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Special Election and Primary Results: Georgia, Nebraska and West Virginia


This may not be 100% official because there are still several counties showing only 99% of the vote counted, but in Georgia’s Special Election to fill the US House seat for District 9 vacated by Nathan Deal, the apparent winner is Republican Tom Graves, a former State Representative.  I will wait for official word from the office of the Georgia Secretary of State, because it is possible that there will be a runoff on June 8 between Mr. Graves and Lee Hawkins, a former State Senator, depending on how the actual vote turns out.  I will confirm that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I think I see some runoffs in the making in West Virginia.  The good news is that on the Democrat side of this election, the incumbent for US House District 1, Alan Mollohan, has been defeated in the Primary by Mike Oliverio by approximately 8,000 votes.  No runoff here, though, with Mr. Oliverio taking 56% of the vote.

I expect a runoff between David McKinley and Mac Warner for the Republican nomination for the same District 1.  At the present time, Mr. McKinley has won 35% of the vote to Mr. Warner’s 27%.

The Primary for US House District 2 was uncontested on both the Democrat and Republican sides so the Republican incumbent, Shelley Moore Capito, will face Democrat Virginia Lynch Graf in November’s General Election.

In the 3rd Congressional District, Democrat incumbent Nick Joe Rahall II has defeated his challenger Bruce Barilla.  As of the time of this writing, it is unclear who Mr. Rahall’s Republican opponent will be in November.  With 93% of the vote counted, Elliott “Spike” Maynard has 30% of the vote, Marty Gearheart garnered 28% and Conrad Lucas II has 24%.  With only a 328 vote lead by Mr. Maynard over Mr. Gearheart there will surely be a runoff between these too.  I will wait for confirmation from the Secretary of States office to be certain.

Nebraska gives us a Democrat runoff looking toward November between Ivy Harper and Jessica Lynn Turek.  Both candidates have 37% of the vote for US House District 1.  All three Republican incumbents will move on to the November election; District 1 incumbent Jeff Fortenberry (83% of the vote), District 2 incumbent Lee Terry (64% of the vote), and District 3 incumbent Adrian Smith (88% of the vote).

I will post the update from all three elections tomorrow in this space.

**  UPDATE  **  11:30 AM CDT  May 12, 2010

So, I’m a little late.  Even old ladies need rest, right?

Georgia will have a runoff on June 8 in the Special Election for US House District 9 between Tom Graves and Lee Hawkins.  One of the candidates who was also seeking election, Dr. Bert Loftman, has withdrawn his campaign for the July regular Primary Election and thrown his support behind Tom Graves.  The Georgia Secretary of State website shows a county by county chart of the votes from yesterday’s special election.

The Nebraska Secretary of State website provides the vote totals that you can display by race, county, or office.  While I haven’t been able to see anything specific in writing from the Secretary of State page to agree with this, the KCAU-TV page is showing the Democrat Primary Election Winner to be Ivy Harper without a runoff.  The result reflected on The Green Papers website shows a “too close to call” race between Ivy Harper and Jessica Lynn Turek.  For what it’s worth, Ivy Harper’s FACEBOOK page has an announcement that she won, so I’ll go with that unless I find something different.

I am not able to find any information on the West Virginia Secretary of State website, but the Metro-News shows no runoff selections with Mike Oliverio winning the Democrat nomination for US House District 1 defeating incumbent Alan Mollohan set to run in November against the Republican nominee, David McKinley; District 3 – incumbent Nick Joe Rahall II as the Democrat nominee against Republican nominee Elliott “Spike” Maynard in November.  In my mind, the votes are not majority for the Republicans.  They show 35% for Mr. McKinley and 30% for Mr. Maynard.  The same results appear on The Green Papers website.  I will keep looking for a statement regarding a possible runoff.



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