Posted by: reddiva | March 4, 2010

Truth, Justice, and the Libertarian Way

When I was a child, this is what Superman looked like to me.  He represented all that was true; all that was just; all that was the American Way.

It seems Superman’s way has been replaced by The Libertarian Way.   My colleague, Lisa Graas, has hit another homerun with her latest article about the way “the dark side” does business.  I invite you to read her entire article – it is well worth your time.

Ms. Graas published this screen shot of their plans for astro-turfing the Louisville debate on March 17 sponsored by the MRWC.  True to their under-handed methods, this page and several others have been made private too late for word to get out.

How can people who consider themselves knowledgeable on the issues of any election even consider maintaining this kind of hypocrisy?

I had suspected that the Grayson camp is also doing a little astro-turfing on their own.  It seems the plan would be to keep as many Bill Johnson supporters out of the debate arena as possible.

Just a gentle reminder for those who try to cheat their way into false appearances:  the best laid schemes of mice and men sometimes go awry.



  1. Bill is used to all sorts of blockades being thrown at him. We’ll follow his example and maintain course. I did advise the coordinator. She understood the problem. Perhaps there is a plan to prevent this from succeeding.
    Hold on. Aren’t half of Rand Paul’s supporters registered “other than Republican”?
    How funny. 1/2 can’t even vote! He’ll bring in “outsider” spring breakers to shove aside Kentucky supporters too “dumb” to know what’s happening. Add to that the multiple Paul supporter reports that they are getting fed up with that campaign and are ready to side with Bill and you have a serious campaign problem. Top it off with David Adams demotion to bus boy in Oldham County! SWEEET!

  2. Addendum to comment above:
    I sent the screen shot featured in your blog about the Randulon plans to the debate coordinator, Ms. Julie Hinson.
    While she may not be in a position to limit the number of tickets per candidate I imagine that, by the time May 17 rolls around, almost everybody in the auditorium will be aware of this scheme.
    Once again the Randulons will have besmearched their candidate’s reputation and lack of fair play tactics.
    Oh well. They’re meant for each other.


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