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One Nation Divisible…

My colleague, Lisa Graas, wrote a couple of interesting pieces recently regarding what may be Civil War II.  The first one posted on March 26 asked a simple question and contains only two editorial statements.  She asks, “What’s with all this talk of civil war?” and “We do live in interesting times, do we not?”  The remainder of that article is links to other recent writing regarding civil upheaval.

Is it just a case of a bad choice of words?  Probably, but not on Ms. Graas’ part.

She followed with an update on March 27.  If you think Ms. Graas is promoting or suggesting interest in another civil war like the one from the 1860’s, I would offer this paragraph from her follow-up article:

There are conservative blogs all across the blogosphere with images of the Constitution, glorifying the Founding Fathers, calling for us to “take our country back”, etc.  This is all well and good and, believe me, I understand that our President and the Congress are governing far to the left.  All of us on the right are appalled.  I am no exception.  But when you go around talking about civil war, you need to take a deep breath and really think about what you’re saying.  “We the People” includes liberals, whether we like it or not.  We are all Americans, even if some among us have adopted ideas that can be construed as being anti-American.  The Republic is indeed groaning under the weight of a socialist agenda, but our Constitution no longer looks like it did during the time of the founding of our country or of the Civil War………….and that is a good thing.  I’ve been hearing calls to repeal the 14th Amendment and the 17th Amendment.  What’s next?  The 19th Amendment that gave ME the right to vote?  Don’t tread on me.

Perhaps articles like this one found in the Albany, NY, Times Union helps to explain how Ms. Graas is correct by stating that people everywhere are talking about civil war.  Why doesn’t it say, “Men are leaving the Democratic Party?”  “Women still support…”

Why do you think there are people who seem intent on dividing us as a nation at this perilous time when we need to be standing together?  Articles such as this one are purely racially oriented and intended to incite one group of people against another.  This is a bad mistake.

If you were born in the United States or if you were born on any American soil anywhere in the world of two American citizen parents, you are an American.  No hyphenation is required or warranted.  If like Obama you were born with dual citizenship, the only thing you cannot do constitutionally is the very thing he has done – hold the highest office in the land.

What does my citizenship have to do with my race?  Not a darned thing!  What does Obama’s position have to do with his race?  Everything!  That is why he was elected.  Everyone including Al Sharpton has weighed in on why Obama was elected.  Sharpton’s opinion is that the American people wanted Socialism so they voted for a Socialist.  At least that is what he says today.  Why then did the Obama campaign expend much effort to avoid any connection to Sharpton in 2008?

And what made it right for Harry Reid to use racial terms to refer to Obama only to have the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and even Obama himself defend Reid’s comment?

Do a quick and simple Google search using the keywords “voted for Obama because he is black” and see what you come up with.  Then tell me there are not people in high places in the lame-stream media and the blogosphere who are doing everything they possibly can to divide Americans along racial lines.

There are many fights WE THE PEOPLE must win in America today and this fight for racial division is right up there at the top.  We must not let people tell us we are different.  We all bleed red blood.  We go to sleep when we are tired; we eat when we are hungry; we laugh at something funny; we cry at something sad; we love our families and friends.  Where does it say that we do all those things because we are one race or another?

If there must be another civil war to right the wrongs in this country, then let it be a political civil war rather than a racial civil war.  Let us fight together – ALL races of peoples in America – to rid our nation of the demagoguery which has overrun Washington, DC.  For the cause of our Republic, we must stand and fight but let us use our words and our votes – the heartiest of weapons – rather than our Second Amendment freedom.

There is a major difference between physically killing a person and politically killing a person yet each of those has the same effect – demise.  Anyone who takes another life physically should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.   The one who politically kills a dysfunctional Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor, City Manager, Sheriff, or County Surveyor should be celebrated because he used the most powerful weapon he owns to defeat that politician – his vote.

That is the correct and proper way to rid our nation of the Socialist/Marxist tide we find ourselves in today.  VOTE THEM OUT! Send them home in their own private vehicles.  Let them not pass GO or receive $200. Go straight home!  And yes, I suspect some of them SHOULD go straight to Jail!

Show them who the boss is – WE THE PEOPLE.

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