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Heads Up for June 22

There is only one state holding its initial Primary for the November General Election – Utah.  It will most definitely bear watching.

You will remember that the incumbent Republican Senator, Bob Bennett was rejected by the Republicans of Utah and did not qualify to be on the ballot.  As a result, Utah will be deciding on June 22 between two Republicans, Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee, who will then face Democrat Sam Granato and Scott Bradley, Constitution Party candidate, in November.

For U.S. Congress for Utah’s District 2, the Republican, Morgan Philpot, waits in the wings for the Democrats select their candidate in the Primary.  This is a very interesting election to me even though I am talking about Democrats here.

Claudia Wright is listed as a Retired Teacher (think New Jersey Governor Christie’s remarks about the strength of the teacher’s union) and PROGRESSIVE ACTIVIST.  That means absolutely more of the same and worse in Washington if she should be elected to the seat.

The Democratic incumbent, Jim Matheson, isn’t conservative by any means, but when compared to Ms. Wright I think it would be safe to call him moderate.  In addition, I think he would be an easier target for voters in Utah to remove in November.


We also need to watch the runoff elections that will be held on June 22.

From the May 4 Primary, North Carolina Democratic voters will choose between “Cal” Cunningham and Elaine Marshall as their candidate in the November election to challenge Republican incumbent Senator Richard Burr.

A very hotly contested race for U.S. Congress from District 8 will be decided by the voters in spite of the interference from the North Carolina Republican Chairman Tom Fetzer.

Republican candidate Tim D’Annunzio has taken some unnecessary smear tactics from Mr. Fetzer by actions that may be considered illegal – improper at the least.  Mr. D’Annunzio’s opponent, Harold Johnson, is a former TV sportscaster.  I fail to see why Mr. Fetzer thinks calling play-by-play for a sporting event qualifies Mr. Johnson over a proven-successful businessman.  As it should be, the voters will decide who will represent them in the U.S Congress for District 8.

In addition, North Carolina’s Congressional District 13 will settle a Republican runoff between Bill Randall and Bernie Reeves to seek ouster of another incumbent politico, Democrat Brad Miller, in November.

The Mississippi June 8 Primary resulted in only one runoff.  The Democratic incumbent Bennie Thompson from Congressional District 2 will face either Richard Cook or Bill Marcy.  The two Republicans are facing off on June 22 for the privilege of kicking out another Democratic incumbent in November.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?

There is only one Governor’s race to be decided on June 22 following the Primary on June 8.  South Carolina Republicans will select between Nikki Haley and Gresham Barrett.  Vincent Sheheen (D) waits to see who his opponent in November will be.

The Lieutenant Governor’s runoff is interesting to me.  The current Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer (R), came up short in his primary bid for Governor.  That leaves Ken Ard and Bill Connor to battle it out for the right to face Democrat Ashley Cooper in November.

Four of the six U.S. Congressional Districts will see runoffs as well in South Carolina.

District 1 Republican voters must choose between Republican Paul Thurmond and Libertarian slash Republican Tim Scott.  Seems an easy choice to me – Paul Thurmond.

In District 3 it will be Richard James Cash against Jeff Duncan in the Republican runoff.

Is it time for another incumbent to get a pink slip?  Republican voters in District 4 can decide that on June 22 when they vote between Trey Gowdy, III and current Representative Bob Inglis.

Finally, District 6 will see Nancy Harrelson and Jim Pratt facing each other with the winner going to the general election in November to hopefully unseat another Democratic incumbent, Jim Clyburn.  This is a race that has many consequences since Mr. Clyburn holds the position of Majority Whip in this unresponsive Congress.

Although there are not as many states voting on June 22, I encourage every voter with eligibility to exercise their right to vote in the Utah Primary and the runoffs in Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.  I know this is the middle of summer and the weather is uncomfortable in the South this time of year.  Please remember that men and women have died to protect your right to vote.  You owe it to them – and you owe it to yourselves to have your voice heard in every election held in your city, town, county or state.

Voter apathy loses elections for good candidates.  Your state is not the only one to be affected by the elections on June22.  By extension, every election in every state affects all the other states since the Senator or Congressman you elect from your state will be one vote in Washington.  This is the very reason that Primary Elections and resulting runoffs are important.  Conservatives have a responsibility to back their words with actions.  Voting at every opportunity is the only way to get our message to those who have thus far seemingly ignored us.



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