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I have been away from my computer quite a bit today, so I missed this important update.

Hat Tip: Mommy

Check out the Kokesh website.  Under the tab that says “MORE,” you’ll find a label marked “ENDORSEMENTS.”  Proof positive that not only Ron Paul but also Rand Paul endorses Kokesh.  Rand can’t say any longer that he is not a Libertarian!

A Message from Rand Paul

The liberty movement is lucky to have Adam Kokesh.

Fearless,  not afraid of Big Government, Adam stands for the individual.

Adam remembers not only the sacrifice of our forefathers but the ideas they stood for.

I wish Adam Kokesh the best of luck.

– Rand Paul

Ron Paul Endorses Adam Kokesh for Congress

LAKE JACKSON, Texas–Congressman Ron Paul today endorsed Adam Kokesh, Republican candidate for Congress in New Mexico’s third district.

Said Dr. Paul, “Adam Kokesh has been a tremendous supporter of mine. Now, it is time for me to support him.

“As a fellow Veteran, Adam understands the many challenges facing our brave men and women in Uniform and the steps we must take to strengthen our national defense.

“Adam Kokesh has dedicated his life to fighting for Liberty. He has set himself apart as one of the bold young leaders our Country sorely needs as we strive to restore our Freedoms and what has made America the greatest nation in history. I am very happy that Adam has decided to run for Congress and wholeheartedly endorse him.”

Congressman Paul’s endorsement comes through his Liberty PAC, a Republican leadership PAC committed to supporting Liberty minded candidates across the country.

Said Liberty PAC director Jesse Benton, “Adam Kokesh is a terrific candidate who is going to ask tough questions like: ‘Why is Ben Lujan voting to run up crushing budget deficits?’, ‘Why has he allowed President Obama to expand the war in Afghanistan?’, and, ‘Will Ben Lujan stand up for the rights of his constituents and work to reform the Patriot Act?’ The constituents of New Mexico’s 3rd district deserve answers to these questions. Adam Kokesh will hold Mr. Lujan accountable.”



  1. I’m an atheist who opposes the Iraq War because I believe killing in general is wrong. I believe that Christians who cheer the war on are hypocrites. However I am willing to make a deal. I’ll go to church on Sunday. I’ll accept Christ as my savior. All you have to do is renounce the Iraq war as immoral. Isn’t my soul worth saving?

    • Yes, Dan, your soul is worth saving, but I am not the one who can save it. I can’t do anything that will help you in that situation. Only Jesus Christ can save your soul – and He doesn’t make deals!



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