Posted by: reddiva | March 4, 2010

Looking Down His Nose at Kentucky

From the very first time a Bill Johnson supporter sent me this picture, I have been angry at the mob-like figure in the black suit on the left of this shot.  Who does he think he is looking down his nose at a citizen?

This man is Dan Mongiardo, presently the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.  He is a Democrat who is running for the same US Senate seat Bill Johnson is seeking as a Republican.  Mr. Johnson is the man on the right.

Those of us outside Kentucky are probably not aware of a radio talk show host named Leland Conway, but he is becoming more familiar to me as I have become involved in the Johnson campaign.  Mr. Conway makes a great deal of sense in his political commentary many times.

Today, Mr. Conway has put into words for his Kentucky listeners what I have been thinking by posting on his website the same photograph with this caption:  “U.S. Senate Candidate telling big government to stand down!”

I would like to correct one statement made on Mr. Conway’s website.  The Rand Paul campaign DID NOT organize the rally.  They only provided signs for everyone to hold at the rally.  I got notice of the Johnson campaign planning to organize in support of Senator Bunning in opposition to Mr. Mongiardo’s own planned protest against Senator Bunning LONG before I saw anything about it at all on either the Rand Paul website or David Adam’s Facebook page.

In Mr. Conway’s opinion, this picture is “worth a thousand words.”  I couldn’t agree more.



  1. Yes he does appear as a “mobster” and the other one [Paul] is playing “mobster type” games, this is not what we want in KY. DC is already full of “Liars and Cheats” why on earth would the good people of the great commonwealth of KY send another to add to the stock already there. Bill Johnson is clearly the ONLY man in this race with DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY…for that he will get my vote!

  2. Question:
    Was Rand even there at this rally, I keep hearing about his supporter and about David Adams but where was Rand?

    • Excellent point, Mr. Fishback! Rand Paul cares so much about the people of Kentucky that he took this opportunity to…. stay home.


      • Mr. Fishback, lol, they would have you believe that he was hard at work operating and doing what he does best! I saw him this past Sunday and by the looks of him, he was worn out, grayish in color and really didn’t want to attend the Oldham Co. Linconl Day Dinner! I sure wouldn’t want him operating on my family or myself nor would I let any doctor for that matter!

  3. You tell ’em Bill!!

  4. The liberal in the fancy suit will vote to take the money of hard working Kentuckians while looking down his nose at them. Typical.

    • Yeah, he looks like that type!

  5. Rand has now twice blown off Pike County, too. Some friend of coal.

    Mongiardo was overheard talking to his staff,”Unfunded mandates?” I thought you said “unfunded man-dates!”


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