Posted by: reddiva | May 24, 2010

I Leave for a Few Days…

…and it seems the world stopped spinning and went into a free fall.

What is happening to the “Kentucky Golden Boy?”  Have people really begun to see that the things I have been writing about the Libertarian cum Republican candidate for the US Senate from Kentucky are the truth after all?

I have written about the support Rand Paul has received from – the neo-Nazi group which strongly favors slavery and racially motivated statements over the rule of law – and how ignorance reigns supreme in the Paul campaign.

My colleague, Lisa Graas, has written more specifically than I have about the same issue which has more to do with the 14th Amendment to the Constitution than people are willing to accept.  She and I have tried to get the truth to the voting public, yet we have been ignored and she has even had accusations leveled about her which are simply untrue.

I am intentionally not providing any links in this article.  Normally, I would back up anything I say with a link for your consideration from a different source.  Not today.  This is strictly my opinion, and as long as the 1st Amendment stands, I am entitled to have and express my own opinion.

I do not know where all this is going.  I do know that the Republican Party leadership in Kentucky as well as Nationally are not handling this situation well.  Rand Paul is the one who associated himself so closely with the TEA Party.  To the best of my knowledge, only one Tea Party organizer has endorsed (and I use this term loosely) Rand Paul – Mica Sims.  Others have totally disavowed his candidacy and his radical socially liberal viewpoints.

Rand Paul himself has dug a hole.  The hole he has dug is much deeper than either Ms. Graas or I tried to put him in.  The major problem is that he is taking the Republican Party into that hole with him – just as Ms. Graas and I both have tried to warn against.

So now will people start paying attention?  Will they finally realize that Rand Paul and the Ron Paul led socially liberal Libertarians are trying to remake the Republican Party into the ideals of the Libertarians? If so, will it destroy all the good and positive results of the Tea Party movement which has given, for the first time in years, an American voice to speak against the over-legislation, over-spending, under-serving Federal Government?

I for one would totally cease my support for the Republican Party should the leadership allow the Republican Party Platform and planks to be destroyed by accepting the “change” from the Libertarians.  It is the same change in a different garment that Obama offered the American people who blindly followed him down the path to Socialism.

The Libertarian path does not lead to Socialism as we know it, but in a different form it is still “share the wealth” by returning to the attitude of the 1960’s hippie generation – “if it feels good, do it” mentality.  Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – yours is the only opinion that matters.

People, please.  Look around.  Smell the roses.  Rand Paul is NOT what you think he is.  How could you possibly elect lies and deceit disguised as Conservative policies?  You did, and now the rest of America is going to pay for your vote by Republican Party national smearing of any seriously conservative candidate in our state primaries.  Even those candidates who stand firmly and strongly on the Republican Party planks are going to be smeared because of any Tea Party connection at all.

Thanks to Rand Paul.

By the way – one good thing has happened since I have been gone.  Republican Charles Djou won the special election in Hawaii to represent Hawaii in the US Congress seat vacated by Hawaii candidate for Governor, Neil Abercrombie.



  1. Be glad you were gone for only a day! Paul has sullied KY, the GOP, and the Tea Party movement in one fell swoop: Civil Rights, Fair Housing, and ADA. Wow!
    Ho! Ho! Ho! Rand Paul has got to go!

  2. It would be interesting to hear just how many of the folks who attended, and supported the Tea Parties, were misled and fooled by the ‘endorsements’ of the Palin PAC and the Frank Simon ‘questionaire’. We must either bring the Tea Party back to it’s original form, or forget about any hope of recovery in November.

  3. Thanks for this, Red. I do think the Louisville TEA Party endorsed Rand Paul. I”m pretty sure they did. But yes, lots of Tea Party organizers have disavowed him for various reasons. He fooled the national media, and they, in turn, fooled the public here in Kentucky. Rand Paul was the Fox News candidate. He won because Fox News obviously was behind his candidacy. And now, Kentuckians are finding out what he is really about. My niece doesn’t really pay attention to politics, but she came here today and was shocked by what she’d heard about Rand Paul in regard to his position on the Civil Rights Act. And Jack Conway hasn’t even started running ads yet. Word is getting out now because the press is covering this from a different perspective, because it’s a general election. It’s sad.

  4. It’s a narrow path Rand tries to walk, and he forgets who he’s trying to deceive at the moment.

    He’s doing a balancing act, and the bar gets tilted. His blunder with the Civil Rights act set off a firestorm that caused him to move his campaign manager to the role of “campaign chairman”, and now hiring one of his dad’s long time aides to act as manager.

    He’s not only alarmed Republicans and assorted other Americans by his comments, he’s ticked off the libertarian party base, and that’s serious.

    Personally, I still believe that Conway will walk away with this election once he starts exposing Rand for who he really is. Who knew that Rand would kick off the assault on himself a day after the primary?! What a tragedy for Kentucky and a gift for the Democrats that Rand is the Republican candidate for the Senate seat.


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