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Voting Women Will Remember

There’s an old saying that there are three ways to get the word out about something – whether or not you want the word to get out:

  1. Telegraph
  2. Telephone
  3. Tell a Woman

Rand Paul, I’m putting you on notice.  Voting women in Kentucky will remember this.

An organization called the Metropolitan Republican Women’s Club, MRWC, in Louisville, Kentucky, had scheduled a public forum to present the three leading primary candidates for the Senate to assume the people’s seat currently held by Kentucky Senator Bunning who was forced into retirement by Kentucky’s other Senator, McConnell, in favor of his heir-apparent, Trey Grayson.

All three of the Republican candidates had confirmed the engagement to be held on March 17 this year.  Suddenly, things started going awry.  On March 4, Rand Paul’s only arm, David Adams, left a message on the voice mail of the chairman of the event saying that Mr. Paul was not going to show up after all.

After advertising was done, tickets were sold, hard work done by these Republican women for many months to plan this event, it begins to fall apart just a few days before the event was to be held.  They had no option other than to cancel the event after a second candidate, Bill Johnson, announced that he was ceasing his campaign.

On February 18, 2010, Ms. Julie Hinson had sent a letter of confirmation to all the candidates.  Thirteen days later, Paul responded to that letter that he was withdrawing from the event.  Ms. Hinson said, “It would have been a simple, common courtesy to at least advise of a misunderstanding, disagreement, scheduling conflict, or whatever reason immediately upon receipt of the (confirmation) letter…”

Well, Ms. Hinson, I want to do my part in helping you get the word out, so I am printing a portion of the letter I received from you when you returned the check I had sent you to pay for my ticket to the event.

For your information, my records indicate that on December 21, 2009, during a telephone conversation, David Adams confirmed that Rand Paul would participate in the MRWC Public Forum on March 17, 2010, in Louisville.  I then followed up on this discussion with a detailed letter dated February 18, 2010.  I not only mailed this letter to the Paul headquarters, but I hand delivered the letter to the candidate at the Jefferson County Lincoln Dinner on that date.  I spoke with Rand Paul personally and he never gave any indication whatsoever that he would not attend.  My confirmation letter was abundantly clear that Paul and 3 other candidates had committed to participate in the event.

KFRW is a strong force statewide in electing Republican candidates at all levels and has played an important role for over 50 years.  Women voters are a majority of the electorate, and we are saddened by Dr. Paul’s failure to recognize our entire organization’s importance in the election process.  Ladies, we need to remember Rand Paul’s SNUB!  Actions speak louder than words!

I have personally made no secret of the fact that even though Bill Johnson is no longer actively campaigning for the US Senate for Kentucky, he is STILL my candidate.  He is STILL the most conservative candidate; and he is STILL the best candidate for the position.  His name will STILL be on your Republican Primary ballot on May 18, and I have no doubt there are STILL many Kentucky voters who will vote for him.

If there can be campaigns to draft a candidate to run for President in 2012, I have no doubt there can be an effort to elect Bill Johnson whether or not he is actively seeking the position.  Since I can’t vote in Kentucky anyway, I can support the candidate of my choice even if he isn’t running.

So take that, Rand Paul!  You may find yourself looking in from the outside after the votes are counted in May.  Got your plans made to return all that money to all the out-of-state donors, David?  Better get started – May will be here before you know it.



  1. This “elephant” won’t be forgetting either…..


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