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Of Mosques and Americana

I am really trying very hard to understand why the idea would even be considered.  It makes no sense to me at all.  Why would the city government even consider this anti-American behavior after living through the tragedy which occurred right in their own front yard?

Has it been so long that people have forgotten?  Has New York City, well known for allowing the almighty dollar to rule city decisions, finally become so jaded that it no longer recognizes the value of American lives?

There are times on the American landscape when every American will say, “I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when…”  The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is one such event.  The attack on America by Muslim extremists in 2001 is another one.

November 22, 1963

I was in my 7th grade English class with Mrs. Gilbert at the blackboard when the intercom came to life and our Principal made the announcement that President Kennedy had been shot.  I turned to my best friend and said something that to this day I have no explanation for.  “It is amazing what these politicians will do for publicity.”  I must have heard my dad say something like that about another situation.

Our classes were dismissed soon after that announcement.  By the time I got home following a 12-mile ride on the school bus to find my dad sitting in front of the television crying I realized the gravity of the situation.  I did not understand all the implications involved, but I knew this was something that should not have happened in America.  My world was still involved with trying to accept and adjust to the death of my mother just a few short months before.

Our nation mourned through the funeral which seemed to last for five days or more; then we gradually began to move on.

September 11, 2001

I was getting ready for work watching television, History Channel not news, when my phone rang.  I niece told me to turn on the news – airplanes were flying into the World Trade Center twin towers.  They kept showing those scenes over and over.  I could tell that one of them was an American Airlines plane, but I could not tell what the other one was.

Eventually, after the numbness wore off enough for me to get dressed and literally drag myself to my job, I sat in that room at my desk with the other people I worked with not looking anyone in the eyes.  None of us said anything.  What was there to say?  We all realized that the world as we knew it was changing, but nothing we could say was going to make it better at that moment.

The next several days, weeks and months were a blur to most of us.  We went about our jobs and did our best to console each other.  We all felt the loss of two American Airlines planes and the passengers and crews as well as the United Airlines planes and their passengers and crews.  It was personal to us.  We worked for American Airlines.

Each year until my retirement in 2003, we all trekked over to the headquarters building for the memorial service American provided to provide a way for us to show our respect for our lost extended family members.  The memorial services helped, but to this very day I still cannot watch those planes flying into those buildings.  I cannot watch the buildings crumble to the ground.  It is still too painful for me.

I still have a memorial of my own.  This photograph became my computer wallpaper and will remain so that I will never forget.  Just one glance at this picture reminds me of the attack on my nation, the destruction of a vital piece of my feeling of security, and the anger that remains even nine years after the actual event.

New York City is committing a travesty of justice against American Airlines, United Airlines, the people who lost family members and friends in the tragedy and those who have died as a result of our attempt as a nation to right the wrong and bring the one responsible to justice.

There were a total of 2,995 deaths, including the 19 hijackers and 2,976 victims. The victims were distributed as follows: 246 on the four planes (from which there were no survivors), 2,605 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon.  All the deaths in the attacks were civilians except for 55 military personnel killed at the Pentagon.

Muslim terrorists.  Muslims who hate American freedoms; the American way of life.  They spit on our Creator God and kill Christians and Jews – the “infidels” who reject the false teaching of Mohammed.  Muslims who will kill their own children if they become too “Americanized.”  Muslims who burn our flag while shouting “death to America.”

Muslims, who want to build a mosque on the sacred ground where Americans and other foreign nationals were brutally murdered by the terrorist activities of Muslims.

Do we dare allow them to desecrate the graves of those who died by establishing their own monument to the false god they worship offering praise to him for the very killing of those who were murdered?

A controversial plan to build a $100 million mosque and community center just two blocks north of Ground Zero could be undone by history.

The 152-year-old building at 45 Park Place that would be torn down for the mosque is under the protection of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which has had a pending application on its books since 1989 to grant it landmark status.

A Landmarks spokeswoman said that the application had been on hold for more than two decades but that a hearing would be scheduled and a vote would follow on the designation.

The landmarking issue is a potentially big obstacle for a project that both the city and the mosque’s backers had said could be built “as of right,” with no interference from city land use laws.

If the commission approves landmark designation, it would be highly unlikely that the building could be torn down to make way for Cordoba House, a proposed 13-story mosque and community center.

And until a vote is taken, the building has temporary landmark protection.

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday continued to support the project, despite the latest wrinkle.

“Anybody who wants to build a house of worship in this city, we’d love to do it,” he said. “They have to comply with the zoning laws. In this case, I think the community board’s already been consulted and they overwhelmingly like the idea.”

The 11 members of the landmarks commission are appointed by the mayor.

Cordoba House has been proposed by the American Society for Muslim Advancement, whose director, Daisy Khan, yesterday said she didn’t believe the landmarking issue would prevent the project from moving forward.

Landmarks officials reached out to the building’s former owners last year before the mosque plan was public, and Cordoba House backers were told of the pending review.

The building was purchased last year for $4.8 million by the Islamic group.

Recent history could also conspire against the proposed mosque by contributing to the building’s legacy. On Sept. 11, 2001, a piece of landing gear from one of the hijacked airliners crashed through the roof of what was then the Burlington Coat Factory.

The project has come under fire, with some 9/11 families protesting the location of a mosque so close to Ground Zero. A rally opposing the project is planned for June 6 near the site.

Landmark status puts site in limbo ( )


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With so many people, organizations, city councils states and others boycotting the state of Arizona for trying to protect her citizens; with Obama, the Muslim, and his Washington/Chicago thugs announcing today that they will pursue a legal challenge against Arizona; with outcries from the American people to support America for a change, Mayor Bloomberg is supporting the building of this mosque.

Please help defend the lives of those who were lost as a result of the radical Muslim terrorists.  There is an email form here.  Please use it to contact Mayor Bloomberg.  Let him know that you will boycott New York if he and the city allow this mosque to be built.

We must stand up for the thousands who died.  We must speak out for their sacrifice.  We must take action now to avoid the desecration of the sacred American soil by Muslims who are intent on destroying the rest of America one piece at a time.  We must stop the building of this mosque.



  1. Thank you again Red…. Bless you.

    • You’re welcome, my dear friend.

  2. I hope we live long enough not to EVER see this completed.
    I think this post was very difficult for you.

    • Yes, Siouxchief, it was very hard for me. Anytime I relive even a portion of that day and the days, weeks and months that followed, it is painful. The only thing I can do is share the story because not everyone was as affected as I was because of my job. They will never know how it affected me and my co-workers unless I tell them.

      That is sacred ground. It must not be desecrated.



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