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Fighting the Good Fight – TO WIN

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America…”

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There was a deeply detailed conversation going on, and I had to support my friend.  The more I read, the more convinced I became that there is more to the Libertarian Party than they are exhibiting publicly right now.  Here is the conversation with all names except my own removed.


I respect your decision on this – as if you need my approval – and you know that I support you. Even if it is only the two of us, we will fight the Libertarian takeover of the Republican Party with everything we have. Too many things of MAJOR importance to the survival of our nation depend on it.

Thanks, Red. I know you understand that we can’t lose the Republican Party to save the Republican party.


I am still trying to figure out why the Libertarians even WANT the Republican Party – they have their own party appropriately named the LIBERTARIAN PARTY.

Because they consider it to be an “empty vehicle” they can get into and change the values of. He says so in the first video in the most recent debate. This is why you won’t hear Sarah Palin talking about the platform anymore. How can she when she’s endorsed this man?

(A third person joined) Because they are a bunch of stoner leeches. Did I just say that outloud? D’oh!

Correction: Not “empty vehicle”. He said “empty vessel”. It’s in his response to the very first question.


I was going to respond but the more I wrote the more I knew I want to share this HERE rather than there.

I think it goes deeper than that.  I think they recognize that America is laughing at them because of their socially liberal platform.  I think they want credibility – the kind they can’t get in their own party.

I keep saying there is a major difference between a Libertarian and a libertarian.  A Libertarian has delusions of grandeur – a libertarian enjoys the freedom and liberty available in America.  I am a libertarian – I just don’t want babies killed, slavery reinstated, drugs legalized, gay marriage supported, and international flights stopped on the tarmac because there are people on board who are coming to America legally seeking a piece of the American dream for themselves – LEGALLY.

I want the leaks in the borders closed – not the borders themselves.  I am in favor of the Patriot Act because it protects my freedoms.  I support our troops and their heroism and willingness to defend the country our forefathers built.

If we in America are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights,” does that mean that we are the only people in the world that our Creator endowed these rights to?  I don’t think so.  I think He provided the same love of freedom and liberty in every person He created from Adam to the babies born in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or any other part of the world as I type this.

Earlier in the conversation a supporter of a Libertarian candidate in the Primary under discussion was trying to convince my friend that if she doesn’t vote for the Libertarian candidate, she will be wasting her vote.  What a ridiculous assumption.

Each citizen of the United States who is qualified to vote has one vote.  We are free to use that vote in whatever manner we choose – even if that means NOT VOTING AT ALL.  It does not mean that our vote is wasted.  All it means is that we have chosen to use our vote to vote for “none of the above.”

I have a very good friend – one of my very best friends since 1976 – who supports Obama.  You know that I do not agree with her.  We also do not argue about it because whether or not I like it is absolutely NOT the issue.  The issue is that she has the right to support the candidate of her choice just as I do.  So what if they are different candidates?  Does that mean that I am supposed to stop being her friend?  If that is what you think, you are badly mistaken.  Her friendship is worth much more to me than one solitary vote.  By the way, she chose not to vote in the 2008 presidential election even though she supported Obama.  That was her choice, and whether or not I approve, she has the right to make that decision.

Give that one a rest, Libertarians.  It doesn’t hold water.

I do not support not voting as a normal occurrence. Men and women have died to protect our right to vote, and I believe that we owe it to them to make the effort to vote either during an early voting period or on the actual day of the election.  Voting is a privilege and should not be taken lightly.

In every war that our military has fought since the Revolutionary War, there has been a battle plan of some sort.  These battle plans always include some form of intelligence – gathering information on the other side to give our side the edge in a particular battle or even the entire war.

Republicans, consider this your intelligence.  If you sit back and allow the Libertarians to overtake the Republican Party and rewrite the Republican Party Platform – or even one plank in that platform – you can not say you have not been told that it is planned, in the works, set as a primary goal by the opposing force.  In this case, that opposing force is the Libertarian Party with Ron Paul using all his influence behind them.

Ron Paul is as sly as a snake in the grass.  He lies there waiting quietly, patiently for his food and then lunges at it from his nearly invisible position.  Ron Paul’s “food” is the Republican Party.

There are enough people who have moved too far to the left within the Republican Party as it is.  That is the very reason so many real Republicans are determined to use their votes to kick out the garbage and elect new Conservative Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, etc.  They want the Republican Party to remain the Conservative voice it has been since Lincoln.  Libertarians do not.

In fact, Libertarians do not even respect Lincoln’s presidency much less his party.  That is the reason they want to “re-form” it.  There is a difference here, people, between re-forming and reforming.  They do not want to reform it – they want to RE-FORM it.  Remold it into their own image – their own party.  The socially conservative planks in the Republican Party Platform are the reason many people vote Republican to begin with.  Libertarians seek and in fact, demand, that those socially conservative planks be re-formed into socially liberal planks.

Fight the good fight, Republicans.  Regardless of which brand they use as candidates, Libertarians running as Republicans are RINOs just as much as Olympia Snowe or Charlie Crist.  Fight against the overtaking of the Republican Party while you still can.  Take up your arms – your votes – and vote for socially conservative as well as politically conservative candidates.

Republicans, you have been warned.



  1. Bravo, my dear friend. One of your best posts, EVER!

    • I’m blushing! Thank you, Crimefyter,my dear friend. I appreciate the kind words.


  2. I find it interesting that you claim the Patriot Act protects your freedoms? Should the criteria be that it protects just your freedoms, or should the standard for judgment be the protection of the freedoms of all Americans?

    Frankly, if we use the second criteria, I would suggest it attacks our freedoms. It certainly attacks the Bill of Rights, specifically the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments.

    And it’s not theoretical either. Check out … for some specific examples of the rights of American citizens being violated.

    • Marla Louise, I do not publish live links in the comments section of this blog.

      Yes, I believe the Patriot Act protects ALL CITIZENS’ FREEDOMS. A result of the Patriot Act which was a direct result of the killing of thousands of innocent Americans and legal immigrants plus international citizens who were in the US legally working and/or sent by friendly countries. was the airport security check.

      I look at it this way. You and I are on the same plane. Which of the following challenges your personal freedoms more:
      1. Taking our shoes off at the airport security checkpoint.
      2. Having those same shoes blown off your feet as the terrorist who also boarded our flight with a bomb in his shoes that blew our plane to microscopic bits.

      Freedom is NOT free, Marla Louise. We must all be willing to pay the price to maintain our freedoms and enjoy the blessings that ARE America!

  3. Incredidly good, Thank You for sending this out,. Talk about a ‘wake-up’ call,

    • John, Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

  4. Courtney,
    I am NOT your “honey!”


  5. Marla Louise,

    At least I used a realistic example. Comparing the Patriot Act to a 30 MPH speed limit is apples and oranges.


  6. Mr. Dondero, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my writing which I know is seriously lacking compared to yours as publisher of the Libertarian Republican.

    While I do agree with you personally regarding your last statement, which is NOT the opinion of 98% of my regular readers, your comment runs contrary to my user information policy of argumentation.

    That difference of opinion is why I choose to ignore that particular subject.

    Red Diva

  7. Great post! I’m not sure I understand why you call yourself libertarian. It sounds to me like you are a conservative.

    • Ms. Graas, I appreciate your comment.

      I am all for liberty. My libertarianism is a lower case L. The Libertarian Party is an upper case L. That’s the difference.

      liberty – freedom from tyranny and oppression
      Libertarian – politically conservative but socially extremely liberal. That doesn’t work for me.



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