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The C.I.A. Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial

DAY FIVE SUMMARY on The Conservative

**Note:  I apologize for being so late posting this.  I have been very busy monitoring the primary elections in four of our states tonight.  Report on that to follow.**

**  UPDATE  ** 5/18/10

The verdict is in – the jury found Obama and Columbia University GUILTY of ALL CHARGES.

This is Day Five of the trial.  The entries do not time stamp, so I have no time sequence for you, but there seems to be some news this morning from the CIA Columbia Trial in New York.

The Conservative has these remarks sent from Steve Cooper’s cell phone:

Day 5 of the Columbia Trial, the jury will get the case shortly. Standby for more details. These comments are via cell phone.

Pastor Manning requests that the charge of sedition be re-instated. Approved by Judge Unger.

Pastor Manning states he was informed that a hit was placed on his life in Sept. 2009. Demands investigation by Justice D.

Pastor Manning states that Obama used a Kenyan passport to travel to Pakistan in 1981.

Pastor Manning “If a guilty verdict comes out of this church, it will rock the world.” – The Conservative Monster

DAY ONE SUMMARY from The Conservative

DAY TWO SUMMARY from The Conservative

DAY THREE SUMMARY from The Conservative

DAY FOUR SUMMARY from The Conservative

If you have been keeping up with Dr. Manning and the upcoming trial he is to hold beginning today in New York City, you know that the next five days are crucial to our Nation and our Republic.

I have heard that several people have had difficulty getting onto the Atlah Ministries Website to find some of the information they want.  Tonight, while the internet was relatively quiet, I copied the schedule of events for you.

14 May 2010 -We will meet at 9AM on 116th street and Broadway Avenue to march around Columbia University, then get on Downtown #1 Train to 96th street then crossover on the subway station to get to the uptown side and take the #2 train to 125th street, then walk down 2 blocks down to 123rd street, Prayer, Jury processing, swearing in of the judge, establishing the parameters of the case, setting voir dire

15 May 2010 – Opening Statements by the defense, prosecution, and judge, and registering evidence

16 May 2010 – Calling witnesses, present evidence

17 May 2010 – Calling witnesses, present evidence

18 May 2010 – Calling witnesses, present evidence

19 May 2010 – All evidence will be presented, jury will go out and comeback with a verdict



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  2. I wish the media would cover this. They have ‘selective’ coverage of everything.

    • Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

  3. It is a disservice to the American people for the mainstream media to ignore the trial. The only blurb I can find is an insulting bit from I guess Salon thinks it’s cute…

    • Dr. Manning has a brief synopsis of the day’s events, but that was all I have found. I heard there was a mention on WND – but I couldn’t find one. It’s frustrating, SCBarbara, but we have to keep trying.

  4. This is absolutely awesome!

    I am hoping some of you attending upload to YouTube the events happening in the street.

    C-Span should be covering this!

  5. Reddiva, try

    Steve Cooper is in the court room today (Saturday may 15) and posting messages

    • SCBarbara, I apologize to you. I do not publish live links in the comments. I saved as much of the link you included as possible. I hope you understand.

  6. Then fyi! Better remove the “.” after com!

    • Oops… I didn’t notice the “.” Thanks.. I also just saw another link I missed.. thank you..



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