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The Battle of Adair County

Early this morning, I read an article by my colleague, Lisa Graas, about a political event in Adair County, Kentucky, the evening of February 25, 2010.  I wasn’t there, but I trust her to have reliable sources – she has never let me down in that respect to this point, so there is no reason to doubt her this time.  The title of her article is “Rand Paul Says Adair County Republican Party ‘Laughing Stock of the State.’”

Before I go into detail with her words, let me give you a few of my own.  I think the Rand Paul campaign is imploding right before our faces.  It appears to me that this is an “all of the above” approach into doing what it takes to lose an election.  An outsider such as myself can see this perhaps more clearly than anyone who might be directly involved as a Kentucky voter and student of Kentucky politics through the years.

As Ms. Graas records, an eyewitness to the event reports,

An event in Columbia, Kentucky tonight that was reportedly billed locally as a “townhall” meeting with Rand Paul turned out to be a fundraising rally according to Brandon Thompson, Public Relations officer for the Adair County Republican Party’s Executive Committee. Thompson had come to learn more about the man for whom he had “some questions and a semi-favorable view”. He told me via email, “I went with an open mind, because my thinking was, if he wins, I want to know who I’m voting for in November, and I agreed with several of his points.” Thompson ended up leaving the event angry, however, and it was apparently with good reason.

At some point in the evening, Rand Paul, doing what he does best, attacked the organizers of an upcoming Lincoln Dinner, the Adair County Republican Party, with this statement, “I’ll tell you one thing, your county party sure isn’t very friendly. In fact, in a few weeks you’re having a Lincoln Dinner, and Trey Grayson is the Keynote Speaker and I’ve not been invited.”

I feel sorry for Mr. Thompson who had to sit there and listen to the attack, and I am very proud of him when he spoke up, according to Ms. Graas, to refute the statement.

Another committee member invited Secretary Grayson, State Senator McGaha, and State Representative Carney. And I had personally called and invited Dr. Paul and Mr. Bill Johnson to come and speak as well as Senator McConnell and Representative Whitfield. So, I raised my hand and said, “Sir, that is not true. I’m on the executive committee, and I personally emailed twice and called your campaign as well. In fact, someone with your campaign told me that you were coming and that you would be here to speak along with the other candidates, so this is the first I’ve heard that you’re not coming.”

It seemed then that he accused me of lying because he claimed that he’s not been in communication with anyone and that our county party is the laughing stock of the state for endorsing Trey. In fact, the county party hasn’t endorsed anyone. When I let him know that I still had the emails I had sent inviting him, he responded and we ended up in a very heated conversation. The crowd was involved, too. It was quite an uproar.

Ms. Graas asked Mr. Thompson how he would describe Rand Paul politically.

I asked Thompson, “In your view, is Rand Paul an anti-establishment candidate, an anti-Republican candidate, both or neither? However you answer, please let me know what gives you that impression.”

Thompson replied, “He seems to be both. He’s not beholden to one party, and he said multiple times that he’s willing to go against the Republican party if need be. He definitely wants the Tea Party mantle, but I think he’s more libertarian than anything.” (emphasis mine)

There’s that word again!  It seems to continually pop up in discussions about Rand Paul, doesn’t it?

There are a couple of things this disagreement could signal.  One is that there was a genuine misunderstanding between Mr. Thompson and Mr. Paul.  This is not likely.  We have seen several times already where the Paul Campaign in Kentucky is like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.  This appears to be another excellent example.  The other possible signal is that the Rand Paul Campaign is imploding.  This is much more likely.

I have never made an effort to deny that I am an outsider looking in on this Kentucky US Senate primary contest.  Let me tell you what my first thoughts were when I read Ms. Graas’ article about the event.

I don’t know how large or small Adair County, Kentucky, is but it would seem to me that if Rand Paul wanted to alienate every Adair County Republican, he is going about it the right way.  Wouldn’t a political candidate who truly wanted the support and the votes from Adair County be taking a much more visible role in the county?  Why should he wait to be invited to the dinner?  Where is it written that a candidate for political office who is interested in securing the votes from any of the county voters, much less ALL of them, could not have picked up the phone or sat down at his computer keyboard and notified the organizers of the upcoming Lincoln Dinner that he plans to be in attendance and would appreciate a few moments to speak?

What an elitist snob!

Is he already planning his losing strategy by making it known that when he loses the election in Adair County he will be able to blame the Republicans for not inviting him to the dinner?  Someone in the Paul Campaign needs to be responsible for the actions of the candidate himself, and it would be far better if it were the candidate rather than his campaign manager and much more respectable than blaming the party who has put his name on the ballot.

I think it is evident that Rand Paul knows his Libertarian viewpoints will not be well-received by Kentucky voters.  That is his stated reason for running as a Republican in the first place.  If he can’t even rely on his own conservative message, does he really have the right to expect the voters to rely on it?

Perhaps Mr. Paul felt that since there aren’t thousands of Republican votes to be had from Adair County, and probably even less money, he was wasting his time there anyway.  How degrading to the people of Columbia where the event was held.  In effect, what he told them was, “You’re not worth my time, but I don’t want you to know the real reason about why I won’t be there, so I’ll adamantly support the fallacy that I was not invited.”

Lying to the voters is the best way I can think of to lose an election.  The second best way is to belittle them.  Rand Paul has done both to the voters in Adair County, Kentucky.


The only REAL conservative candidate is Bill Johnson.  See for yourself..

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    • Thank you very much, Mr. Barker. I’m blushing!

  2. I agree, if Adair Co. only had a handful of voters they certainly have a right to be heard and not belittled, how can anyone take this man serious if all he does is “whine, moan, and whimper!” Not the kind of man I want representing me and I sure a lot of my fellow Kentuckians feel the same. Thanks for your perspective, being outside the state often gives you the clear chance to see how all of the campaigns are handling themselves and thus far the Johnson campaign is the only one that hasn’t waivered in message, issues or principles. Which makes him a man that truly fits the description of DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Ms. Coyle. Thank you for your kind comment.

      I admit I do have rather a more clear vantage point than someone in Kentucky might have. I can agree with you wholeheartedly about the Bill Johnson I have come to know through all my reading and writing about him.

      I would be so very proud to call him MY Senator!


  3. Adam,
    Very well stated, Kudos, that same contemptable attitude was Ooooozzzing out of Dr. Paul in Paducah as well.

    • Thank you for the nice compliment, ck. Between you and Adam I may not stop blushing all night!

  4. Yea, Rand’s obviously in a lot of trouble. The last polls only had him beating Grayson by 21%.

    • Is this the poll you meant, Mr. Hill?

      Louisville, CO – Magellan Strategies CEO David Flaherty today contacted US Senate candidate Bill Johnson and apologized to him personally for not included his name in Magellan’s February 18th survey of likely Republican primary voters. Magellan CEO David Flaherty stated “It was a gross oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any problems this may have caused to the Johnson, Grayson and other Republican US Senate campaigns in Kentucky.”

      Flaherty continued, Without Bill Johnson and the other primary candidates included in the ballot test question the results are obviously not an accurate reflection of the Republican primary ballot that voters will choose from on May 18th.”


  5. I’ve seen this air of entitlement by Paul often. The first was at his exploratory meeting last May, “I know a third party candidate can’t win in Kentucky. I’m a Libertarian at heart but I’m going to run as a Republican and then, after I win, my father and I will restructure the Republican Party using Libertarian principles.”
    At the same meeting, Paul said, astoundingly,”I didn’t know there was a problem with illegal immigration!”
    Boone County, Montgomery County, Lewis County, Jefferson County, Fayette County, McCracken County, McCreary County, Jefferson County, Pulaski County. All have witnessed the arrogance, rudeness, and impetuousness of The Prince, Son of Ron.
    Rand’s lashing out at the Most Honorable Congressman Hal Rodgers, in his own District,was insufferable, disrespectful, and unforgiveable.
    $2 million won’t buy this election, Prince Randy.
    Integrity, honor and character will. These words describe Bill Johnson and, in this race, Bill Johnson alone.

  6. Rand “went off the deep end” tonight, again. This time it was in front of nearly 400 guests (many GOP big hitters) at the Shelby County Lincoln Day Dinner and one surprised TIME magazine reporter.
    Grayson lit the short fuse to a Gitmo powder keg just beneath the britches of Young Randy!
    Oh well, Bill Johnson got a TIME magazine interview! What’s more he sat next to Rand Paul! He and Rand had congenial conversation, enough to likely prompt the question, “What the hell?”
    Maybe he’s Paul’s attack dog? After all, he did tell David Adams that he’d do a joint statement with Paul sometime. Adams was visibly flustered.

    The evening’s event was a must see. Tomorrow is Casey County. Oldham County (KY’s wealthiest), is Sunday.

  7. […] Adair County Townhall Meeting referred to by Rand Paul as a “fundraiser.”  You may recall that I had a few words regarding what Rand Paul reportedly said, “I’ll tell you one thing, your county party sure […]

  8. As submitted for posting on “Mommy”

    As an active participant in national security matters, I will reiterate my personal assessment of Rand Paul’s fitness to serve as a United States Senator. Based upon my knowledge and assessments his character, demeaner, and conduct since last May, I believe Rand Paul is incapable of properly and responsibly serving the best interests of the nation and Kentucky.
    I call upon Rand Paul to end his campaign forthwith and with all personal humility.
    Failure to responsibly terminate his fatally flawed candidacy will invariably result in two things.
    First, the Democrats want the open Senate seat and will spare no quarter in the general election to win it. The Herald-Leader and Courier-Journal will publish every bit of Ron and Rand Paul’s ties to Stormfront, David Duke, Campaign for Liberty, Liberty Tree and Liberty Forest as well as the ammo and fodder he is providing to be used against him daily. It will be a political shark feeding frenzy he will not be able to withstand.
    He will lose.
    This is why they are building him up as a media “darling” in the primary. They are, by the way, the liberal, progressive media setting up their “darling” for later sacrifice.
    Get it? Got it? Good!
    Secondly, he will consequently flush in excess of $2 million of others’ money.
    Dr. Paul, Kentucky is owed the dignity and respect of an respectable Senate Republican race between honorable candidates Johnson and Grayson.
    Your supporters, your staff, and you are solely responsible for tragically conducting an incompetent and self-centered, megalomanic, and delusional campaign.
    It’s never been about you, Rand Paul. It’s always been about the Commonwealth and the national interests, the people’s business and the uncertain future of our families.
    You chose to make it about you, Rand, all about you. Only about you.
    As a result, you have irrevokably breeched the public trust.
    That, Rand Paul, is inexcuseable. You have forfitted your opportunity.
    At least you’ll have a lucrative job to return to.

  9. I can tell you that I was contacted by Rasmussen Polls in mid-January and Johnsons name was not mentionsed once during the polling. There were only 2 dems and 2 repub. in the “likey to vote” questions. Looking back, it makes me question the accuracy of a reputable pollster like Rasmussen.


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