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“I Need You To Do Something For Me.”

Imagine this scenario if you can.  You are sitting at your desk finishing the last of the stack of papers on your desk one Friday afternoon just before time to go home.  The telephone rings.

You answer, “John Q.”

It’s your supervisor, Stu Pidd.  You grit your teeth to put a smile in your voice because he has been with the company for so many years even though you and most of the other members of your particular work group are much better workers than he is.  You know he has lost touch with the real world of his business because all he does now is sign orders.

“John, I need you to do something for me,” he says rather quietly into the phone.

“Yessir.  What can I do?”

“John, I want you to come to my office and get a list of all the people we have fired from this company in the last 20 years for insubordination and failure to comply with company policy. I want you and the rest of our group to personally round them all up and give them back their keys to the front door.  Their health insurance will be free; we’ll see to it that they are paid the same salary you are plus free grocery cards every month.  They will automatically be vested in the profit sharing and pension plans totally paid by the company.”

“But Mr. Pidd,” you say.  “They were all kicked out for very good reasons.  Many of them showed up, collected their paycheck, changed the calendar page on their desk calendars, signed their benefits packages and left work to go back home.”

“I know, John, but what is important is that we have always tried to give the appearance of having open doors at this company, and I want us to live up to that.  It’s the right thing to do.  I’m sure they have done more to benefit this company than you realize,” says your supervisor.  Besides – it’s what I want, John.”

“You don’t understand, Mr. Pidd.  Some of these people have brought drugs into this office.  Some of them have stolen office supplies and money from petty cash.  These are not the kinds of people my co-workers and I want to be around us.”

He isn’t listening to you.  He hangs up the phone and turns it off.  You try protesting, but you know it will do no good.  You even try to rally your co-workers and go to see him, but his secretary tells you he is not in his office.  Your and your co-workers try after the weekend as well, but she continues to tell you that he isn’t in his office.  You know better because you just saw him walk in the door.  It is obvious that he isn’t going to listen to you and has no intention of doing so.  He just doesn’t care what you think.

You write him letters telling him that you were the ones who recommended him for his job.  You even go so far as to tell him that you and your co-workers will do everything they can to see that he is fired from his job if he continues with this ridiculous suggestion.  Still, he ignores you.

I guess I am more transparent than our Congress is.  You have already figured out the subject of this drivel for today, haven’t you?  Immigration reform that includes amnesty.

Obama is determined.  The Democrats are determined.   One even told Obama that he’ll tell all Hispanics to stay home in November and don’t go to the polls.  I hope he does, and I hope they listen to him.

People, we simply cannot allow this to happen to the land we call America.  Our Homeland!  Our Nation!  They want the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to become the back door for ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PRESENTLY IN THE UNITED STATES.

On April 3, Diggers Realm published a story saying that 23 possible Somali terrorists are headed for the US Border.  They are probably here by now.

Here is a video purporting to show how 700 illegal aliens crossed our borders in only one month at only one location.

There is also this report which “centers around how the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Council of La Raza (can you say George Soros?- RD) and other groups made a coordinated effort to silence those who are calling for immigration enforcement and oppose amnesty, by shutting down legitimate debate through their “We Can Stop the Hate” campaign.”

Even a poll by liberal lamestream media, CNN says that “66% of Americans don’t want to make it easier for illegal aliens to gain citizenship.”

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has a good list of Legislative Updates.  Bookmark it and refer to it often so that your letters to your Senators and Representatives can contain the most up-to-date information … you know… just in case they don’t bother to read these bills either!

* *  UPDATE  * *  4/23/10 – Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer signed the controversial immigration bill into law today at a press conference in Phoenix.  Earlier, Obama had voiced strong opposition to the Arizona Immigration Bill.  He didn’t want an individual state to address the issue, I suppose, because it means that he will not be able to control immigration through the Arizona border.

Needless to say, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (ILL) will not be happy about this.

Oh well!



  1. Great post. Amnesty will do more damage to this country than the Civil War did and we have to stop it. It was terrifying when a few years ago George W. was coming down on the side of the invasion force from the south, and even McCain. Republicans had better get themselves straight on this issue: cheap labor is not worth destroying our culture and heritage, not by a long shot. Here’s my response to the open border

    • My apologies, sasoc. It is my policy to not publish live links in the comments. I left as much of your link as possible.


  2. One need only research La Raza and the Reconquista movement to understand their position that the may have lost the battle for the Southwest US states but they fully intend to win the war.
    Not only that but by extending the placement of illegals as far as Maine and Florida, their goal is to win the entire country for Mexico.
    Couldn’t happen? They’re doing good job right now. The trigger is amnesty, overwhelming control of the Democrat Party, obliterating the influence of the GOP, and instituting political control of Washington.
    Think years, friends, not months. These folks are really patient.
    Of course, in 40-50 years they’ll have to go head to head with the Muslims who are hell bent on Islamic world dominence.
    It’s not hard to grasp. Just look at comperable annual birth rates: 1.7 children per American family, 7.5 children per Muslim family, and 5.5 children per Hispanic family (numbers are approximate per my failing memory!)


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