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Playing Catch Up – Alaska

I wrote about Alaska’s Primary just as I would have done if I had not been ill, but I didn’t have time to get it posted.  I just re-read it, and I think some of it is valid enough even after the fact that it will be worth printing just the same.  Following the initial writing, I will post my brief response to the election.  I admit it isn’t my usual thorough job, but I know you’ll look over my shortcomings during this time.  Thank you.

Alaska, Arizona and Florida with Oklahoma (runoff) and Vermont for Good Measure

They all vote on August 24!

There is much to say about Alaska politics, but one of the most important things I want to be sure you know is that Alaska is neither more corrupt nor incorrupt than any other state in the Union – including my own.  It’s just that the Democrats wanted you to think it was by using every tactic they could surmount against Governor Sarah Palin.  Why?  Because they knew she could give the American people the very best class in Politics 101, and they did not want the American people to be knowledgeable about the facts.

Following the resignation of Governor Sarah Palin, the Leadership Position went to then Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell.  Although I haven’t followed Alaska politics as closely lately as I did following the events of the 2008 Presidential Race, I believe Mr. Parnell has done a good job since taking over the Governor’s office.  I hope you will consider giving him his first full four-year term in this election.  Start right – start with the Primary.

Having said that, there are other Republican Candidates you should know a little about.



Sean Parnell – Lieutenant Governor in Palin administration, Constitutionally assumed Governor’s office upon Palin’s resignation.

Jerry Heikes – Drywall contractor, Minister, National Guard veteran, ’06 candidate & ’08 U.S. Senatorial candidate

Mercia Hlatcu – Engineer, photojournalist, ’06 candidate & ’09 Anchorage Mayor candidate

Sam Little – Musician, truck driver and National Guard veteran

Ralph Samuels – Ex-State House Majority Leader and airline executive

Bill Walker – Ex-Valdez Mayor, Ex-Valdez City Councilman & businessman

And just for funzies – have you had a good laugh today?  HOLLIS FRENCH THINKS THE DEMS ARE GOING TO ELECT HIM!  What a joke he is.


Incumbent Craig Campbell – retiring in 2010

Eddie Burke – Ex-Radio Talk Show host, businessman & Ex-State Legislative Aide – (I would ask your vote for Mr. Burke.  I have listened to his talk show several times; I believe him to be a truly conservative candidate who deserves your support.)

Bob Lupo – No campaign web site located – Retired Missile Systems technician, National Guard veteran & ’09 Anchorage Mayor Candidate

Jay Ramras – State Representative & hotel owner (This is for those who like jokes on the Republican Party.)

Mead Treadwell – Ex-US Arctic Research Commission Chair, Ex-Deputy State Environmental Commissioner & businessman


Incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski

Joe Miller – Attorney, Ex-US Magistrate Judge, Army veteran & ’04 State Representative nominee

(Senator Murkowski was not elected to her first post as Senator – she was HAND-PICKED by her father.  She is NOT a conservative, and Alaska has shown time and again that they are a very conservative State.  I ask your vote for the REAL conservative:  Mr. Joe Miller for U.S. Senate from Alaska.)

Alaska U.S. CONGRESS At-Large:

Incumbent Republican Don Young

Republican Candidates:

John Cox – Financial consultant & Navy veteran

Sheldon Fisher – Telecommunications executive & attorney

Congratulations, Alaska!  No Republican Liberty, socially liberal candidates endorsed for Alaska!  Furthermore, you have no Ron Paul-backed Liberty Candidates – You’re way ahead of the game. Alaska!


Alaska Primary Winners:

I am sure we are all a little disappointed that we have no out-right winner in the Primary for U.S. Senate between incumbent Lisa Murkowski and Republican Joe Miller.  They are down to the counting of the absentee ballots which will probably take three days or so.  The results as of August 24 are:

Joe Miller – 47,027 – 50.90%

Lisa Murkowski – 45,359 – 49.10%

Hopefully, the absentee ballots total counts will provide clear and concise decisions of the Alaskan voters.

It appears that Congressman Don Young has won the re-nomination of his party with 62,590 votes – 70.40% to Sheldon Fisher’s 20,965 – 23.58%.

Governor Sean Parnell has won the Republican nomination with Mead Treadwell as the Lieutenant Governor’s candidate.  Mr. Parnell:  44,924 – 49.40%.  There may be a runoff between Governor Parnell and Bill Walker: 30,785 – 33.85%.  No Lieutenant Governor’s candidate was listed.  However leading in the next two spots for Lieutenant Governor are

Jay Ramras, 25,445 – 31.14% and Eddie Burke 11,480 – 13.52%.

I think this is an admirable showing for Mr. Burke.  He has stepped up to the plate to be counted, and while he may not have hit a home run, he did hit a triple.


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