Posted by: reddiva | April 19, 2010

No Patience with Spammers or Liars

I have lost all patience, if I ever had any to begin with, with the Libertarian lies being forced upon normal everyday people who want nothing more than to select the candidate of their choice and vote for him.

The lies started in earnest a few years ago with Granddaddy Paul’s run for President as a Libertarian.  He realized what a poor showing he made and recognized the fact that it is because the American people do not respond to his socially liberal policies.  Exactly why he returned to the Republican Party.  Also why his bouncing baby boy, Randy, is running as a Republican – because he knows he would never win running as a Libertarian.

NEWS FLASH! He isn’t going to win running as a Republican either, but don’t tell him and his socially liberal out-of-state supporters!  You see, they don’t know the reality of American politics yet.

And now because they are losing supporters over the lately revealed tax problems of the Paul campaign in Kentucky, losing supporters over the fact that the truth about Paul is getting out, losing supporters because of their rudeness and atrocious behavior in public and on social networks, they’ve resorted to using more lies with a softer touch.

Mommy explains it all – with illustrations.

**  UPDATE  **

Speaking of liars and spam, look what just showed up in my inbox!

The Neo-Con establishment is pulling out all the stops to beat Rand.

First, Dick Cheney endorsed his opponent. Next, Rick Santorum. And today, Mr. Big Government Republican himself is slithering into the race.

That’s right. Rudy Giuliani has stuck his beak into Rand’s race, endorsing his opponent and blaming Rand for being part of the “blame America” crowd. Disgusting.

I am sure you remember my famous dust-up with old Rudy during the second presidential debate in 2007… [need a good laugh? – RD]

The DC big government establishment is proving that they will pull out all the stops to defeat Rand. Quite simply, they can not stand the thought of a real, Constitutional conservative in the United States Senate and they will scorch the earth to try and keep Rand out.

Rand has a plan, is winning and will stay the course if we come together and make sure his campaign is fully funded.

Rand needs to raise at least $100,000 to double his television buy this week so he can get his positive message into every home in Kentucky. Can you help?

The grassroots is having a Money Bomb today for Rand. Let’s make this one to remember so we can push back against the Neo-Cons!

Please consider making a contribution right away at… [ oops, I must have forgotten to copy the link! – RD]

Timing is critical. There are only 29 days left until Election Day in Kentucky. If we come together, I know we can win. Please send your contribution today.

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  1. You’re delusional beyond all belief. Hope some family has you on suicide watch for May 18th: when double-digits-ahead Rand Paul coasts to victory.

    • Nah.. they trust me more than that. By the way, the forecasters are predicting a 60% chance of rain showers and or thunderstorms for your part of Georgia today. Be sure to take your umbrella.



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