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Election Results Utah Primary; Runoffs – Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas

Thank you for your patience with me as I waited for the Utah Senate and Congressional runoff elections from June 22.  They seem to have stalled at 98.5% and 98% respectively of the vote counted.

The Utah Republicans have chosen their candidate to face Democrat Sam Granato and Scott Bradley, Constitution Party candidate, in November.  Tim Bridgewater (88,004 – 48.9%) fell a little short of his goal and was beaten by Mike Lee (92,000 – 51.1%).

For U.S. Congress for Utah’s District 2, the Republican, Morgan Philpot, will face the Democratic nominee, Claudia Wright or Jim Matheson, the incumbent.  I was told by several bloggers that there was no way Jim Matheson would win this runoff.  Supposedly Claudia Wright had such massive support because of her progressive stance on the issues that Representative Matheson would not be able to deal with it.

The vote count does not bring the end to the story that my liberal and progressive blogger colleagues wanted.  The Democratic incumbent, Jim Matheson, has rather handily defeated Claudia Wright this evening.

Representative Jim Matheson – 21,380 – 67.5%

Challenger Claudia Wright – 10,274 – 32.5%


North Carolina:

Democrat“Cal” Cunningham appears to have lost his runoff against Elaine Marshall.  The current vote count with 100% of the precincts reporting shows Ms. Marshall has 94,981 (60%) and Mr. Cunningham with 63,426 (40%).  She will challenge Republican incumbent Senator Richard Burr in November.



With much assistance from RNCNC Chairman Tom Fetzer, Tim D’Annunzio (5,855 – 39%) was removed from contention by Mr. Fetzer’s personal favorite, Harold Johnson (9,222 – 61%). Mr. Johnson will now lose to…I mean face the incumbent, Larry Kissell (D) in the November election.


Republicans Bill Randall and Bernie Reeves were battling it out all evening in the runoff.  Mr. Randall has been called the winner with 3,788 votes (59%) to Mr. Reeves’ 2,639 votes (41%).  He will now prepare his voters to defeat the Democratic incumbent Brad Miller.

Mississippi’s runoff today (with 93.6% precincts reporting) gave the nod to Republican Bill Marcy (2,969 – 58.4%) over Richard Cook (2,118 – 41.6%) to carry their hopes of defeating Democratic incumbent, Bennie Thompson, from Congressional District 2 in November.

South Carolina

The Republican Nominee for South Carolina Governor (with 44 of 46 counties reporting) will be Nikki Haley (233,332 – 65.04%) as she won rather easily over her challenger, Gresham Barrett (125,408– 34.96%).  This will give the Republicans the best chance at winning the State House in November against Vincent Sheheen (D).

In the runoff for Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor with 44 of 46 counties reporting, Ken Ard (207,483 – 61.35%) has defeated Bill Connor (130,729 – 38.65%).  Mr. Ard will head to November to face Democrat Ashley Cooper in November.

The results of the four U.S. Congressional District runoffs in South Carolina are:

District 1:  with 5 of 5 counties reporting

Libertarian slash Republican Tim Scott (46,885 – 68.35%) has won over challenger Paul Thurmond (21,706 – 31.65%) and will face the November General Election against Democrat Ben Frasier and several smaller party candidates.

District 3:  with 10 of 10 counties reporting

With the current Congressman from District 3, Gresham Barrett, losing his runoff for Governor tonight, Jeff Duncan (37,300– 51.50%) will meet Jane Dyer representing the Democrat/Working Families Party and two others in the General Election in November.  Mr. Duncan’s challenger in the runoff, Richard Cash received 35,129 (48.50%) votes.  This is by far the closest of all the races for tonight.

District 4:  with 4 of 4 counties reporting

Is it time for another incumbent to get a pink slip?  Republican voters in District 4 can decide that on June 22 when they vote between Trey Gowdy, III and current Representative Bob Inglis.

It appears it is.  Mr. Gowdy 54,354 -70.68%) has defeated Mr. Inglis (22,547  – 29.32%) quite handily.

District 6:  with 14 of 15 counties reporting

The results here give Nancy Harrelson (13,535 – 49.81%) a narrow victory over Jim Pratt (13,637 – 50.19%) to send her to the general election in November to hopefully unseat another Democratic incumbent, Jim Clyburn.  This is a race that has many consequences since Mr. Clyburn holds the position of Majority Whip in this unresponsive Congress.


The Special Runoff Election between David Sibley and Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell for the unexpired term of State Senator Kip Averitt who resigned the seat of the people of District 22 in the Texas State Senate was also held today.

I had some help this evening watching this race.  I am printing the report she sent me below.

“A Victory for Conservatism — Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell Won”

Congratulations to Lt. Brian Birdwell, the new Texas Senator from District 22!  We have finally seen a grassroots campaign with a superb candidate win against a well-funded lobbyist.  Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell is our next Texas Senator from Central Texas.

With 24,531 votes cast, Birdwell got 57.87% while David Sibley got 42.12% (all precincts reported).  This wasn’t just sort of a victory; it was a landslide, particularly considering the fact that Sibley had made over $13.6 Million in seven years from his lobbying activities (including the tobacco and alcohol industries), had collected huge campaign donations from his lobbyist friends, and was supported by wealthy Democrat Bernard Rapoport (the biggest contributor to Planned Parenthood Waco).

Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell had to raise money not only for the primary race but for the runoff with Sibley.  Birdwell is a man of limited means, is a grassroots, patriotic hero who believes in America and all of its glorious heritage, and was willing to fight to preserve it.

Birdwell surrounded himself with one of the best campaign teams I have ever witnessed.  Their timing was impeccable, and they understood the voters of Central Texas and what it is that we want in a legislator.

Birdwell sought after and received the endorsements of key conservative leaders in Texas and across the country because they were convinced of his integrity.

This victory was symbolic of what can be done when conservatives come together to support a fabulous candidate, and we are thankful to be able to send Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell to the Texas Senate.



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