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It’s a Dirty Job, But Somebody Has to Do It

As a general rule, I detest what we call “dirty politics.”  I do not have much appreciation for “smear tactics” by one candidate against another … unless the information related is true.  Then sometimes the shock value is needed to wake the voter to the reality of truth.

In New Hampshire, Paul Hodes is engaging in such smear tactics against his opponent, Kelly Ayotte.  I have done as much research as I can do on Kelly Ayotte from the time almost a year ago when I started looking for Conservatives in our nation running for office who might be able to take a Democratic incumbent out of office, maintain the Republican seat, or who would, in general in my own opinion, be the best candidate for the position.

Everything I read led me then to believe that Kelly Ayotte would be the best candidate for the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire.  I still believe that with as much conviction as one who is not eligible to vote for any of the candidates can possibly believe.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to show an insider the truth.

I am not the only one who feels this way.  RedState’s rrreaganite agrees and files this opinion:

One of the Senate races that I have been focused on in my writing is the New Hampshire Senate Race. The race has flown under the radar for the most part, but that must change. Paul Hodes is not just misleading, but he is flat out lying now. He is out with a new 30 second spot wrongly attacking the only viable conservative left in the race, Kelly Ayotte. The ad which is below, happens to be littered with typical left-wing smears and lies. He falsely claims that Ayotte was complicit in the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of New Hampshire. But facts are stubborn things and Hodes is a typical Washington politician.  While Hodes is running uncontested raising money with the likes of Joe “Amtrak” Biden and Harry “The War is Lost” Reid, Ayotte still has a real primary fight on her hands in the form of Bill Binnie. I have warned conservatives previously about Binnie, who is a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty, pro-taxes RINO. He once said that he does not like the GOP because they are the pro-life party. Ayotte is a down the line conservative who is strong on National Defense, Fiscal Policy, and social issues.  She is a pro-life hero who fought for a parental notification law against the will of her Democratic Governor. Under normal circumstances the Conservative like Ayotte should have an easy path to a Senate Seat against someone like Hodes. However, she has to deal with the self-funding Binnie who has closed the primary gap between him and her to within 10 points. Two other candidates are in this race, Jim Bender who like Binnie is pro-choice, and Ovide Lamontagne who is a conservative like Ayotte, but also two time statewide loser from the 90’s (by more than 15 points each time). New Hampshire deserves a new fresh conservative face and that is Ayotte.

A few notes about Kelly Ayotte:

1. She is crushing Hodes in all polling by up to as much as 15 points.

2. She is the most conservative candidate in the race who can win.

3. She was a very successful Attorney General and prosecutor and is not a politician. She was named Citizen of the Year by the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader.

4. As the new Hodes ad shows, the Democrats fear her.

5. Let’s fight for a conservative alternative to Paul Hodes and Paul Hodes light – Bill Binnie.

If you want to see the smear commercial Hodes is spouting, you can find the link for it on this RedState blog.  I will not dignify it by publishing it here.

On February 18, 2010, I wrote a brief endorsement of Kelly Ayotte after I had decided that she was indeed the most Conservative candidate with the solid view of the issues to make her an effective U.S. Senator.  I published only one comment to that post – an anonymous writer said, “Same woman who would not prosecute Ray Buckley or voter fraud? Hmmmmm.”

I had seen the reports this person was talking about, but I did not include it in my writing until this comment made it necessary.

Thank you for your comment. I get very frustrated sometimes when I think charges should be filed against a person for a circumstance that is in my view a crime. Perhaps your Attorney General, as is so often the case for better or worse, felt there was enough evidence to charge but not enough to convict. In those cases many times the charges are dropped to avoid double jeopardy so that as more evidence arises, conviction is more feasible.

I do not have the luxury you have of living in New Hampshire to know all the ins and outs of NH politics – if you have an issue with this or any other candidate, I suggest you discuss it directly with the candidate involved. Usually during a campaign, citizens have freer access to discuss many matters with a candidate.

I still maintain that if a conviction is not guaranteed, do not proceed because the double jeopardy clause can be a real obstacle.

Paul Hodes and his lying television spot have forced Ms. Ayotte to defend herself rather than defending the people as she would prefer to do, but I applaud her for her willingness and desire to correct his errors in the public eye rather than behind closed doors.

In a press release from the campaign, Ms Ayotte’s communications Director Jeff Grappone said,

Paul Hodes is desperate. He has been in Congress for four years, and instead of telling voters what he has done, or what he would do in the Senate, he’s falsely attacking Kelly Ayotte.

Hodes knows New Hampshire rejects his record of support for bailouts and the $1 trillion government takeover of health care. Rather than focus on issues, Hodes has made the political calculation that his only hope is to go on the attack.

Paul Hodes can attack all he wants, but voters know the truth. Clearly, for Paul Hodes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

NOTE: Paul Hodes has trailed Kelly Ayotte in 15 public polls taken since June 2009. Based on data compiled by Real Clear Politics, Ayotte has led in every single public survey. ( )

The press release continues by fighting myths with truth.

MYTH #1:

Hodes Announcer: And 44 times Kelly Ayotte ducked responsibility and claimed she didn’t know.


The Attorney General’s Office Has Made Clear That Kelly Ayotte Had No Involvement In FRM: “[Senior Assistant Attorney General Richard] Head said he personally was never involved with investigating FRM complaints. Neither was Ayotte, he said. “‘At no time was the FRM matter referred to the attorney general,’ he said.” (Conflict in Ponzi report questioned, Shira Schoenberg, Concord Monitor, 6/22/2010)

MYTH #2:

Hodes Announcer: But her office knew what was happening. It was on her watch.


Changes Made By The Legislature In 2002 To Consumer Protection Laws Gave Jurisdiction Over Banking Consumer Complaints To The Banking Commissioner:358-A:3 Exempt Transactions; Etc. – The following transactions shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter: I. Trade or commerce that is subject to the jurisdiction of the bank commissioner, the director of securities regulation, the insurance commissioner, the public utilities commission, the financial institutions and insurance regulators of other states, or federal banking or securities regulators who possess the authority to regulate unfair or deceptive trade practices. This paragraph includes trade or commerce under the jurisdiction of, and regulated by, the bank commissioner pursuant to RSA 361-A, relative to retail installment sales of motor vehicles.”

Additional Changes In 2004 Gave “Exclusive” Authority To The Banking Commissioner Over Consumer Complaints – And A Provision Was Removed That Required The Banking Commissioner To Report Back To The Attorney General On The Outcome Of The Department’s Investigations:383:10-d Consumer Complaints and Restitution. – The commissioner shall have exclusive authority and jurisdiction to investigate conduct that is or may be an unfair or deceptive act or practice under RSA 358-A and exempt under RSA 358-A:3, I or that may violate any of the provisions of Titles XXXV and XXXVI and administrative rules adopted thereunder. The commissioner may hold hearings relative to such conduct and may order restitution for a person or persons adversely affected by such conduct. The commissioner may request the assistance and services of the consumer protection and antitrust bureau of the department of justice. In the instance of conduct involving an alleged criminal offense, the commissioner shall refer to the department of justice all aspects relevant to the criminal investigation and prosecution of such matter.”

MYTH #3:

Hodes Announcer: And two days before she resigned, she made sure her emails would be erased.


Thousands Of Pages Of Kelly Ayotte’s Documents – Including E-mail Messages – Have Been Made Public: “Attorney General Michael Delaney said Monday the office started producing documents and e-mails in October and has produced more than 5,000 so far. The documents include e-mail correspondence between Ayotte and her staff, contracts and grant applications.” (Former NH attorney general’s e-mails made public, by Holly Ramer, Associated Press, 5/12/10)

Kelly Ayotte Has Called For All Of Her E-mails And Schedules To Be Made Public: “GOP Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte asked the state Monday to release all e-mails and schedules from her tenure as New Hampshire attorney general…Ayotte added that although state law says legally deleted documents are no longer subject to disclosure, ‘I ask that you go beyond the requirements of the Right to Know law to ask the Office of Information Technology to restore and produce to the public any of my e-mails and schedules related to my tenure . . . that are retained on the state’s backup computer storage devices.’” (Ayotte: Release my e-mails, by David Catanese, Politico, 5/10/10)

Kelly Ayotte’s E-mails Were Handled In The Same Manner As Any Departing DOJ Employee: “When Ayotte left office, e-mails left in her inbox and outbox were deleted in accordance with office policy, but some e-mails she sent and received were saved in the appropriate case files or in the files of other staff members.” (Former NH attorney general’s e-mails made public, by Holly Ramer, Associated Press, 5/12/10)

The Attorney General’s Office Has Publicly Stated That No E-mails Written To Or By Ayotte Were Found In The Department’s FRM File: “Senior Assistant Attorney General Michael Brown told on Wednesday that he checked the FRM file ‘and have confirmed that there are no emails in those records.’ He said there were no emails of any kind, including any emails written to or by Ayotte.” (Former AG says e-mail left intact, by John DiStaso, Union Leader, 5/5/10)

From the information I have found, Kelly should be proud of her record as Attorney General.  It stacks up well against Paul Hodes’ failed record in Congress. We expect no less from Democrats these days – failure.

From Kelly Ayotte we expect exactly the opposite – success.  When you, the New Hampshire voter, read where she stands on the issues compared to Paul Hodes – and most definitely compared to her RINO opponent, Bill Binnie – I think you’ll agree that Kelly Ayotte is the right piece of granite to send to Washington to represent you.


  1. Red, excellent post!
    Politics will always be dirty as long as people refuse to do their civic duty and stand up to be heard!
    We must find conservative folks to run for local elections and support them, instead of moaning and groaning. Good candidates don’t just walk in off the street and run for senate, house or president. They are found, convinced, and supported from the ground up. We need statesmen and stateswomen, not politicians. I encourage everyone to run for an office or suppor their local elections with their time and money. It’s so important that we begin there and start or continue educating our young people. I ask everyone to check out the Abigail Adams Project for their state and give due diligence in researching it and promoting this project. Thanks for your service Red, it is not in vain!

    • Ms. Hamlin, I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

      I agree with your thoughts about conservative candidates. We need to find them – they will not find us! Many of us do not have much money to donate to political candidacies, but there are other things we can do too. My part is writing, and with the help of my friends who tell me about conservative candidates, I can do my share. We all must do all we can – the Bible says each of us is given different gifts and talents. It is up to us to put them to use.

      The Abigail Adams Project is a very good organization. I join you in urging my readers to check it out for themselves.



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