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Listen Up – I’m Only Going to Say This Once! ** SEE UPDATE **

I have some very good friends who live in California, so I apologize to them for what I am going to say.  My guess is they will understand why I am saying it whether or not they agree with what I am saying.  My next guess would be that they agree with me.

I am sick to death of this kind of thing.  The latest entity to attempt to ban the State of Arizona from protecting her citizens is Sacramento, California.  Yes…the capital city of California, arguably the most liberal state in the Union.

Why?  Because Sacramento knows that they will have a royal fight on their hands from all the illegal immigrants who sweep the capital building, pick up the citizen’s garbage, dust around the local hospitals, and do all those other jobs that officials insist “nobody else will do.”  All of this while the money the illegal immigrants make is not spent predominately in California – it is sent to Mexico or used to buy drugs from the Mexican drug cartels while the State of California steals tax money from its own citizens to pay for their health care, housing and other social services.

California, you are making a really bad movie here.

Have you read the bill?  Has it dawned on you that it was Arizona who passed the bill – not California?

How would you like it if cities and towns across America’s heartland boycotted going to theaters to see the movies some of your citizens earn ridiculously, embarrassingly large salaries for making, editing, cutting, promoting, producing, directing and starring in?

Other states grow fruit and produce.  What if consumers boycotted yours and made certain to buy from other states?

There is an ocean on the other side of America, don’t forget about that.

And don’t forget who ends up paying for your earthquakes.  Except for a few friends I would get out of there first, I really do not know how much damage would truly be done if the predictions from some scientists actually did come true – that California will one day separate from the mainland and drift aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean.

You are acting as though you already have.

Keep in mind, California.  Not everyone is accustomed to the life-styles your citizens live.  In fact, not everyone WANTS the life-styles your citizens live.  Many millions of us are content to be the brunt of your bad jokes and sexually explicit, graphically morbid movies.  And speaking of your movies, how many books are written in the other 49 United States and used as your movie scripts?  What if those writers stopped selling to your buyers because they do not like your laws?

Your laws do not affect me, a citizen of Texas.  Arizona’s laws don’t affect me either.  If you dare to criticize a Texas law, my guess is the Texas Rangers will meet Californians trying to cross the Texas border to show them how the cow eats the cabbage.  You know I am not referring to the other Texas Rangers.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Texas+Rangers&iid=9109001″ src=”″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]

You are well aware that I mean THESE Texas Rangers.   Yes, THE Texas Rangers! 

In other words, California, you have no business interjecting yourself into the laws of other states. Quite honestly, I find myself laughing at the possibility that Arizona could cut off the utilities it allows the State of California to purchase from them.  They won’t do it though, because they respect your rights as a state to provide for your citizens.

Why don’t you respect theirs?

** UPDATE 6/18/10 **

It seems I am not the only one who is seriously bothered by the stupidity of the Sacramento City Council in issuing orders to sanction Arizona for protecting her citizens.

This is what I call a representative….

Dear Friends and Media,

As you may know, the Sacramento City Council has elected to Sanction the State of Arizona.  Since the vote on Tuesday, these actions have caused 1,000’s to boycott Sacramento. I cannot, in good conscience, watch the very district I plan on representing in November, be harmed financially by this mis-guided attempt to influence the State of Arizona.

The 5th Congressional District encompasses most of the City of Sacramento. Businesses in Sacramento are being harmed by the “Boycott Sacramento” campaign that has sprung up.  This will spread into Sacramento County over time, as folks will elect not to come to the Sacramento area.

I believe the City Council was wrong by sanctioning Arizona.  Now our own businesses are paying the price for their mis-guided attempt to manage another state.  Considering Sacramento is $43 million budget deficit, have a failed K Street Mall project, a bankrupt Railyard Project and a scandal at the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, this City Council is no longer capable in serving the needs of the residents.

Therefore, I have elected to help spearhead a recall effort along with talkshow radio host, Eric Hogue, from KTKZ AM 1380 in Sacramento.

Please go to On this site you will see your councilperson.  Scroll down to the bottom and fill in the information section.  You will be contacted when we are ready with the formal petition to recall your particular councilperson.

It is imperative we keep the the economic engine in Sacramento strong. By recalling the City Council and electing those that have business sense, the City of Sacramento can start to put itself back on track to financial prosperity.

Please join me in recalling the entire City Council.

Who is this person?

His name is Paul Smith.  If you’ll remember, he was the one I said would get my vote in the June 8th California Primary Election for U.S. Congress from California’s District 5. I may not be able to pick the winners like Sarah Palin does, but I have most definitely picked a winner in Paul Smith!  He won his race in the Primary and will be the Republican candidate to face Democrat incumbent Doris Matsui in November.

I urge you to vote for Mr. Smith if you live in his District.  If you, like me, are not eligible to vote for Mr. Smith, I urge you to support him in whatever way you are able and willing.  If you know anyone who lives in his District, send them an email and ask them to vote for him.  If you live near but not in District 5, perhaps you can volunteer to help with his campaign by putting out yard signs, handing out bumper stickers, making phone calls – there are numerous things that can be done to help a campaign, and I hope you will consider helping Mr. Smith.

Finally, one of the most important ways you can help is with a monetary donation.  You can do  this at his website.

You can read his opinions on the issues here, contact his campaign here, or volunteer to help by sending an email to

Mr. Smith, because of your stance on this issue please accept this as my endorsement for your candidacy.  I know I am just a small-time blogger from Texas, but I appreciate a candidate willing to take a stand and face the issues head-on.  Thank you for standing up for California and for the good people of District 5 – and thank you for recognizing that Arizona has the right and the duty to protect her citizens.

You, sir, will be a fine Representative!


From the Sacramento Bee Newspaper:

Sacramento council approves economic sanctions against Arizona

The Sacramento City Council voted Tuesday night to place economic sanctions against Arizona companies in response to that state’s immigration laws.

The sanctions passed by a 6-1 council vote are on par with the broadest actions passed by other California cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland.

They include forbidding city workers from attending conferences in Arizona on the city’s dime, boycotting companies based in Arizona “where practicable and where there is no significant additional cost to the city” and potentially canceling current contracts with firms from Arizona.

“For those who would criticize us for using our time to address this critical issue in our country’s history, I would say this: How can we not?” said Councilman Rob Fong, who called for the debate.

Fong added, “I’ve never been more proud of us” and said the city was “standing on the right side of history.”

Councilman Robbie Waters voted against the boycott, arguing, “We should be taking care of our business here at home first.” He asked for a report on how many city staff hours have been spent to look at the city’s contracts.

Council members Lauren Hammond and Steve Cohn were absent for the discussion. Cohn had indicated he did not support the boycott but left the council meeting as the immigration debate began Tuesday, returning moments after the vote was taken.

Opponents of the boycott said the City Council should not have weighed in on the actions of another state and urged the council to concentrate on other issues, including the city budget.

But supporters of the boycott far outnumbered opponents at the council meeting, with many describing the discussion as a civil rights issue.

“This is about Sacramento. This is about every state in our nation,” said Melinda Guzman, a local attorney. “This is not just about Arizona.

Critics charge the law will lead to racial profiling, while those who support it say it will be an essential crime-fighting tool against violent drug cartels from Mexico.

Under the law, which takes effect next month, local police in Arizona will be required to check for immigration status when they suspect those they stop, detain or arrest are in the country illegally.

In Sacramento – and other California cities – police officers do not ask for immigration status during traffic stops, while investigating minor infractions or when someone is a witness or victim of a crime.

The boycott’s impact could be significant and immediate.

Sundt Construction, based in Phoenix, is listed as a construction partner for a proposal being considered by city officials to revamp the most blighted blocks of K Street downtown. Under that proposal led by Rubicon Partners, a new permanent farmers market, museum and music venue would be built.

Sundt also currently has a $1.1 million contract with the city to build a new water pipeline in south Sacramento. It was also the lead firm on the $11 million Valley Hi/North Laguna Library.

The company has had an office in the city of Sacramento for 30 years and employs 65 people here. It opposes the Arizona immigration law.

“We really don’t think a state or city should boycott another state,” said Cody Pearson, a company senior vice president and the division manager for the Sacramento branch. “The people out of this office will not have work, they won’t pay taxes and it really hurts California. It does nothing to Arizona.

The Police Department also purchases its controlled energy devices – also known as Tasers – from Taser International, based in Scottsdale.

City staffers are going over hundreds of contracts to determine if the city does business with other Arizona companies. It’s a time-intensive practice; some companies have a billing address in Arizona but are based elsewhere, while other firms collect their bills in other in other states but are headquartered in Arizona.



  1. Excellent! I hope AZ pulls the plug on those CA traitors.


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