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Ulterior Motives

I know several people who know that I write, but they don’t know that I write THIS blog.  I call it “intelligence gathering.”  They would call it “ulterior motives.”  I always think it’s a good idea to at least be aware of what the other side thinks.

So I get emails with handy little tidbits of information from time to time.  I get much of my information from these emails.  Do I think my information will dry up now that I’ve publicized that fact?  No.  I think those who don’t know will wonder, and those who do know, won’t care.  Just like the person who drew up these talking points for the Libertarian attack on America.

I have previously written about the threat of Libertarianism.  That is not a secret.  I seriously view their socially liberal policies as a threat to our nation.

But I digress.  Here are their latest talking points.  Remember these when they come knocking on your door or stop you in the street.  In case you’re wondering, I didn’t correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization or any other grammatical errors.  They can do their own proofreading.  It just shows you that they are not as intelligent as they think they are.

Only 5 million republicans vote in the primaries.
If every ron paul donor of the 130 thousand got 19 others to vote for Ron Paul we would 2.6 million of the 5 million.
I’ve found obama supporters to be the easiest to inform and get them to turn out for Ron Paul.
Understand monetary policy and why the fiat empire was created.
Informing others that our fiat currency is related to everything from oil inflation, taxes, healthcare inflation, & so is a great starting point because everyone feels the inflation crunch, especially at the gas pump.
You should know Ron Paul’s policy in and out.
If you don’t, hit the books!
Understand and have voting records of all candidates and give reliable sources.
First and foremost do not identify yourself as a paulite when canvassing and focus on the issues important to the potential RP voter you are conversing with.

See what I mean when I say they are a threat?  They know that America will reject their socially liberal attitudes if we know who they really are.  That is the very reason these so-called Liberty Candidates are running as Republicans, Independents, Conservatives even some perhaps as Democrats instead of Libertarians:

Adams, Eddie, Jr. Harris, R.J. Paul, Ron
Amash, Justin Hedrick, David Petronis, Joe
Annarumma, John Heilson, Chick Pigeon, Scott
Bailey, Collins Hess, Barry Porter, Craig
Beitler, Mike Hols, William Ratowitz, DAvid
Bell, Joe Houchen, Howard Reale,Dan
Bell, Logan Hunt, Bill Redlich, Warren
Benoit, Michael Hutchinson, Douglas Richard, Rick
Bradley, Glen Irion, Van Risk, Kristi
Bratton, Will Jain, Kamal Rodriguez, Francisco
Broadus, Robert Jeffrey, Christina Rostig, Grant
Brogdon, Randy Kealer, Hugh Rutledge, Edward
Cantwell, Chris Kennedy, Joe Ryon, David
Clift, Gary Kern, William Schiff, Peter
Coffey, Jenn Klapproth, Edward, G. Schoppe, Stephen
Coley, Shane Kokesh, Adam Seehusen, Joe
Connor, Bill Krsiean, Michael Sellers, Patrick Henry
Coons, Nick Labno, Michael Severns, Bryon
Curtman, Paul Ladner, Lenny Simcox, Chris
Dahm, Nathan Lambert, Paul Smith, David
Daiell, Jeff Lawson, B.J. Smith, John Wayne
Dawson, Jacob Lee, Mike Smith, Ronnie
Deakin, Jim Lewis, Daniel Snider, Thomas K.
DeJong, Cameron Linnabary, Steve Snitker, Alex
Dennis, John Liston, Kurtis Spencer, Joe
Dickey, Karl Lopez, Delia Stanley, Troy D.
Dillard, Darrell Lowry, Robert Steele, Dennis
Dillard, Darrell McArtor, Joe Stufflebeam, Randy
Dine, Jonathan McBerry, Ray Susman, STeve
Donaldson, Rick McCormick, Terri Takada, Jeff
Donovan, Chuck McNealy, Rob Taylor, Mike
Drake, Brian McPadden, Michael Taylor, Rob
Dudek, Scott Edward Medina, Debra Tegerdine, Joe **
Eichenbaum, Dam Meyers, Valerie Thompson, Ed
Forsythe, Jim Miller, Brian Tolda, Anthony
Fox, Julie Monds, John Towne, Jake
Frank,Dan Moore, Roy Trautz, Jim
Franklin, Alton Munson, Heidi Utz, Tim
Frisbee, Michael Myers, John Jay Vasovski, Mike
Gay, David Andrew Nerenz, Tim **
Walsh, Joe
Germond, Jaynee Nightingale, Chelene Walters, Douglas
Goldthorpe, Linda Ogden, Dale West, Bruce
Green, Lex Olsen, Bruce Wieder, Fred
Grubb, Rachel Parker, Bob Williams, Craig
Hanson, Josh Paul, Rand Williams, James

**  Please note comment below.  Mr. Tim Nerenz is a Libertarian running on the Libertarian Party ticket in Wisconsin.  Thank you for your statement, Mr. Nerenz.

**  Please note the comment below regarding Mr. Joe Tegerdine.

In all fairness to the candidates listed above, it is entirely possible that the Libertarians have hidden themselves from the candidates themselves.  In other words, the candidates themselves may not realize they are being backed by the Libertarians.

I think probably their own words are more impressive than mine are when it comes to expressing how they want to isolate America from the rest of the world.

Foreign Policy: We must stand for a strong national defense. The military is the main responsibility of the Federal Government. Our military should be used to protect only our citizens and defend our borders. We need to get our troops out of foreign countries and politics. Our foreign policy should not impose our will or way of life on other nations. We must not act as world police. We must reject international treaties that could destroy our national sovereignty.

They scream about how determined they are to see individual freedoms returned.

Individual Rights: Individual rights and sovereignty are supreme and inherent. The proper role of government is to protect our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property. The federal government must serve the people by protecting these rights within the borders of the states that make up the union. We must repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the FISA legislation. We must reject the notion and practice of torture, elimination of habeas corpus, secret tribunals, and secret prisons. We must deny immunity for corporations that spy willingly on the American people for the benefit of the government. We must return the checks and balances as intended by the founders. The illegal use of signing statements and illegal use of executive orders must be ended. The government must not regulate the content of the media.

And all this from a website that doesn’t even call itself “The Libertarian Party.”  Strange though how their Facebook page is riddled with links referring to The Libertarian Party isn’t it?

You might also enjoy the comments section in this link from Rebuild the Party.  I warn you – there is some language in those comments that you might find offensive.

Mr. Libertarian himself, Ron Paul, introduced the Sanctity of Life Act in Congress in 2005 as HR 776, in 2007 as HR 1094 and HR 2597, and again in 2009 as HR 2533.  He is having trouble getting this bill through committee and brought to the House floor for debate for one reason and one reason only, IN MY OPINION.  His bill regardless of its number or year of introduction would effectively nullify the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act which Congress passed in 2003.  Ron Paul’s attempt to return the question of legalization of abortion to each individual state would only result in showing support for abortion for states whose citizens are liberal enough to pass this horrendous form of murder of a human life.

That would be okay with the Libertarians.  They will tell you that they don’t want our military in other countries, but it would be okay to kill that soldier before he is born.  I’m sorry, people.  That is absolutely illogical.



  1. Great post! Keep exposing them for what they are! I in no way in good faith support a “Libertarian” candidate and certainly not one like Ron Paul, nor Rand for that matter. We need people like Bill Johnson who is more than willing to carry the torch for true conservatism and unlike what we recently seen by Sen. Scottt Brown (R-MA) he will not be swayed or misled nor vote for something in which he doesn’t fully agree with! That is why he is a man of DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY

  2. You’re just scratching the surface here, RD.
    As Rand Paul revealed his plan, if elected, to join his daddy in restructuring the GOP to align with Libertarian principles you can be certain this is not an isolated effort.
    I read recently that the actual numbers of Libertarian cult followers is relatively small but they are well financed and organized.
    Financed by whom? From where? We know that Campaign for Liberty is global. They have Aryan and anti-Semitec organization ties abroad. They will stoop to no lengths to deceive, smear, discredit, intimidate, and silence the opposition.
    For land’s sake, “First and foremost do not identify yourself as a Paulite when canvassing…”!!! What in the world does that tell your readers?
    I grew up with, “Honesty is the best policy.” My daughter’s Cardinal Rule is, “We don’t lie, cheat or steal and we don’t tolerate anyone who does.”
    I join you in your effort to drag dishonest politicians into the sunlight.
    Dishonest politicians has led to the scourge of dishonest politics in Frankfort, in Congress, and in The White House.
    We must return to values and principles. They are basic elements to restoring our nation.

  3. I would appreciate it if you would remove my name from your list of those running deception campaigns. I am running as a Libertarian on the Libertarian party ticket in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District. Whoever informed you otherwise was mistaken or misinformed.

    Best Regards,

    Tim Nerenz

    • Mr. Nerenz,

      Thank you for your comment and your willingness to correct a problem that the Ron Paul Forums and other sources I have used have created whether willingly or unwillingly.

      I also appreciate the fact that you are a Libertarian running on the LIbertarian Party ticket. I’m sure you recognize that I don’t have to agree with your party planks to appreciate your honesty.

      I have made an adjustment according to your comment, which I think is a fair request on your part.


  4. I understand why you guys are upset but our nation is a two party system. You can’t run as an independent, libertarian, conservative and get elected. You can inform people of views on the issues but then you gotta pick a party to run with. Just because they are a liberty candidate doesn’t mean they don’t have their views. And can’t a candiadte endorsed by the liberty campaign still be a republican?

    • Kelly,
      Thank you for your comment.

      To answer your question about if a candidate endorsed by the liberty campaign can be a Republican, let me just say this.

      If the Liberty Campaign endorses a political candidate the assumption is that the candidate agrees with the Libertarian Party Platform. A Republican would not agree with that platform. So if a candidate is running as a Republican while supporting the Libertarian Party planks, said candidate is a RINO.


    • This is a real problem. I understand. Yet, it does not justify Rand Paul stating the same reasoning as justification to run as a Republican only to plan on restructuring the GOP, with his daddy, using Libertarian principles.
      Not only is it deceptive but it is dishonest.
      Is a Republican candidate with masked Libertarian views principled?
      If Liberatrian views are so popular then let them run proudly as a Libertarian as Mr. Nerenz is. Don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. It weakens the GOP and lessons the credibility of the LP.
      What will happen to the LP and the Campaign for Liberty if Ron Paul, age 75, is not physically capable to continue?

      • I appreciate your comment USNVET.. and THANK YOU for serving our country!

        I think you bring up a good point about who the Ron Paul successor is or should be. I think the Ron Paul people are trying to make Rand Paul be the apparent successor; however, I know there are many Ron Paul supporters who see Rand Paul as a traitor to the movement. I would have to agree with them.

  5. Joe Tegerdine is on that list though I’m not sure how. He isn’t a libertarian and most definitely is NOT liberal on social issues.

    • Mike,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m glad to hear from Mississippi as I have relatives who live there.

      I don’t know why he is listed on the Liberty Candidates list, but before responding to your comment, I did go to personally check out Mr. Tegerdine’s website. He may not make a public statement that he is a Libertarian at heart, but I did find a couple of issues that are similar to their party platform and planks.

      The one most telling was one I read on his issues page about keeping our military strong.

      “The best way to protect our interests at home and abroad is to keep our military might and wealth within our borders. I believe THE TIME IS NOW to heed the counsel of George Washington when he stated, “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.” People, “Here let us stop.” We must bring our military establishment home within the borders of the United States and its territories, secure our borders,…”

      That statement is a reference to the isolationist attitude of Libertarians. Out of a desire to be as fair as possible, I will mark his name with reference to our comments, just as I did for Mr. Nerenz.

      Thank you again for pointing to this possible error on their part to have included him on their list.


  6. Tegerdine IS a libertarian running as a Republican. The Ron Paul campaign for liberty group (read libertarians) have included him as a “liberty candidate” in their revolution money bombs. His website issues read like cato institute blogs. Even his foreign policy is non interventionist, with one exception about finishing what we started and reads more like the Obama position rather than the Republican view of taking the fight to terrorists. It didn’t say anything about his social positions. Perhaps it is because he lives in Mississippi?

  7. AS submitted for posting on “Mommy”

    As an active participant in national security matters, I will reiterate my personal assessment of Rand Paul’s fitness to serve as a United States Senator. Based upon my knowledge and assessments his character, demeaner, and conduct since last May, I believe Rand Paul is incapable of properly and responsibly serving the best interests of the nation and Kentucky.
    I call upon Rand Paul to end his campaign forthwith and with all personal humility.
    Failure to responsibly terminate his fatally flawed candidacy will invariably result in two things.
    First, the Democrats want the open Senate seat and will spare no quarter in the general election to win it. The Herald-Leader and Courier-Journal will publish every bit of Ron and Rand Paul’s ties to Stormfront, David Duke, Campaign for Liberty, Liberty Tree and Liberty Forest as well as the ammo and fodder he is providing to be used against him daily. It will be a political shark feeding frenzy he will not be able to withstand.
    He will lose.
    This is why they are building him up as a media “darling” in the primary. They are, by the way, the liberal, progressive media setting up their “darling” for later sacrifice.
    Get it? Got it? Good!
    Secondly, he will consequently flush in excess of $2 million of others’ money.
    Dr. Paul, Kentucky is owed the dignity and respect of an respectable Senate Republican race between honorable candidates Johnson and Grayson.
    Your supporters, your staff, and you are solely responsible for tragically conducting an incompetent and self-centered, megalomanic, and delusional campaign.
    It’s never been about you, Rand Paul. It’s always been about the Commonwealth and the national interests, the people’s business and the uncertain future of our families.
    You chose to make it about you, Rand, all about you. Only about you.
    As a result, you have irrevokably breeched the public trust.
    That, Rand Paul, is inexcuseable. You have forfitted your opportunity.
    At least you’ll have a lucrative job to return to.


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