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Election Results June 1 Primaries: Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico

Three more states held primaries today.  How did they turn out?

The Alabama Governor’s race in November will be contested by Ron Sparks, Democratic Primary winner and the eventual winner in a Republican runoff between Bradley Byrne with 28% of the vote, Tim James, and Robert Bentley.  As of this writing, both Tim James and Robert Bentley have garnered 25% of the vote.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Republican Richard Shelby (incumbent) defeated his Republican challenger, Clint Moser, and will face Democrat William G. Barnes in November.


District 1: Incumbent Jo Bonner will face David Walter (Constitution)

District 2: Incumbent Democrat Bobby Bright will face the winner of the Republican runoff between Rick Barber and Martha Roby and Rob John (Independent) in November

District 3: November’s election will pit Republican incumbent, Mike Rogers, will face Democrat Steve Segrest and Independent Mark Layfield.

District 4: Republican incumbent Robert Aderholt is unchallenged for re-election.

District 5: Republican Mo Brooks defeated incumbent Parker Griffith and is set to be challenged by Democratic Primary winner Steve Raby.

District 6: After defeating Republican Primary challenger Stan Cooke, incumbent Republican Spencer Bachus is unchallenged in November.

District 7: Incumbent Democrat Artur Davis resigned to run for Governor and was defeated in the Democratic Primary.  Runoffs will determine the challengers for the vacated seat in November.  The Republican runoff candidates are Don Chamberlain and Chris Salter; Democratic runoff participants are Terri Sewell and Sheila Smoot.

The Mississippi Primary wasn’t as eventful as the Alabama races.


District 1: Republican Primary winner, Alan Nunnelee, will face the Democratic incumbent, Travis Childers in November.  Also challenging will be several smaller party candidates.

District 2: Bennie Thompson, the Democratic incumbent will face the winner of a Republican runoff between Bill Marcy and Richard Cook.

District 3: Republican incumbent Gregg Harper will face Democrat Joel Gill and the Reform candidate, Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill in the general election.

District 4: The Democratic incumbent, Gene Taylor, will face Republican Primary winner Steven Palazzo and two other candidates in November.

New Mexico had an interesting gubernatorial race in addition to the three Congressional Districts which will be contested in November’s general election.

GOVERNOR: Republican Primary winner, Susana Martinez will face Democrat Diane Denish and a Democrat running as a write-in candidate in November, Billy Driggs.


District 1: Facing Democratic incumbent Martin Heinrich in November will be Republican Joe Barela, Constitution Party candidate Jerry Scott and Green Party candidate Alan Woodruff.

District 2: Harry Teague, Democratic incumbent will be challenged in November by Republican Primary winner, Steve Pearce.

District 3: Democrat incumbent Ben Lujan will face Tom Mullins, the Republican Primary winner.  Mr. Mullins soundly defeated Adam Kokesh 72% to 28%.  Good job, New Mexico.

Special Messages:

To Alabama Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Artur Davis:  Are you sure you want to give up your seat in Congressional District 7 to run for Governor?

To incumbent Democratic then Republican, Parker Griffith, Congressional District 5:  Next time, don’t try to convince people you are a Republican five months before the Primary.

To incumbent Attorney General of Alabama, Troy King:  Next time, take firm action either for or against something instead of trying to ride the fence.

To New Mexico candidate for US Congress District 3, Adam Kokesh:  New Mexico is smarter than you thought, huh?

To New Mexico candidate for US Congress District 2, Cliff Pirtle:  Hang in there!  You did a great job for your first outing.  Whatever you do, don’t give up.  You’ve got a message, and you may be the winner next time.



  1. I’m a Georgia progressive interested in tonight’s election results. That you for your concise reports!

    • Thank you, David. I hope it was helpful to you.


  2. What was the final vote count in the race between Steven Palazzo and Joe Tegerdine in the Mississippi US representative Republican Primary?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hiya, Rebel! My niece is finishing up her Freshman year at Ole Miss, so I am most happy to do what I can to help you. I did find one chart that has the totals by county. I hope this will help you. I got the chart from an article published in the Clarion-Journal posted June 3. I also found an interesting discussion about the election written on the Hattiesburg American website.

      The C-J chart shows Palazzo with 15,415 and Tegerdine with 11,511.



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