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Uncle Harry is So Outta Here!

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Sweating it out, Uncle Harry?  He must be frightened out of his gourd.  His son won’t even use his last name on campaign materials in his race for Governor of Nevada.  Pretty cool, huh?  But can you really blame him for not wanting to be associated with his dear old dad?

Rasmussen says that Sharron Angle has lost her post-primary bounce.  They say she is still leading Uncle Harry Reid by 7 points – 48% to 41%.

Reid‘s campaign and national Democrats are already pounding away at Angle’s views as unacceptable to the state. But at this early stage, the race continues to be about Reid, who earned 61% of the vote when he was reelected in 2004 but whose support in this election cycle against any Republican candidate has never risen above the low 40s. Any incumbent at this point in a campaign who is earning less than 50% support is considered vulnerable.

Reid’s numbers fell even lower after he helped engineer passage of the national health care bill in March. Fifty-three percent (53%) of Nevada voters favor repeal of that bill, while 42% oppose repeal. This includes 45% who Strongly Favor repeal and 33% who are Strongly Opposed. These findings are comparable to voter sentiments nationally.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of those who Strongly Favor repeal support Angle. Reid draws 81% support from the smaller group that Strongly Opposes repeal.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=senator+harry+reid&iid=9064765″ src=”″ width=”386″ height=”594″ /]Shortly after Sharron Angle, a committed conservative, won the Republican Primary, Uncle Harry’s gofers began running a negative ad.  What else is new about that?  Negativity is the only thing Uncle Harry knows how to be presented.  This ad takes a quote Ms. Angle made totally out of context to intentionally mislead voters into thinking that she has plans to “phase out” Social Security and Medicare.  Here is that advertisement.

So I looked to see what she actually believes about Social Security and Medicare.

Example One:

Social Security and its attendant Medicare are broken and bankrupt systems because we, as voting citizens, have allowed congress to transform these systems from insurance programs to and entitlement programs. The government must continue to keep its contract with seniors, who entered into the system on good faith and now are depending on that contract. (Pat Boone, a champion for seniors and the spokesman for 60’s Plus, has endorsed Sharron Angle’s candidacy.)

Free market alternatives, which offer retirement choices to employees and employers, must be developed and offered to those still in their wage earning years, as the Social Security system is transitioned out. Young workers must be encouraged to investigate personal retirement account options.

Doctors and hospitals must receive timely payments and emergency rooms can no longer serve as primary care facilities for the uninsured.

TRICARE (the health care program serving active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees, their families, survivors and certain former spouses worldwide. As a major component of the Military Health System) must be protected from attacks that dilute quality of care and increased costs.

With everyone in the Nevada lamestream media out to destroy a conservative, how else is she to respond?

Example Two:

I found an article posted on June 17, 2010 (and updated the next day, mind you) providing a “Q & A” of sorts with Ms. Angle.  I will highlight in BOLD Ms. Angle’s responses.

LAS VEGASAs Sharron Angle greeted supporters at Stoney’s Restaurant in Las Vegas, 8 News NOW Reporter Nathan Baca approached her to ask about her Social Security plan.

Her website calls for “transitioning out” Social Security and Medicare.

“Why do you want to eliminate (Social Security) for younger folks, because your plan calls for transitioning out,” Baca asked.

“You believe the Harry Reid lie,” Angle replied.

When asked to define “transitioning out”, Angle said, “Transition into a personalized account… personalized Social Security accounts that they can’t raid.”

The stock market, Baca countered, almost crashed in 2008, meaning millions of seniors would have had their savings accounts wiped out.

Angle replied, “Now, you’re putting words into my mouth from Harry Reid. I want you to be very clear on this. I’m here to save Social Security… Harry Reid is here to bankrupt Social Security.”

Baca then asked Angle about her quote calling for the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency. “Why do you want to eliminate the EPA when we’re in our worst environmental disaster in this country,” Baca asked.

Angle replied, “Where are you getting these questions? The issues are not about the EPA… The issues are homes here in Nevada… He is trying to make this a campaign about me. But, where’s Harry? Go ask him… Please go ask Harry about the EPA, and why they have failed.”

“And why you want to eliminate it,” Baca asked.

“Why they have failed to do what they needed to do in the Gulf,” Angle answered.

Angle walked away when asked about her website once advocating the United States‘ withdrawal from the United Nations. She then gave a 20 minute interview to conservative radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock.

She told the assembled media she’d answer four questions, but refused to answer Baca’s question about a previous Angle statement in which she said, “If this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking towards those Second Amendment remedies.” Baca kept asking into the parking lot, but received no answer.

The reaction from the Angle campaign was swift. A campaign spokesperson called Nathan Baca “an idiot” and another term that can’t be repeated. The campaign spokesman did say he would detail Angle’s positions, but he refused to answer on camera.

In a statement released Friday, the Angle campaign says “A news account has reported that someone “from the Angle campaign” described as “a campaign spokesperson” for the Sharron Angle U.S. senatorial campaign had used abusive language with a reporter yesterday evening during an event in Las Vegas. This is not correct. The official in-state spokesman was not at the event. The person who spoke to the reporter is unknown and is not an employee of the Angle campaign and was in no way authorized to speak on behalf of the Angle campaign.”

KLAS-TV 8 News NOW. 3228 Channel 8 Dr., Las Vegas, NV, 89109, 702-792-8888

I believe it was mid April when Ms. Angle was interviewed by Mark Levin.  There is a good 11-minute YouTube audio in which he asks her about her stance on various issues.  I think it is well worth listening to, so if you have 11 minutes to spare, check it out.

Please help me to help Sharron Angle defeat Uncle Harry in November.  Her momentum is building among voters in Nevada.  We need to do all we can to support her efforts.  If you can do so monetarily, I urge you to make a donation.  If you are like me and living on a fixed income, there may be many other things you can do.  Contact her campaign office to see how you can help.  The sooner you do that, the sooner Uncle Harry can start packing his bags.

(775) 787-6017 (Reno)
(702) 243-1976 (Las Vegas)



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