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To Vote or Not to Vote

The Special Runoff Election between David Sibley and Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell for the unexpired term of State Senator Kip Averitt who resigned the seat of the people of District 22 in the Texas State Senate is Tuesday, June 22, 2010, from 7:00 A. M. to 7:00 P. M.

Polling places for District 22 which encompasses Bosque, Coryell, Ellis, Falls, Hill, Hood, Johnson, McLennan, Navarro and Somervell Counties can be found here. (My apologies for initially listing the incorrect counties in District 22.)

A heavily Republican-favored District, in 2006, 52% of poll respondents identified themselves as Republicans, 32% as Democrats, and 16% as independents.

It is of utmost importance to elect the candidate in this Special Election who best represents the beliefs of the Texas District 22 Republicans.  Is that David Sibley?

David Sibley is a committed career politician who made over $13.6 Million in seven years as a big-time lobbyist; much of his money was made from the tobacco and alcohol industries.

From Empower Texans and the Waco Tribune-Herald, we learn that Sibley is being supported by Democrat Bernard Rapoport who has given almost $700 thousand to Planned Parenthood of Waco, Texas.  Why would a pro-abortion Democrat such as Bernard Rapoport be supporting David Sibley who supposedly is a Republican?

According to their website, Empower Texans “exists to create and sustain a system of strong fiscal stewardship within all levels of Texas government, ensuring the greatest amounts of economic and personal liberty, and promoting public policies that provide individuals with the freedom to use their strengths and talents in pursuit of greater opportunities.”

Writer MQ Sullivan from Empower Texans filed an article on June 18 entitled “Sibley Keeping Liberal Company.”

I was taught growing up that “bad company corrupts good character,” and that a man can be defined by his friends. Kind of makes you wonder, then, what David Sibley is doing hanging around with the likes of leftist Bernard Rapoport.

This is the same Bernard Rapoport who has given more than a half-million dollars to Planned Parenthood, and is a major donor to the Texas Democratic Party and Democratic Trust.

Now Mr. Rapoport is supporting David Sibley in the Senate District 22 special election. According to today’s Waco Tribune Herald, Democratic voters are getting calls from Rapoport, encouraging them to support Sibley.

Not that they need much encouragement. After all, Mr. Sibley spent almost $250,000 supporting a failed attempt to defeat stalwart conservative State Rep. Doc Anderson (R-Waco). And Mr. Sibley has contributed to far-left Democrats, like Waco‘s own Jim Dunnam.

Mr. Sibley previously served in the Texas Senate, where he was responsible for creating numerous taxing entities and authored legislation expanding the welfare.

As you might guess, Mr. Sibley has done nothing to disassociate himself from the rabble-rousing liberals despite running as a Republican in this special open-seat election.

Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Brian Birdwell, a strong conservative Republican who — though badly injured — survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. He’s a decorated veteran and committed fiscal conservative.


Following the May 8 Special Election which brought about the necessity of this runoff, the real Conservative Republican, Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell, said, “The voters sent a strong message that this seat does not belong to lobbyist David Sibley and the special interests, it belongs to the people.  Despite being outspent more than 4 to 1, and starting this race only eight weeks ago, we closed the gap with each passing day.”

Lt. Col. Birdwell’s fight for Texans must continue.  I ask you to support him with your vote on June 22.  This is not a time to stay home or go to the lake, Texans.  This is the time to stand up, speak up and show up the Republicans in Texas, like David Sibley, who rely on Democrats for support.

I know in the Texas heat, voting is not always the first thing on your mind when you wake up on the day of an election.  Texans, this one should be.  This should be a priority for your day on June 22.  Nothing really depends on it except the future of the Conservative Texas that we all appreciate so much.

If you are not aware, Lt. Col. Birdwell was the sole survivor of those who were working in the directorate at the time of the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

After the terrorists overtook American Airlines Flight 77 and collided into the Pentagon, Birdwell was thrown to the ground and engulfed in flames on the 2nd floor of the Pentagon.  Of the burns that consumed 60 percent of his body, nearly half were third-degree burns.  With more than 30 operations, months of multiple skin grafts and burn treatments, Birdwell is well on his way to a recovery to resume his service in the United States Army.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian D. Birdwell is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas in May 1984.  Graduating as the Distinguished Military Graduate through Army ROTC, he continued his service in the United States Army at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. After being sent to serve in South Korea for 18 months, Birdwell returned to the states to meet his future wife, Mel.  In 1989, they traveled to their new station in Kitzingen, Germany.  While in Germany, Birdwell was deployed for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and earned a Bronze Star Medal for his action in the Gulf War.  In 1998, he also helped lead the Joint Task Force in support of relief operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch. Birdwell is currently assigned to the Department of the Army staff at the Pentagon where he serves as the Executive Officer to the Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

He is married to the former Melva Collins (‘Mel’) of Davis, Oklahoma.  They have one son, Matthew, who attends college in Tennessee.  According to Brian, he and Mel currently reside in the ‘Holy Land‘ which outsiders call Granbury, Texas.

Lt. Col. Birdwell has earned the endorsement of the respected Campaign for Working Families and Gary Bauer.  Also recognizing the strength of character in Lt. Col. Birdwell are David Barton, Former Texas GOP State Vice Chairman, and Pat Carlson, President, Texas Eagle Forum*.

Additional endorsements have come from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility PAC, Young Conservatives of Texas, Conservative Republicans of Texas, National Defense Committee PAC, and the Texas Home School Coalition PAC.

His service to our country and his true story of being put to the test and surviving with his life and his faith in God intact are reasons enough to earn the support of the voters of Texas Senate District 22 to elect Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell.

*title for identification purposes only

** UPDATE **  My apologies.  I have been informed that I had listed the counties in District 22 incorrectly.  I have made the correction.  I appreciate knowing about the error.

Correct counties in District 22 … Bosque, Coryell, Ellis, Falls, Hill, Hood, Johnson, McLennan, Navarro and Somervell.



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