Posted by: reddiva | April 29, 2010

Help for California

Don’t panic yet.  Hear me out.

I was listening to an American Grand Jury blog-talk radio program tonight.  One of the guests was a representative (sorry, I missed his name) of the California Taxpayer Revolution which sponsors the California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010.

They are in the process of gathering signatures to bring this initiative to a citizen’s vote.  Taxpayer Revolution aims to have these initiatives on the ballot for the November 2010 election.  I for one hope they succeed.

I will not bore you with numbers and percentages.  We hear information such as this on practically every newscast which features a story on California being broke and asking for help from the Socialists in Washington.

Suffice to say, illegal immigration is not merely a major problem for California – it is an inherent wound which cuts very deeply into the state budget every single day.

The highlights of the California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010 are these:

  • ADD 4, 5, or 6 years to the prison sentence for an illegal alien with a first time felony conviction.
  • TRANSFER to federal authorities ALL arrested for a second time felony and ALL previously deported illegal aliens who have reentered illegally.
  • RESERVE all federal and state public benefits for only lawful residents pursuant to 8 U.S.C. 1611 and 1621.
  • STOP 18 years of child-only WELFARE payments to those here illegally for a child born here. Program reduced to two year maximum.
  • REQUIRE applications for federal, state and local benefits submitted by those here unlawfully for a child born here to be reported to the United States Department of Homeland Security and when applying for a public funded birth delivery.

According to the Taxpayer Revolution website, “(T)he initiative can begin the dialogue that health care dollars are taken from citizens to fund “birth tourism” due to the automatic citizenship policy. Births to illegal migrants cost California $3 Billion or more annually with c-sections, premature delivery, and other medical complications. Sixty percent of the birth certificates in San Diego County do not have a parent’s SSN.”

I see this as a way to help California help itself out of some of their budget problems.  I think it is a good law and one that fulfills a definite need for California as well as the other 49 states in the United States.

I will post any updates when and if I receive them.  In the meantime, check out their website.  If you are a California citizen, maybe you can help with getting petitions signed or some other volunteer aspect of seeing this come to a vote in November.

Good job, Taxpayer Revolution!



  1. So goes California, so goes the country! I will be praying that this passes, thank you for this post Red!

    I can’t keep up with everything that’s goin’ on, it’s all over the place and movin’ fast, and you have been one of the key pieces that I can depend on to stay up to date with current events. Keep up the great work!

    • How very nice of you to say that. Thank you.


  2. Red, I’ve got a “cause” contact in California who I am going to share your site with – for ALL the things you inform us about.
    Thank you.

    • Robbie, I think our Senators and Congressmen should take a lesson from the people. We the people share ideas with each other. Washington only dictates! Big difference. If they won’t do it for us – we’ll just do it ourselves!

      Thank you for sharing. I am certain California Taxpayer Revolution will appreciate it very much! I appreciate it too. Thank you..


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