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Citizens Taking Action or Money Bomb

When I am wrong, I try to make a point to say so.  Once in a while I find that in being wrong, I am right.

I have written about my distaste for Libertarians many times on this blog.  I just have no appreciation whatsoever for their socially liberal policies.  I have also stated that the Ron Paul / Rand Paul group of Libertarians slash Republicans have co-opted the TEA Party Movement.  In a very real sense they have.

In reality, they may not have in the strictest definition of the matter.

The TEA Party Movement was started by a group of Americans who joined together in protest of the Tax and Spend mentality of the Obama administration.  Taxed Enough Already became the rallying cry for multiple thousands of Americans regardless of any party affiliation.  The first TEA Party I attended in my area was comprised of young, old, black, white, Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters who are fed up with the way Washington was and is raising our taxes.

At some point the Libertarians jumped on board – not necessarily because they felt their taxes were unjustifiably raised although that is certainly true.  They joined the movement in mass numbers because they recognized the phrase.

Therein lies the real difference between the REAL TEA Party movement and the Tea Party movement.

A search on Google revealed videos dating to 2007 in which Ron Paul is declaring a Boston Tea Party in order to raise funds.  The accompanying videos track the success of the Tea Party Money Bombs Ron Paul has conducted.

Now back to my original gripe against the Ron Paul minions and the co-opting of the TEA Party Movement.

While I have not been able to find documentation that will officially connect Rick Santelli, the “founder” of the TEA Party Movement, the possibility exists that a relationship between the two men does exist.  Absent that confirmation I will continue to accept the fact that there are in fact two totally different and totally separate tea party movements.  One is used for Ron Paul to raise money, and the other used for American citizens to vocalize their disgust and distrust of a government spending policy which WILL increase taxes whether or not they admit it.

Once the citizen TEA Party Movement started making such headway with the citizenry, the followers of Ron Paul saw the opportunity to have a built-in platform to push their socially liberal polices and support their “man”, Ron Paul.

This is the reason candidates like Rand Paul can say, “I am the Tea Party Candidate.”  In one respect, he really is.  Please notice how I capitalized the word tea in the previous statement.

Rand Paul is NOT the TEA Party Candidate. Again, please note the capitalization.  Neither is any other candidate in any election in the United States unless that candidate has been officially endorsed by one of the TEA Party Organizations, which brings me to point three of our discussion today.

Somewhere down the line, somebody wanted to become a political force and someone else wanted to remain in the hands of and working for the people – the citizens who are shouting at the tops of our lungs, “We’re as mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore!”

So now we have Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Express.  I have totally stopped supporting either one.  I will not support either one until the Libertarians go back to their original money-bomb-Tea-Party which works for Ron Paul and leave the TEA Party to work for the American people.

So I am wrong – but I am right.  The Ron Paul minions including his bouncing baby boy, Rand Paul, have co-opted the TEA Party Movement.



  1. What about the Tea Party endorsing Rand Paul? Both the Dick Armory part, and the individual ones in Kentucky?

    Also, Ron Paul’s supporters DID start the tea parties and the April 15 protests happened in earlier years as well.

    • The Tea Party that has endorsed Rand Paul is the one that has been co-opted by the Libertarians and Paul’s Minions, including the ones in Kentucky.

      Your last statement is incorrect, and no further comments will be published because of the argumentation they attempt to promote.


  2. There is no greater example of this than in Kentucky. I stopped attending Tea Parties when they became nothing more than a Rand Paul love fest.

  3. When you are right you are SO right and I too am in agreement with you regarding this fiasco!

  4. It looks to me like the Tea Party and the TEA PARTY has just about served it’s useful purpose , what ever that might have been. I have never been a big supporter of it as I saw they were not going to get anything done, they have not changed one thing during all these protest and rallies. There is no organization and therefore there is no real leadership in my opinion, which means very little. No taxes have been cut, no laws have changed, no spending has been cut , so what is the point ?

    The only good I have seen come of this whole TEA Party movement is that folks are starting to wake up and realize they need to vote smarter and stay engaged with the government. I smile when I think about where were all these TEA PARTY people for the past twenty years, while I was writing my senators, making phone calls and yelling fowl ball ? I guess in that respect I have been having my own private TEA Party for a very long time.

    Being the silent majority isn’t so popular anymore and hopefully this is a good thing and now when folks go to the polls;I can only pray they will at least be slightly aware of who they are voting for and what are the real issues.

    • It does look that way, Geketa. And you are so right. We ALL must be at least slightly aware of just who the candidate is for whom we have decided to vote and the real issues involved. In my opinion, that might include at some point having to either skip voting for a particular race because neither of the candidates is truly conservative fiscally, politically and socially, or taking a chance on a write-in candidate.

      I for one have compromised my personal beliefs in the voting booth for the last time.


  5. Erica,
    I can’t tell you how many times I have written in a name in protest of all those on the ballot ! Educating the public is a full time job.
    Unfortunately, here in Kentucky on the local level you can’t even vote for a Republican in the primary in many areas. The Democrats are so entrenched an it’s been that way for years. No one runs against them because they know they can’t win. If we have good ole’ boy politics at that level ,what makes people think it is going to be any different at the state and federal level? We have to start at the local level and work our way up in order to change the way politics is done. While I was campaigning in Scott co not to long ago. I actually had someone tell me that the incumbent actually owned the seat he occupied; that is how uninformed the public are here in Kentucky. Like the guy had his name craved into the State Rep. seat.


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