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Why is it that Rand Paul just can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth?  Is he really choking on it as it would seem?  My guess is that he isn’t choking because his mouth is a perfect fit for his foot.  I might also say that I think it is a great place for his foot since it is more obvious than ever before that this man has no business using that foot to stand in front of Kentucky voters. He  simply does not know how to act as an adult who is worthy of consideration by those same voters to represent them in the US Senate.

Back up a couple of weeks.

February 13, 2010, Paducah, Kentucky, Senate Candidate Forum. Rand Paul’s opening remarks were a demand that Trey Grayson stop saying that he, Paul, is pro-choice.  I wrote an addition to the Bill Johnson page elsewhere on this blog including these words, “Rand Paul spent the last several minutes of the debate clearly uncomfortable leaning against the lectern shaking his head and rolling his eyes.”  Just like a bored child will do when being forced to listen to something he has no interest in whatsoever.  This behavior was backed up with some photographs, also published elsewhere on this blog.

February 23, 2010, Glasgow, Kentucky, Barren County Patriot’s Association Meeting. At some point, Rand Paul must have made a comment indicating that he had not been invited to attend the Barren County Lincoln Day Dinner scheduled for March 20, 2010.  Otherwise why would he have said, “If I’m not invited, I’ll stand out in the parking lot with my bullhorn.”  An 85-year-old woman, Golda Pensol Walbert, who was honored to receive an award from then Governor of Kentucky, Ernie Fletcher, acknowledging her service to her county, Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit Award, was interviewed by my colleague, Lisa Graas, who picks up this story from here.

Dr. Paul is apparently upset by the fact that the Barren County Republican Party has listed his opponent, Secretary of State Trey Grayson, as the main speaker. Wondering what all the fuss was about, I decided to give Golda Walbert a call.

Walbert told me that she had been told of Dr. Paul’s “bullhorn” remark and she was disturbed by it. She said that the Barren County Republican Party had every intention of inviting Dr. Paul to speak and had been trying to get in touch with him to do just that. She told me, “I don’t have access to Rand Paul. I’d been trying to get him to return my call and finally got the office yesterday. I spoke to the chairman.”

I asked her, “David Adams? The campaign manager?”

Walbert said, “Yes, David Adams, and he tore into me. I don’t believe I have ever been talked as rough to.”

Walbert told me that she extended the invitation for Dr. Paul to speak and Adams told her, “Only after you have met our requirements.” He then asked that Dr. Paul be given equal time to speak and equal billing with Trey Grayson. Walbert reports that she told Adams that Dr. Paul could have equal time but that the tickets had already been printed. She told me that Adams asked her if she would have new tickets printed and she said, “No.”

February 25, 2010, Columbia, Kentucky, Adair County Townhall Meeting referred to by Rand Paul as a “fundraiser.”  You may recall that I had a few words regarding what Rand Paul reportedly said, “I’ll tell you one thing, your county party sure isn’t very friendly. In fact, in a few weeks you’re having a Lincoln Dinner, and Trey Grayson is the Keynote Speaker and I’ve not been invited.”

February 26, 2010, Shelbyville, Kentucky, Shelby County Lincoln Dinner. Apparently, Rand Paul was previously invited to this dinner, but there is no mention on his website calendar that I have been able to find saying he was to speak at the event. According to reports, Grayson apparently took issue with Rand Paul’s stance on the Gitmo issue which resulted in some heated defensive remarks by Paul.

The first time this kind of thing happens, one could say he was nervous.  The second time, you might say he was trying to be funny.  The third time, you realize there is no excuse.  The fourth time, you realize he has an anger management problem.

This behavior pattern follows a trend.  Rand Paul is showing his childish side by responding as he has over at least these four appearances.  And this by a man who wants Kentucky voters to think him mature enough to be a US Senator.  He may have a good coach in misbehavior; his campaign manager, David Adams.

Boys, it is time for you to grow up.  This is only the end of February.  There are still too many weeks left before the May 18 primary for you to be carrying on this way.

Oh my goodness, what a horrible thought!  If Rand Paul behaves this way at his attempts to alienate voters in Kentucky, how is he going to react when he loses the primary?  How is David Adams going to react?  Actually, I don’t know.  And I don’t really care.  They have already exhibited all the voters in Kentucky need to know…



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*** UPDATE ADDED 3/1/10 ***

“A Patriotic Nurse” added another event to the series I have listed above.  It seems at an event on February 28, Rand Paul, vote destruction extraordinaire, struck again.  This time he slapped the Oldham County Republicans at their Lincoln Day Dinner.  I would urge you to read the entire posting as it contains some very solid information about why voters are rushing to the Bill Johnson camp.  It has to do with the way he shows them the respect they deserve by respecting himself as he does.

I just simply could not let the opportunity pass to reiterate why I wrote this article in the first place.  Rand Paul is a self-destructing candidate with a serious desire to drive voters away from his campaign.

Paul said at the event last evening, “I’d like to say that I’m happy to be here but the fact is that I’d prefer to be back at home with my family and that it’s been a real grind to have to go to all these Lincoln Day Dinners.”



  1. Kudos, another home run!!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you think so.


  2. Thanks RD,
    You Rock…..
    Like it or not Rand Paulers,,,
    Facts is Facts,,, But they don’t know what truth looks like. They see the Truth from Bill Johnson, and because the light of truth exposes their Deficiencis, they say we are Liars…..
    Sounds very much like the Liberal technique to me…. Wonder if RP learned all these Wonderful Washington Insider Techniques from his dad or did he just Grow into them on his own????
    I haven’t seen so much Wishy Washy since I toured the Chinese Laundry.

    • Pretty sad, isn’t it, Mr. Fishback? Thank you for you comment!


  3. I hear it now RP is cryin and probably acting in the manner in which Reid says “Men” act when unemployed. :o)!
    No need to make the effort to make the case for a stable personality here. We already now about Bill Johnson. But, you can learn more at

  4. I have visions of Rand Paul lying on his stomach, pounding his fists and feet onto to floor screaming, “I want my daddy!” Not a pretty site…


  5. Gosh Red, it looks like the “Wow’s” are on a roll tonight!! :o)

    • Yes, it does. But then, is that news where the Paul campaign is concerned?


  6. Wow, Great job.. This is the typical Rand Klan Arrogance we will be seeing more of as time goes by. It is Obvious the stress is gettting to Randi and if he cant handle this stress- how is he going to handle the stress in DC? Maybe that is why he supports legalizing Marijuana.

  7. From original post on “Mommy”

    As an active participant in national security matters, I will reiterate my personal assessment of Rand Paul’s fitness to serve as a United States Senator. Based upon my knowledge and assessments his character, demeaner, and conduct since last May, I believe Rand Paul is incapable of properly and responsibly serving the best interests of the nation and Kentucky.
    I call upon Rand Paul to end his campaign forthwith and with all personal humility.
    Failure to responsibly terminate his fatally flawed candidacy will invariably result in two things.
    First, the Democrats want the open Senate seat and will spare no quarter in the general election to win it. The Herald-Leader and Courier-Journal will publish every bit of Ron and Rand Paul’s ties to Stormfront, David Duke, Campaign for Liberty, Liberty Tree and Liberty Forest as well as the ammo and fodder he is providing to be used against him daily. It will be a political shark feeding frenzy he will not be able to withstand.
    He will lose.
    This is why they are building him up as a media “darling” in the primary. They are, by the way, the liberal, progressive media setting up their “darling” for later sacrifice.
    Get it? Got it? Good!
    Secondly, he will consequently flush in excess of $2 million of others’ money.
    Dr. Paul, Kentucky is owed the dignity and respect of an respectable Senate Republican race between honorable candidates Johnson and Grayson.
    Your supporters, your staff, and you are solely responsible for tragically conducting an incompetent and self-centered, megalomanic, and delusional campaign.
    It’s never been about you, Rand Paul. It’s always been about the Commonwealth and the national interests, the people’s business and the uncertain future of our families.
    You chose to make it about you, Rand, all about you. Only about you.
    As a result, you have irrevokably breeched the public trust.
    That, Rand Paul, is inexcuseable. You have forfitted your opportunity.
    At least you’ll have a lucrative job to return to.

  8. Super job Diva! It reads like a novel! Hard to deny the pattern of behavior now!

  9. I love the way you connected the dots! Bad manners is inexcusable! I want a public servant not an ego tripping foolish child like display of bad manners and strong armed tactics to be elected ! Great job you did here.

    • Thank you, Geketa. I agree with you. When I was a little girl, my mother used to turn to me just before we got out to go in the store, church or wherever, and she would say, “Mind your manners.” I think perhaps Rand Paul’s mother should have said that more to him.


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