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Oklahoma Primary Elections Results From 27 July

I have had a rather interesting week, and I suppose you have as well.  Let me try to catch us all up on your Primary Election Results.


Incumbent – Democrat Governor Brad Henry – unable to run for re-election due to term-limits.  Your incumbent Lieutenant Governor, Jari Askins, defeated your Attorney General, Drew Edmondson, in the Primary on 27July.  Ms. Askins will face Congressman Mary C. Fallin who won the Republican Primary over State Senator Randy Brogdon, Robert Hubbard, and Roger Jackson.

The vote totals looked this way:

Democratic Candidates in the Primary:

Jari Askins – 143,591 votes – 50.28% of the vote defeated her opponent Drew Edmondson with 131,097 votes – 49.72% of the vote.

Republican Candidates in the Primary:

Mary Fallin – 136,477 votes – 54.79% of the vote

Randy Brogdon – 98,170 votes – 39.41% of the vote

Robert Hubbard – 8,132 votes – 3.26% of the vote

Roger L. Jackson – 6,290 votes – 2.53% of the vote

I think there may be a trend toward electing women candidates for the sole reason that they are women, and folks, I think that would be wrong.  I hope we are electing women because they are the best qualified for the job – not because they traditionally wear dresses instead of suits.

Lieutenant Governor:

Incumbent Democrat Jari Askins left the seat vacant to run for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Democratic State Senator Jim Corn was unopposed in the Primary.

The Republican Primary looked like this:

Todd Lamb – 156,834 votes – 66.84% of the vote

John A. Wright – 41,177 votes – 17.55% of the vote

Paul F. Nosak – 13,941 votes – 5.94% of the vote

Bill Crozier – 12,177 votes – 5.19% of the vote

Bernie Adler – 10,515 votes – 4.48% of the vote

U.S. Senator:

Incumbent Republican Tom Coburn accruing 223,997 votes (90.36% of the vote) overwhelmingly defeated his challengers, Evelyn Rogers with 15,093 votes (6.09% of the vote) and Lewis Kelly Spring garnering 8.812 votes (3.55% of the vote).

The November General Election will see Congressman Coburn facing the Democratic Primary winner, Jim Rogers with 157,955 votes – 65.36% of the vote over opponent Mark Myles with 83,715 votes – 34.64% of the vote.


District 1:

Incumbent Republican John Sullivan achieved re-nomination with 38,673 votes – 62.07% of the vote.

His Republican challengers collected:

Kenneth Rice – 10,394 votes – 16.68% of the vote

Nathan Dahm – 8.971 votes – 14.24% of the vote

Patrick K. Haworth – 1,737 votes – 2.79% of the vote

Craig Allen – 1,421 votes – 2.28% of the vote

Fran Moghaddam – 1,213 votes – 1.95% of the vote

Congressman Sullivan will face Libertarian Party Chair Angelia O’Dell running as an Independent/Libertarian in the November General Election.

District 2:

Incumbent Democrat Dan Boren with 66,439 votes (75.55%) defeated his Democratic Primary challenger, Jim Wilson with 21,496 (24.45%).

The Republicans voted in this way:

Charles Thompson – 8,161 votes – 33.56% of the vote – proceeds to August 24 runoff

Daniel Edmonds – 6,886 votes – 28.32% of the vote – proceeds to August 24 runoff

Daniel Arnett – 3,863 votes – 15.89% of the vote

Howard Houchen – 2,785 votes – 11.45% of the vote

Chester Clem Falling – 1,527 votes – 6.28% of the vote

Raymond Wickson – 1,095 votes – 4.50% of the vote

District 3:

Incumbent Republican Frank Lucas (Campaign Site) will face Democratic challenger Frankie Robbins, a Civil Engineer, retired Federal Employee and ’08 nominee, in the November General Election.  Both candidates were unopposed in the July 27 Primary Eleciton.

District 4:

Incumbent Republican Tom Cole with 32,589 votes (77.26%) defeated Primary Republican opponent R.J. Harris with 9,593 votes (22.74%).  Congressman Cole will be unopposed in the November General Election.

District 5:

Incumbent Republican Mary Fallin – candidate for Governor

Republican Candidates:

James Lankford – 18,760 – 33.58% of the vote – proceeds to August 24 Runoff

Kevin Calvey – 18,147 – 32.48% of the vote – proceeds to August 24 Runoff

Mike Thompson – 10,008 – 17.91% of the vote

Shane Jett – 5,956 – 10.66% of the vote

Johnny B. Roy – 1,548 – 2.77% of the vote

Rick Flanigan – 762 – 1.36% of the vote

Harry Johnson – 686 – 1.23% of the vote

Your vote is your own business.  I have no right, and I would never propose that I should, to tell you how to cast your vote.  I will provide the following information which I hope you will find helpful.

I write, read and research many political candidates.  I have read the platforms available on the websites for all three major political parties including the Libertarian Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus as well as the activist Green Party.  I have also researched some of the smaller national political parties such as the Constitution Party and others.

The more I read, the more convinced I become that the Conservative Party USA is the only truly Conservative political entity in the United States although the Republican Party platform is indeed strongly Conservative.  The fact is the Republicans have in many instances deserted the party planks in favor of electability.  That is wrong.  It is a disservice to the American voter.

This is a list of the candidates in your state who are endorsed by the socially liberal organizations related to the Libertarian Party.  You should very carefully consider the entire party platform before voting for one of these candidates. They are listed as Republicans, but they are not acting as Republicans standing on the Republican Party platform.

Endorsements by the Liberty Candidates organization for Oklahoma:

Randy Brogdon – candidate for Governor

Nathan Dahm – candidate for U.S. Congress District 1

Howard Houchen – candidate for U.S. Congress District 2

R.J. Harris – candidate for U.S. Congress District 4

Endorsements by the Republican Liberty Caucus organization for Oklahoma:

Randy Brogdon – candidate for Governor

Nathan Dahm – candidate for U.S. Congress District 1

Kenneth Rice – candidate for U.S. Congress District 1

Howard Houchen – candidate for U.S. Congress District 2

R.J. Harris – candidate for U.S. Congress District 4

Check back on this page for the results of the August 24 Runoff elections.  Until then, please get out there and go to work for the candidate of your Conservative choice!  We must elect good, solid Conservatives to get rid of the Socialistic/Marxist movement in our Federal Government.


  1. So riddle me this diva, with anti incumbent fervor at an all time high, why did OK vote this way? Are OK incumbents better than the rest of the nation?

    • Durable, you have asked the same question that has been troubling me since our Primary season began. If the American people are so intent on kicking out incumbents why are they not doing it? Every time I ask that question publicly, I am told that they are waiting until the November elections. I keep stressing that if they do it during the Primary, they will have a legitimate candidate base to choose from in November. I have decided that the American voter is operating on a different agenda than I am – and it would seem than you are.

      There is one other option that I see as well. This option is not popular with many citizens, and that’s really too bad, because in my reading I have found it to be solidly true. There are too many Libertarians running as RINO’s and while the voter may not understand all they know about the candidate they know just enough that they are wary. The Libertarians are entirely too socially liberal to suit many Republicans and even more voters who consider themselves Conservatives. In the 1960’s the “if it feels good, do it” attitude that seems to be making a continued run through the Ron Paul Libertarians didn’t work then (it brought much public destruction to our country then and will do so again) and it won’t work now. The only thing is the Paul – bunch seems to be learning from the mistakes they have made from within the Libertarian Party which is now going bankrupt at an alarming pace. It will be cheaper for them to enter the Republican Party, disband the Socially Conservative planks of the Republican Party platform and eventually succeed in bankrupting the Republican Party as well as the mainstream Conservative Republicans pull out for the safety of a more conservative leadership and group of voters.

      Either way is not an option I would relish, but then I am not the only voter in the United States – I am just ONE voter in the United States. And I suppose that there are some Republican incumbents that are worth keeping. The Democrats don’t have a choice – they keep riding the horses of who stresses the most big government policies while combining the two Democratic mantras – donate to me, me,me and look how much in pork-barrel politics I gave you this term.

      That very sentence is what cost the incumbent the election in the Primary in the Texas State House District 7. That, by the way, is my home district, and I watched and listened as the voters of my district complained about how he was never available to the citizenry until he had State money to hand out to the public interest groups who supported him – those same public interest groups who didn’t receive as much money as they had been promised by him while being told that he got them as much as he could salvage by the time the vote was settled. This while the voter stood by and watched as he ignored our individual desires and policy issues which we made known to him only to have his vote go the opposite direction of what we instructed him. He got exactly what he deserves – and exactly what the people of this State House District need – fresh ideas in a fresh face to represent us. David Simpson will be a wonderful representative for us in Austin using the examples of Scriptures and keeping prayer in the forefront. Those are East Texas traditions and it will be so nice to see them carried back to Austin to be used where they can benefit the most persons, policies and laws.


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