Posted by: reddiva | June 4, 2010

Doug Hoffman is Working Hard

I received this email from the Doug Hoffman campaign today.  He is THE conservative candidate who will be in the NY-23 primary.  Mr. Hoffman was ignored by the Republican Party last year during the Special Election – the one in which the New York GOP supported liberal RINO GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava who ended up dropping out of the race and throwing her support to the Democrat.

It seems the GOP still has not learned the lesson the voters of NY-23 tried to teach them last year.  They are still attacking the Doug Hoffman campaign at every turn even though according to this email, there are some members of the New York Republican Party who have reached out to the conservative voter of the district.

If you can help this conservative candidate with a donation, I hope you will do so.  Conservative leadership in Washington is the only way we will be able to restore our nation to her pre-Obama condition.

Earlier this week the New York State GOP met in New York City to nominate their slate for the statewide races this year. One of the most encouraging things to emerge from the convention was the fact that the Republican Party joined forces with the Conservative Party in endorsing candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General. This happened despite the fact that a number of GOP bosses from the 23rd Congressional District tried to nominate Steve Levy, a liberal Democrat hailing from Long Island who just re-registered as a Republican a couple of months ago. If that isn’t bad enough, keep in mind that 18 months ago Levy was campaigning hard for Barack Obama and in the past has run with the support of the Green Party and the ACORN backed Working Families Party!!!

This is the same crowd that backed Dede Scozzafava last year and who are once again fighting to block me from being the nominee of the GOP.

They have nominated a pro-abortion, Wall Street lawyer who supported Dede Scozzafava to run against me.

They are doing everything possible to block me from taking part in a Republican Primary.
Why? …….Because they know I will win!

New York State election law is very complicated to be on the ballot in the September primary I have to collect thousands of signatures from Republicans scattered across 11 counties.

Don’t forget the 23rd Congressional District is huge; it’s the largest C.D. east of the Mississippi and covers a land area the size of the states of Connecticut and Vermont combined.

The job ahead of us is huge too and by law we have to start the petitioning process next Tuesday.
We have hundreds of grassroots Republicans, Tea Party and 9/12 volunteers trained and ready to carry our petitions, not to mention political professionals and election lawyers hired to coordinate the process.

As you can see it’s an expensive process and the GOP bosses will make it more expensive by trying to block it every step off the way. I know we’ll run up huge legal bills, not to mention the salaries of campaign professionals and food and gas money for our volunteers as they criss-cross this massive district over the next few weeks.

That’s why I’m writing you today, because I need your help to fund this huge undertaking.
My campaign manager feels we’ll need at least $45,000 to get the job done, others feel that it may be a lot more expensive if the GOP bosses tie us up in court.

Please….I need to you to send whatever you can today……your donation of $50, $100 or $200
will help us get on the ballot so we, the people, can take back OUR Republican Party.

Thank you,

Doug Hoffman



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