed.



  1. We will be in the same situation if we try to replace these failing Democrats with RINOs.
    We need to throw all the bums in the House OUT.

    We’ve said it before and NOW it’s possible.

    Get behind GOOOH (“GO”) stands for Get Out of Our House. Go to the website at: and check it out for yourself, but trust me, it IS the way to Take Back Our Republic with Citizen Representatives just like you and me.

  2. Like rats jumping from a sinking ship.

    • Have you EVEN looked into this?
      Have you been to a “Mock” selection session?
      OR do you have a crytal ball and have a direct link to the wisdom of the Universe?
      All I ask is for people to “Learn” and then make their decisions.
      What’s wrong with getting all the FACTS before making statements like you made.
      Einstein said, ” to do the same things over and over and continue to expect different results, is the definition of insanity.”
      We had the Contract with America in 1993 which led to Gingrich and his bunch winning the House and the Senate in 1994 and the Republicans RINOs did absolutely NOTHING with that power,,, lowered tempoarily some taxes,,, not much else…
      We need Real Change – Back to the Constitution.
      GOOOH is truly nonpartisan and grassroots.
      WE the People can and will Take Back our Republic.

      • Mr. Fishback,

        I debated not publishing your comment, but I think it is important for me to at least give you the benefit of having misunderstood what I am saying. Birch Bayh is just another liberal Democrat. So is his son, Evan. I am trying to reflect the fact that Evan Bayh is NOT as “moderate” as the media today is painting him.

        Like sons who follow their fathers into the construction business, sons who follow their fathers into the political business often share their father’s political opinions. The Bayhs are a good example and so are the Pauls. Rand Paul is more like his father than he wants the Kentucky voting public to realize.

        Now to answer your criticisms of my research. Yes, I have done research, and I am satisfied that I used that research wisely and well in making my decisions.

        No, I have never been to a “mock” selection session.

        No, I don’t have a crystal ball – sometimes I wish I did.

        The reason any writer writes anything is to have someone else read his or her opinions. It is not required that everyone who reads what I have written must agree with my opinions. If you had read this article correctly and realized that what I am saying is that the Democrats, realizing they are going to run into many brick walls when they try to win their next elections, are like rats deserting the sinking Democratic ship.

        I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me. But next time, please don’t attack me personally when you leave a comment.

        Thank you,

  3. RD,
    The way I read it, Mr. Fishback was directing his comments unfairly towards Me regarding my comment and his misinterpretation about it addressing GOOOH process.
    Mr. Fishback, my comment was directed at RD’s blog regarding Evan Bayh jumping ship from a Senate with weakening Democratic influence. He saw the handwriting on the wall and chose to leave while leaving was good but in time to get a DEM replacement before the election.
    I did go to a GOOOH meeting and participated. It has fine applications but is not what I chose to pursue.
    Regardless, none of what RD or I wrote that warranted your persoanal outburst. Lord knows we deal with that enough from the Rand Paulers!
    This is a post about SENATOR Evan Bayh, his politics, and his decision to leave the US Senate.
    This is not about replacing a Congressman which I understand is the focus of GOOOH, according to my friend Tim Cox.
    Red Diva operates a respectable blog here with defined parameters of discussion. She does not tolerate insolence or abusive attitudes.
    You representation of GOOOH is less than reflective about its mission. Additionally, this is not a free advertisement site to promote GOOOH. I would ask you to keep your comments on subject.
    Thank you, Mr. Fishback.

  4. To “Me” and “RedDive”

    I misunderstood Who “ME” is/was.
    I thought this site was RedDiva’s website and mistakenly thougth ME was RedDiva???
    Sorry for my misunderstanding.

    When I saw “Rats jumping,,” statement, I took that to mean that I was the “rat” and I must admit, childishly spoke of “crystal balls” and “wisdom of the universe”.
    For that I apologize.

    Actually, I totally agree with both of you on the Evan/ Birch Bayh and there Progressivism.
    That is part of why it stung so badly when I MISTAKENLY read that “rat” remark and thought it was directed toward me.

    I will not advertise again, it’s just that I feel that movement IS the answer to combat Special Interest $$$ and Party Bosses for the Rescue of our Republic.

    Thanks for letting me explain and again please accept my sincere apology.

    • I accept your apology, Mr. Fishback.

      Thank you.



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