Posted by: reddiva | May 12, 2010

Somebody is Finally Ready to Listen

I have no idea who thought this up, but it is an excellent idea.  Even our Republican Senators and Representatives have not always readily listened to us, so now that they are willing to listen, we must be ready to talk.  If it is on the subjects they choose, so what?  One at a time, we will hit the issues we have been trying to talk to them about for years without success.

Republican Whip Eric Cantor is publicizing this new program called “You Cut.” Watch this short video (1:58) then follow the link for your opportunity to speak out either online or by text on the issue that you would most like to see Congress stop funding.

The topics will change each week so we have an opportunity to speak directly to someone who is willing to listen.  If they stop listening or prove to us that they are not really listening, we will double our efforts to make them listen.

This is a good start.  Representative Cantor (R-VA7) is willing to listen so let’s talk to him, America!



  1. Great News to see that a Republican in Office really wants input, I hope everone uses this proposal

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