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Somebody Call the Constable!

In Kentucky, constables are elected from each magistrate, or Justice of the Peace, district in the state. There are between three and eight magistrate districts in each county.  Under Section 101 of the Kentucky Constitution, constables have the same countywide jurisdiction as the county sheriff.

Constables are Peace Officers with broad powers of arrest and authority to serve court processes.  The Constable has the authority to enforce both the Traffic Code and the Criminal Code of Kentucky. They may execute warrants, summonses, subpoenas, attachments, notes, rules and orders of the court in all criminal, penal and civil cases.

An elected Constable can not be barred from working in the city limits by a mayor, chief of police or by the city council but he or she must keep his office in the district which he or she is elected.

The Statement of Common Purpose from the website of Constable Andrew Lynn, current Fayette County Constable, is a very thorough piece of information that every citizen has a right to expect from their own constable.

The purpose of the Kentucky Constable is to uphold the law fairly and firmly: to prevent crime, to pursue and bring to justice those who break the law; to keep the peace; to protect, help and reassure the community: and to be seen to do all this with integrity, common sense and sound judgment.

We must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favor or prejudice to the rights of others. We need to be professional, calm and restrained in the face of violence and apply only that force which is necessary to accomplish our lawful duty.

We must strive to reduce the fears of the public and, so far as we can, to reflect their priorities in the action we take.

Being a Constable is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires clear thinking, dedication to the residents of the county he or she serves, and a willingness to do the many thankless jobs that many of us would not want to do, such as service of warrants, subpoenas and summonses.  He must serve with the needs of the residents of his jurisdiction uppermost in his mind.

I know such a man, and it is my pleasure to endorse Mr. Steve Hamlin for the office of Constable for Fayette County, Kentucky.

On his campaign website, Mr. Hamlin lists three primary goals; ( ) technologically increasing efficiency, increasing the training of deputies, and increasing public awareness and perception.  These are goals that will serve the citizens of Fayette County well.

Although I do not know him well personally, I do know enough about him to know that he is a man who is happily and totally committed to his wife and family and his very solid faith in God.

Mr. Hamlin’s desire is to serve the people of Fayette County.  I hope you will give him the opportunity by electing him as your Constable.

NOTE:  I was asked to remove the emblem I had attached to this post because it might be misleading.  I have of course complied with the request and apologize if any reader misunderstood its use here.

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  1. I second your endorsement. I do know Steve and have no reservations.


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