Posted by: reddiva | March 3, 2010

With Friends Like These…

I have watched with much interest the objection raised by Senator Bunning of Kentucky to the Senate Jobs Bill, HR 2847.  The Democrats in the Senate tried to focus the attention on what they called “Bunning’s Filibuster.”

The argument over whether or not Senator Bunning was actually making a filibuster move is irrelevant.  The only time a liberal even appreciates the word is when it is being used by “one of them.”

Senator Bunning was not objecting to providing for the unemployed by extending their unemployment insurance and saving COBRA insurance plans.  All he was trying to do is arrange different and better financing for the payment into this fund.  Senator Bunning wanted the money to come from already approved so-called stimulus funds.  The Democrats and other liberals in the Senate wanted to borrow more money adding to our already astronomical national debt.

That’s it.  Plain and simple.  So then why did Senator Bunning not gain the support of his “friends” considered to be conservatives in the Senate?

There are 100 Senators who occupy seats with voting rights in the US Senate.  This cloture vote forced by soon-to-be-ex-Senator Harry Reid required three-fifths or 60 votes to pass.  Cloture was invoked with a vote of 62-30.

Naturally, of the 59 Democrats and Independents, only Ben Nelson (D-NE) voted NO.  Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) did not vote.  Of the 41 remaining Republican Senators that would under normal circumstances be considered conservative, four voted YES (Scott Brown – MA, Susan Collins – ME, Olympia Snowe – ME, and  George Voinovich – OH) while seven did not vote.

Seven Republican Senators DID NOT VOTE on this important CLOTURE vote.

Jeff Sessions – AL

John Isakson – GA

Sam Brownback – KS

Richard Burr – NC

Bob Bennett – UT

Orrin Hatch – UT

Mike Enzi – WY

That NO VOTE from these seven Senators is the same thing as Obama voting PRESENT in my mind.

Had Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and George Voinovich voted as Republicans and those eight weak-kneed Senators (including Frank Lautenberg – NJ) used the courage to vote NO, the total vote would have been 58-42 and Cloture would not have been invoked.

Instead, Senator Bunning learned a hard lesson.  With friends like these in the US Senate, it is well that he is not seeking re-election this year.

Only one question remains.  How many of those 77 Senators who voted YES or did not even bother to vote at all are going to be looking for a new job when their next election date arrives?



  1. “What goes around comes around!”

    Karma: The doctrine of karma states the implications for ethics is that freely chosen and intended moral acts inevitably entail consequences. It is impossible to escape these consequences.
    Each person, accordingly, has the final responsibility for his own salvation and the power of free will with which to choose good or evil.

  2. The problem with this post is the 62-30 vote on the jobs bill was diffrent than the tax extenders which Bunning had objected too. The majority of the Senators listed actually voted in favor of waiving the budget act, in order to vote for what Sen. Bunning wanted. Of course the Democrats defeated it. I dont disagree with what your saying on the jobs bill, but just wanted to get the details out there.

    • Yes, John, you are right, but I don’t think I made any reference to the actual vote on the amendment that was eventually introduced by Senator Bunning. If I did, I did not mean to. I was merely trying to point out how the vote went on the CLOTURE. If I am correct, the cloture vote came AFTER Senator Bunning was allowed to introduce his amendment regarding paying for this extension of benefits.

  3. John, you left without saying good-bye. That’s no way to treat a lady!


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