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Guest Post: Climate, Finance and Joyce

Today I reprint with permission a guest post from my friend, Ginny.  Since I don’t watch Glenn Beck, I was still in the process of trying to digest all the information I was finding about the Joyce Foundation and the underlying aspects of corruption.  My friend, Ginny, is much more astute than I and put this together while I was basically twiddling my thumbs.  I added the links to give you as always something else to read if you are so inclined.  This will also help explain the push from Obama for “Cap and Tax”… I mean “Cap and Trade.”

Thank you, Ginny!

I hope everyone watched Glenn Beck on Monday at 5:00 PM (April 26).  Glenn says what he presented was NOT conspiracy but FACT!   So I researched these topics. This concerns both the “Climate Change Bill” AND the “Finance Reform Bill”.  Believe it or not they are tied together.

Back in 2005 there was a company started in Chicago called Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).  This is a Financial Institution and North America’s only cap and trade system for all 6 greenhouse gases.  Also related to this organization is the CCFE, Chicago Climate Futures Exchange.  These businesses are the prototype for the Climate Change Bill being debated in the Senate.  The CCX chairman and founder, Richard L. Sandor proclaims the organization is a $10 TRILLION a year market, selling carbon credits!!!!  That’s a lot of money by any standards.

How did CCX get started?  In 1999 a brilliant man by the name of Carlton Bartels invented a formula for climate exchange technology.  He attempted to patent his formula but was killed on 9-11-01.  Ironically, after 11-7-06 when the Democrats took the House and Senate, the patent was issued.  Mrs. Jane Bartels sold the technology before the patent was issued, to Fannie Mae via Franklin D. Raines.  Raines became famous, rather infamous for bundling bad mortgages at Fannie Mae.  He left Fannie Mae under investigation for fraud and corruption but not without profit!  In the six years he was CEO of Fannie Mae his compensation was reported at $91.1 million dollars which included $52.6 million in bonuses!!  For running the housing market in the ground and using our tax dollars as his own?  He is also eligible for 1.4 million in pension benefits 😦  Booooo  Again our tax dollars at work!!!   Fannie Mae still has ownership in the CO2e patent technology.  But Raines has taken his “bundling” expertise to CCX where he bundles carbon credits.

Going back to 2000, the Joyce Foundation (a philanthropic organization) gave the Kellogg Graduate School of Chicago a grant for $347,000 to research the ideas of cap and trade.  Again in 2001 they gave another grant totaling $760,000 to proceed with the design phase through 2002.  Why was The Joyce Foundation so generous to Dr. Sandor (founder of CCX and research professor at the Kellogg School)?   Dr. Sandor claims to be very good friends with Barack Obama who happened to be a board member of The Joyce Foundation.  By 2003 CCX launched trading operations with 13 member companies (who bought carbon credits).

Now I ask myself, “Why would a company voluntarily GIVE their money away?”  I haven’t learned WHY yet.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Have any of you ever tried to get a charitable donation out of a company?  So, I ask WHY?   In 2005 the European Climate Exchange was launched (ECX), now the dominate exchange operating in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.  Dr. Richard L. Sandor is also currently a director of American Electric Power.  Obama’s words ring in my head, “Electricity will necessarily sky rocket”.  Hum

Now in 2004, Al Gore and David Blood (previously Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs asset management) cofounded Generation Investment Management LLP (GIM).  GIM is headquartered in London, England.  Its mission is the integration, “sustainability” research into traditional investment methodologies (don’t ask me?).  Several executives and Partners are former employees of Goldman Sachs, Mark Ferguson, Peter Harris, and as mentioned, David Blood.  The Biggest money making potential, they discovered, is carbon trading.  Wow, who’d have guessed?  So in 2006 GIM bought 10% of CCX.  Goldman Sachs couldn’t be left out of a deal like that either so they bought a 10% share of CCX for $23 million.  CCX is a $10 TRILLION a year business!!  10% is a TRILLION a year for GIM and a TRILLION a year for Goldman Sachs “IF” Cap and Trade passes the Senate.  I wonder how much Fannie Mae will get?  What about Barack Obama, does he get a take?  After all, he helped start the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Oh, how does this tie in with Finance Reform?  Mr. Obama has to have a scapegoat (Goldman Sachs) for the American people so he’ll look good protecting them from the evil big banks.  Goldman doesn’t mind too much because they’re looking forward to that Trillion $ a year from CCX.  You see, Obama plans to follow up immediately with the Cap and Trade Bill (after all he’ll be an American hero by then).

Let’s look at the relationship of “Government Sachs”.   I read that Goldman Sachs is more of a political organization masquerading as an investment bank and they’re sitting at the table with top people in our government.  Former Goldman Sachs exec Henry Paulson led the Treasury Department when bail-out was first formulated in Sept. 08, and he appointed former Goldman VP Neel Kashkhari to oversee the $700 billion TARP fund.  Secretary Treasurer Timothy Geithner appointed Mark Peterson (a GS VP) as his aid and installed a circle of former Goldman bankers to help him navigate the country through the financial crisis.  We’ve always been told how smart Tim is.  Goldman employees contributed more money to the Obama presidential campaign than any other company ($980,945).  Goldman has more than 30 ex-government officials working as registered lobbyist on staff including former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO) to represent its interests on issues related to TARP.  Goldman Sachs is so intertwined with the Treasury that there are no independent voices in decision making any more.  The decision making is all being done by people who, one way or another, expect to make a lot of money.  But as we have noticed, government officials get into that too.

So what is the Finance Reform Bill all about?  Well it’s not just about banks.  It’s about CONTROL of all businesses.  It gives the Secretary of Treasury (which is the Executive Branch of Government) the power to “deem” a business insolvent.  By doing so the government fires the executives and can sell off the assets.  Why would the government want to do that?  As you recall, recently the Supreme Court said companies could (according to the First Amendment) sponsor ads that support a candidate or a policy.  Mr. Obama was not happy about that at all!  The Financial Reform Bill would threaten ANY business that went against this administration.  We can’t allow this bill to pass!

What were government SEC executives doing when they should have been doing their job of overseeing Wall Street?  They were spending their days watching porn on the government computers WE BOUGHT!   There were 30 top SEC people involved in this scandal and 17 of them took home a salary of over $100,000 a year!  What a disgrace!   Do they think about all the Americans who lost 40% or more of their retirement savings?  I doubt if they have given it a seconds thought.  What will their punishment be?  Similar to that of Franklin D. Raines when he was relieved of duty from Fannie Mae?  What a way to go, hah?  I want to DEMAND the firing of all 30 of these people without benefits!!!!  Do any of you think you could get away with this in your job?  I don’t think so either.  Government employees must be paid and treated more like the private sector, after all WE PAY THEIR SALARIES!!  The disparity is shameful!

Government has been so much involved in the financial breakdown of this country as any huge bank.  I ask that our Government, NO, I DEMAND that our government clean house!  This letter is going to my representatives.  Live free and unencumbered by our government. May God still bless our country and help us clean up the corruption.

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