Posted by: reddiva | April 20, 2010

Live and Onstage

The Department of Homeland Security views me as a possible terrorist.  Why?  Because I do not agree with the liberals, Marxists, and Socialists in Washington.  Because I am a member of the so-called “radical right.”   If you would rather have me than this person who is literally suggesting what could be interpreted as violence – this person talking with a friend about “their movement” – here I am.  Come get me.

Both of these people are actively seeking office in our nation’s government.  OMG.  We’re in BIG trouble if either one or, God forbid, both of them are elected.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the REAL radical right – Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh!



  1. Diva,
    This is a fine job at articulating an argument against Rand’s campaign. Unlike others whom seem to on the anti Rand band wagon.
    So now can we see a nice detailed outline of the “Radicals” that Grayson hangs with and professes to be able to work with please?
    After all you are interested in the truth regardless as to where it takes you right?
    Tides foundation, Van Jones, National Focus on the Nation Event group and their “Radical” agenda. Dig up some of the “Clubs” Grayson was a or is a member of from his Harvard years.
    I am sure someone with your skill sets could do a fine job. Thanks Diva I look forward to your fair and Balanced Expose’ of Grayson.

    • Chris, I appreciate your comment. However, while in my opinion – and yours – Grayson may not be a “choir boy” he is not the same kind of threat to the American way of life that Ron and Rand Paul are. The threat they pose to our society is the kind of “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing” that hides behind the value the American people place on our freedom.

      If you will notice I have been very careful about writing in support of Trey Grayson. While you specifically mention his Harvard years, the Paul attacks on our social freedoms are happening now. Their goal is to make the Republican Party into the Libertarian Party. In their eyes the Libertarians would then be acceptable – nothing in my view can make the Libertarians acceptable!

      You will not see what you call the “fair and balanced expose of Grayson” that you would like to see on this site. Sorry to disappoint you.


  2. Diva, you can lead a horse to water….but you can’t convince people to be true to their own professed objections to Rand Paul of six months duration.
    Claiming Grayson somehow committed cardinal errors years ago and judging him by those transgressions now while ignoring the serious character flaws of Rand Paul’s is absurd.
    Grayson was like a disobedient puppy who has grown into a well mannered adult dog. I know his family and him well enough to make this observation.
    Rand Paul was like a docile puppy who followed in his father’s shadow obediently who has evolved into a rabid dog.
    Symptoms of rabies are not apparant for 7-8 days post infection. An election of Rand Paul would be like day 1 of a rabies infection. By then it will be too late for the Kentucky GOP and we will suffer the consequences some time afterwards.
    I know Rand Paul far too well, regrettably.
    But, who am I anyway? Just one man, one vote.

    • Interesting analogy, David.


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